Doorbells for Hearing Impaired

Doorbells for deaf or doorbells for hearing impaired people offer a convenient way to get instant alerts when visitors arrive at your home. The doorbells work by sending a signal to a receiver that is placed near the door. When the doorbell is rung, the receiver will emit a loud doorbell for hard of hearing, and emit a strobe to create a doorbell with light for deaf people so it is easy for the hearing impaired or deaf to know that someone is at their door.

Doorbells for the deaf are available in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find one that matches your home’s décor. In addition, many doorbells for the deaf come with built-in lighting, so you can be sure to see the doorbell even if you are in another room. offers a wide selection of doorbells for the deaf and hearing impaired, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

Alarm clocks for the hearing impaired have many features that can be useful for deaf people. They usually have a vibrating or flashing light feature that can be used to wake someone up. Some alarm clocks also have an alarm that goes off at a certain time, which can be helpful for people who need to be on time for appointments or events.

There are many different alarm clocks for the deaf available on the market, so it is important to find one that has features that are suitable for your needs. With so many options available, there is no reason why you should not be able to find an alarm clock that meets your needs and helps you get up on time.

  • ERA-DCKIT-2 Door Bell Kit for Hearing ImpairedERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver 2

    ERA-DCKIT Door Bell for Hearing Impaired


    The ERA-DCKIT offers a bright flashing strobe light and loud volume to create a door bell for the deaf and a door bell for the hard of hearing.  When a visitor pushes the outdoor push button, the plugin receiver will flash a bright strobe light.  This deaf doorbell kit is expandable by adding additional receivers and sensor throughout your home.

    If you are hard of hearing and need a reliable doorbell you can count on, choose the ERA-DCKIT.  We guarantee it to work in your home.

    Model: ERA-DCKIT-2
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  • ERA-EXKIT Extend The Range of Your Wired Doorbell up to 4,000 ftERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver

    ERA-EXKIT Extend The Range of Your Wired Doorbell up to 4,000 ft.


    The ERA-EXKIT allows you to extend the listening range of a wired doorbell.  Hear your doorbell downstairs, in a back office, a garage or warehouse. Wire a small, wireless transmitter to your existing doorbell and pair the transmitter to the plugin receiver included in the kit. 

    When a visitor presses the wired doorbell button outside, your wired doorbell will chime as normal, and at the same time, the plugin wireless receiver(s) will also chime.  Add additional receivers throughout your home or office – basement, office, warehouse – and never miss a visitor or delivery again.  At a range of up to 4,000 ft., this system will work in any size home or business!

    Model: ERA-EXKIT
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  • ERA-UTRXPG Business Wireless Door Chime with Plugin ReceiverERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver

    ERA-UTRXPG Door Entry Chime for Business – Plug In Chime Receiver


    Looking for an easy-to-install, expandable door entry chime for a business entrance alert system?

    Look no further than the ERA-UTRXPG! This robust system features a ruggedized outdoor pushbutton transmitter (or door contact) and a plugin receiver with a flashing strobe option. With a whopping 4,000 ft. range, it’s perfect for industrial or warehouse use, retail stores, or even your home.

    Plus, the receiver and transmitter are compatible with all other ERA products, so you can easily add to your system as needed.

    Model: ERA-UTRXPG
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  • SBD375ss-v3 Sonic Alert Alarm Clock for the Deaf - 2

    SBD375ss-v3 Sonic Alert Alarm Clock for the Deaf


    If you are hard of hearing or deaf and need an alarm clock, check out the Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBD375ss-V3.  This is a great alarm clock for the deaf because it featured a vibrating sensor to alert  you when the alarm goes off.  With simple design, large display, and loud audible alarm, this is a great alarm clock for the hard of hearing.

    Model: SBD375ss-v3
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  • ERA-DSRXPG Long Range Driveway Alarm Monitoring Kit with A Plugin Receiver ImageERA-DSTX Long Range Driveway Alarm Monitoring Kit with A Plugin Receiver Image

    ERA-DSRXPG Long Range Driveway Alarm Monitoring Kit with A Plugin Receiver


    Receiver instant alerts when something passes through your driveway (or other monitored zone).  The receiver featured in this kit plugs into a standard wall outlet and may be set to sound only, flashing strobe only, or sound and strobe together. This kit features an ERA-DSTX outdoor driveway alert and the ERA-RXPG plugin receiver.   The distance from the transmitter/sensor to the receiver is 4,000 ft., and the kit may be expanded by adding 12 sensors/transmitters per receiver or adding as many receivers as you want.  Mix and match the components of this kit with any ERA products (Except the ERA-PIR-SPK).

    Model: ERA-DSRXPG
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  • LRA-C1000S Small Business Wireless Entrance Alert Kit with Plugin ReceiverLRA-DCRXS Plugin Receiver with Strobe for Hearing Impaired

    LRA-C1000S Anti Wandering Alert Chime Kit


    The Anti Wandering Alert Chime Kit (LRA-C1000S) uses a magnetic door contact and a plugin strobe alert chime receiver to alert loved ones when a door is opened.  Be alerted as soon as a door is opened.  If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s/Dementia and you would like to know when their bedroom door is opened, this is an effective, low-cost way to monitor their movement.

    Model: LRA-C1000S
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  • ERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime ReceiverERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver 2

    ERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Wireless Door Chime Receiver


    By popular demand, Safeguard Supply is proud to introduce the wireless long-range plug-in receiver, the ERA-RXPG.  Compatible with all the ERA series of sensors and the ERA-DCRX.  Mix and match them to create a solution for your environment.  This receiver provides the flexibility of simply plugging the chime into a standard wall outlet.  With three modes of operation –  strobe, strobe & sound, or sound only, with handy volume control, it offers a loud sound and a bright flashing strobe to provide an audible and visual notification when a guest, delivery, or customer trigger the sensor.

