ERA-EXTX Door Bell Chime Extender


The ERA-EXTX is a small wireless transmitter that wires into the existing wired doorbell in your home.  When your wired doorbell is triggered, this small device sends an instant radio signal to a compatible ERA receiver, up to 4,000 ft. away.  If you have trouble hearing the existing wired door bell in your home, this will help you hear the doorbell throughout your home.  Please note, the ERA-EXTX needs a compatible ERA receiver (sold separately) to work.  If you are interested in a kit that contains the ERA-EXTX and a receiver, please visit the ERA-EXKIT product page.

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Easily Make Your Wired Door bell Louder with the ERA-EXTX Door Bell Chime Extender

If you’re like many people, sometimes you miss a visitor at your door because you cannot hear the wired door bell in your home. This is especially true for the elderly and the hard of hearing. Most wired doorbells have a decibel rating between 65 – 75 dBA and only play a simple ding-dong sound. There is an easy solution and it’s the ERA-EXTX by Safeguard Supply.

By simply wiring the ERA-EXTX into your existing wired doorbell and purchasing a compatible ERA receiver (ERA-DCRX, ERA-RXPG, ERA-VPRX – sold separately), when a visitor pushes the pushbutton outside your home, the wired doorbell will chime as normal, but simultaneously the compatible receiver will play a selected chime sound, vibrate, or flash (depending on the model).

How the ERA-EXTX Doorbell Extender Works

The ERA-EXTX is a small transmitter that wires into your existing doorbell. It wires into the front doorbell, second doorbell, and common terminals of the wired chime in your home. It is powered by a high-powered, lithium battery with a 3-year estimated lifetime. When your wired doorbell is triggered and plays its standard ding-dong sound, this small transmitter will send a radio signal, up to 4,000 ft. away to the ERA-compatible receiver.

A compatible ERA door chime receiver must be used in conjunction with this transmitter for it to work. Once the transmitter (ERA-EXTX) is programmed to the receiver, the receiver can be placed anywhere in your home or business enabling you to hear the chime sound when a visitor is at your door. Multiple receivers may be placed throughout your home or office. For instance, place a receiver in your kitchen, upstairs bedroom, or even in the basement and never miss a visitor again. Use it in conjunction with the ERA-VPRX portable receiver, for example, and work outside or in your workshop to give you mobility. As long as the receiver is within a 4,000 ft. range it will pick up the signal sent from the transmitter.

How the ERA-EXTX is Wired Into Your Doorbell

Most wired doorbells have three screws, typically called terminal screws located under the wired doorbell cover or cabinet. One screw is for the front door, another is for the “second door”, and a third is for the “common” or “transformer.” The ERA-EXTX has three wires, one for the front door, one for the second, and another for the common. Simply follow the included directions to wire the transmitter to the doorbell.

Diagram of the ERA-EXTX Wired Into a Standard Wired Doorbell

ERA-EXTX Mounting Diagram
ERA EXTX Mounting Diagram

ERA-EXTX Features and Specifications

  • ERA-EXTX ships with the transmitter, double-sided mounting tape, high-powered lithium battery, and user manual.
  • The ERA-EXTX works with traditional, 4V-24V wired doorbells.
  • Dimensions of transmitter: 1.75” W x 2”H x 0.75” D
  • Each wire is approximately 9” long
  • Typically mounts next to, on top of wired chime, or inside the chime cabinet/cover room permitting
  • Works with standard wired doorbells that play “Ding-Dong” sound and two doors (an example is a front door and back door).
  • The range of ERA-EXTX transmitter to compatible receiver is up to 4,000 ft, line of sight. Environmental and building materials will decrease the wireless range.
  • Must have compatible ERA receiver, sold separately:
  • The battery in the transmitter is a CR123A which is a high-powered lithium battery with a life of 2-3 years.
Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 384 reviews
3.G.A. (Columbia, US)
Extremely Pleased with 1800 Doorbell!

My daughter, grand daughter and I, owners of a three generation female-owned business, installed two kits of 2 receivers, 2 transmitters and 2 accompanying strobes in no time at all. The installation was a cakewalk for 3 mediocre-tech-savvy ladies! We were so satisfied with the outcome of our initial order that we ordered an additional compatible item. The customer service was exceptional and the order was received in 2 days.

G.V. (Papillion, US)
Great product!

I use these in all my commercial applications.
Works great!

C.C. (Canoga Park, US)

Thank you for the good quality

G.G.F. (Chazy, US)
Doorbell extender

To the 1800 Doorbell Team I want to say THANK YOU for building a perfectly designed product. I can't say enough good things about it. It is a quality product in every way and performed better than advertised. It was crystal clear, very loud, easy to install and just a joy to work with! Excellent!!

A. (Thomasboro, US)

I bought this remote doorbell kit and a second receiver. The installation was quite simple. I would recommend this device to anyone who wants to add a flashing light and sounder to their existing doorbell chime.

C.R.C. (Toledo, US)
Love the Doorbell

The doorbell is just what we needed. We couldn't hear clients coming to the door that is far from the office. The bell was pretty easy to install. Thank you.

L.M. (Adrian, US)
Doorbell Extenders

Between the sound and strobe light this is an excellent product!

D.W. (Lubbock, US)
Great Product

We installed this unit in a detected gym at an elementary school. The staff loves the fact they can see the strobe while they have kids in the gym playing. Easy to install.

R. (Georgetown, US)

Easy to install. Works fine. Liked the fact that it builds on the existing system rather than replacing it.

M.A. (Milwaukee, US)

This was so easy to install. It really does go through cement walls. I highly recommend it!