How to Extend the Range of the ERA-DCRX by Up to 4,000 Ft.

*In order for this setup to work, you must have an ERA-DCRX that is within range and working correctly from an ERA transmitter or receiver. We will call this “receiver 1” in the steps below. The “out-of-range” ERA-DCRX will be referred to as “receiver 2.”

  1. Program the ERA-EXTX to “receiver 2” (the receiver that is out of range from the transmitter/sensor). IMPORTANT!Remember, there is an ERA-DCRX (“receiver 1”) that is already functioning correctly. This IS NOT the receiver we are programming to the ERA-EXTX. In the steps below we will program it to another ERA-DCRX receiver, “receiver 2”. NOTE: If you are using the ERA-RXPG or ERA-VPRX, for “receiver 2,” the steps are similar but consult that receiver’s manual to put it in programming mode.
    • Hold down the “mode” button on “receiver 2.” After approximately 3 seconds, you’ll hear a short tone sound and the RED LED for zone 1 will blink.
    • Task off the cover of the ERA-EXTX. Push the “front” button.
    • You will then hear a short musical chime sound. This denotes the transmitter (ERA-EXTX) is programmed to that zone.
    • Hold down the “zone” button again and after 3 seconds, you will hear another short tone sound. This takes the receiver out of programming mode.
  2. Next, make sure “receiver 1,” (the one that is within range) is unplugged. This is IMPORTANT.
  3. Remove the cover from the ERA-DCRX (consult the manual for details).
  4. Take the RED wire from the ERA-EXTX and wire it into the positive screw on the 12V DC output for Zone 1. Please see the diagram below. You will need to cut the c-clamp off the red and black wire and stripe them a bit. The RED wire corresponds to the “front” button on the ERA-EXTX.
  5. Take the BLACK wire from the ERA-EXTX and wire it into the negative screw on the 12V DC output for Zone 1. Please see the diagram below.
  6. You can ignore the WHITE WIRE.
  7. Set the duration of the 12V DC output to 5-seconds. Please consult the user manual for the ERA-DCRX to find the location of these dip switches.
  8. Plug “receiver 1” back in.
  9. Trigger the transmitter/Sensor already programmed to the ERA-DCRX “receiver 1.” “Receiver 1” should chime. Simultaneously, the RED LED on the ERA-EXTX will light, and “receiver 2” should chime.

Diagram of Wiring ERA-EXTX to ERA-DCRX