  • Sale! LRA EX1000S Kit View 4 1LRA EX1000S Top View 1

    LRA-EX1000S-L Doorbell Extender that Helps Hear the Wired Doorbell In Your Home


    Can’t hear the doorbell in certain parts of the house?  Missing visits or deliveries when you’re in the basement or back bedroom?  A doorbell extender allows you to add wireless chimes throughout your home that chime when your regular doorbell rings.  Connect a tiny transmitter to your hard-wired doorbell, choose a chime from 18 selectable songs, and plugin as many chime receivers as you need.  A quick and straightforward setup has this genius product up and running in minutes.

    Model: LRA-EX1000S-L
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  • LRA D1000A View 3 1LRA-D1000A-View-Wireless Battery Operated Chime

    LRA-D1000 Loud Wireless Door Chime Kit with Flashing Strobe


    BEST SELLER!  Great for large homes and businesses that need to transmit over long distances, the LRA-D1000 has the power to penetrate walls that typical products cannot. A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to “flash,” “chime,” or “flash and chime.” An excellent choice for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments. This is a good product for homes of all sizes and mid-sized businesses.  For large retail spaces or a business door chime system with external accessories such as Fire Alarm Bells, Loud Sirens, or Strobe Lights, visit the ERA-UTDCR Business Doorbell.

    Model: LRA-D1000
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  • LRA-D1000S-Kit-with-Flashing StrobeLRA D1000S Top View 1

    LRA-D1000S Loud Doorbell Plugin Kit with Bright Strobe Light


    Super Bright plug-in doorbell with flashing strobe light is Loud & is perfect for hearing impaired or noisy environments.  Easy to use kit includes a push button and a chime with a bright flashing strobe on top.   The chime plugs into any available outlet where the chime/strobe needs to be located.  Add on additional chimes around the home or additional push buttons for a back or side door.  Compatible with all products in the LRA series of products.  Quick and easy setup and a 90-decibel chime make this product a must-have.  Select “Chime Only”, “Strobe Only”, or “Chime & Strobe”.

    Model: LRA-D1000S
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  • Sale! LRA DCRXS 1 3LRA DCRXS Tilt View 3

    LRA-DCRXS Loud Receiver for Doorbell with Flashing Light


    Plug-in flashing strobe chime is compatible with all of the LRA Series of products.  The super loud chime has a decibel rating of 85-95 depending on the sound chosen.  Coupled with the flashing strobe light this chime will grab the attention.  Choose between “Sound only”,  “Strobe only”, or “Sound and Strobe together” to suit your specific needs.  Perfect for loud areas or hard of hearing.

    Model: LRA-DCRXS-L
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  • WC180 Full Kit Flashing Strobewc180 packaging back web v 1 1

    WC180 Flashing Strobe Wireless Chime Kit for Hard of Hearing


    Our most popular strobe light doorbell.  Ideal for hearing impaired or noisy environments.  The doorbell flasher for deaf kit includes a push button and a chime, coupled with a bright flashing strobe.  The doorbell flasher chime plugs into any available outlet where the chime/strobe needs to be located.  Add on additional chimes around the home or additional push buttons for multiple doors.  Quick and easy set up has the system running in a matter of minutes.

  • Sale! LRA EX1000A Door Chime Extender Kit 1LRA EXTX Extender Relay Kit Expanded 2

    LRA-EX1000-L Kit to Help Hear Your Doorbell Throughout Your Home


    When you cannot hear your existing wired door chime in areas of your home, look to the LRA-EXTX for help.  This product wires into your existing doorbell system and transmits a wireless signal to the wireless LRA-DCRX receiver, which you can locate throughout your home.  This means you can now hear your doorbell in areas of your home where you could not before.  A powerful 1000-foot range outperforms all other extenders on the market today.

    Model: LRA-EX1000
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  • Bellman Symfon BE1230 Vibrating Pager Receiver 1Bellman Symfon BE1230 Vibrating Pager Receiver2 1

    Bellman & Symfon BE1230 Vibrating Pager Receiver


    Be portable by using the BE1230 Bellman Visit Pager/Receiver.  With a range of up to 100 ft., the receiver notifies you by flashing LEDs and vibrations when receiving a signal from a compatible Bellman Visit transmitter.

  • Sale! CL-AL10K Clarity AlertMaster AL10K Visual Alert Systemclarity alertmaster al10k visual alert system 2 1

    CL-AL10K Clarity AlertMaster AL10K Visual Alert System


    The Clarity AlertMaster AL10K Visual Alert System can be expanded by adding additional transmitters.You can either choose the kit with the door knocker transmitter or the doorbell transmitter. The door knocker transmitter will fit on your door with the over the door bracket the comes included in the package. The doorbell transmitter can be installed by using the two screws included in the package.

    Model: CL-AL10K
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  • Sale! BM4 MC Silent Call Pressure Mat 1signature series transmatter 3 1

    MAT4-SS Silent Call Signature Series Transmitter Alerts & Notification


    This Signature Series transmatter comes covered with a water resistant material so it is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It can be concealed easily under a area rug or doormat. This matt will transmit a signal up to 2000 ft (based on the Signature Series receiver you are using) to a receiver whenever pressure is being applied to the matt. It will continue to transmit a signal until pressure is not applied to the matt.