How to Wire the DB-2000 Bell to the ERA-DCRX

The WDK-ERA-KIT-922-BELL is a doorbell kit specifically designed for warehouses, shops, garages, etc., where noise is an issue, and you need a loud doorbell or entry alert. The receiver featured in this kit, the ERA-DCRX, has a volume control knob that plays the selected melody at approximately 95 dBA at 5 feet, which is loud but not loud enough in some locations.

A unique feature of the Safeguard Supply ERA-DCRX is its C-FORM relay and 4 x 12V DC outputs, allowing you to connect strobe lights, sirens, and fire alarm bells–virtually any 12V DC product.

For more information about the WDK-ERA-KIT, please visit the product page; you can consult the user manual. This article will illustrate how to connect the DB-2000 bell to the ERA-DCRX.

  • Unplug the receiver (ERA-DCRX) & separate the top half from the lower half of the case, and set it aside.
  • On the DB-200, remove the square cover on the top half of the bell. See image below
DB-2000 Bell Cover-1200px
DB-2000 Bell/Buzzer
  • Notice the small tab on top of the square cover. Depress the cover and remove it from under the tab. Set it aside.
  • On the ERA-DCRX receiver, locate the external 12V DC terminal connection block corresponding to the ERA receiver’s respective zone (figure 1). For example, if a push button is paired to zone 1, and you want sound for zone 1, you must wire the bell into the terminal block for zone 1.
  • Loosen the + and – screws for the respective zone referred to in the step above.
ERA-DCRX Circuit Board-1200px
ERA-DCRX Circuit Board
  • On the DB-2000, loosen the two screws (see the image below).
  • Connect a wire to each screw (see the image below) and retighten.
  • Connect the other end of the wire to the + and – screws on the terminal block of the ERA-DCRX for the zone you plan to program the transmitter/sensor to and retighten the screws.
  • Polarity does not matter.
ERA-DCRX wired to DB-2000
ERA-DCRX wired to DB-2000 (WDK-ERA-KIT-922-BELL)
  • Adjust the dip switch settings for the output duration.
  • Snap covers back on the DB-2000 and the ERA-DCRX.
  • Consult the user manual for additional information.

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