Mounting the ERA-UTX

This document does not discuss the programming of the ERA-UTX, but rather the physical mounting of the transmitter. If using a push button only, you do not need the smaller magnetic.

Mounting the ERA-UTX as a Push Button #

You can use the transmitter as a doorbell that activates when the center button is pressed.

  • Use a drill bit and two of the two included screws to mount the transmitter bracket. Make sure the arrow printed on the bracket is pointed up.
  • If mounting outside, ensure the grey silicon grommets covering the screw holes are inserted.

  • Slide the transmitter down onto the bracket.


Mounting the ERA-UTX as a Door/Window Contact #

The ERA-UTX may also be used as a magnetic door/window contact that triggers when the smaller magnet separates from the larger piece.

  • Choose mounting locations where the magnetic contact (smaller piece) can be 1/2-inch or less from the push button (the large piece).
  • Mount the magnetic contact with a drill and the two included screws, then snap the cover back on the magnet.
  • Mount the transmitter bracket with the drill holes and two included screws. Make sure the arrow on the bracket is facing up.
  • If you are mounting your transmitter outdoors, ensure the silicon grommets are plugged into the push button (the larger piece) to waterproof the casing.
  • Slide the transmitter down onto the bracket.

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