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Hearing Impaired Products for the Hard-of-Hearing

Browse our large offering of products designed for the hard of hearing and the hearing impaired.  Many of the products listed in this category are ADA compliant and approved for compliance with federal regulations.

The facts are most of us take our hearing for granted and that makes it hard for the hearing impaired to find products and services for common everyday things we often overlook like doorbells and chime, listening and watching TV, talking on the phone, and more.

We offer the products in this category to the hard of hearing as manufacturer's designed and created these products with them in mind.  If you need any help determining which product will help suite your needs, please do not hesitate to call or email us--we would be happy to help.

Additional Information About Hearing Impaired Products

Products Designed for the Hearing Impaired Improve Safety

Williams Sound Personal Pa Selectview R38 Fm Receiver 1 1
Williams Sound Personal Pa Selectview R38 Fm Receiver 1 1

The hearing impaired often struggle to find quality products taken for granted by most of us.  Something as simply as a quality doorbell is hard to find.  1800 Doorbell is proud to partner with Bellman & Symfon, TV Ears, and other manufacturers to provide products specifically designed for the hearing impaired.




We have all seen the commercial on TV for the famed "TV Ears."  Salesmen have sold similar products for years, but the TV infomercials have taken them to the next level of sales.  In our home, TV Ears have become extremely popular.  There are several models designed for the hard of hearing and hearing impaired.  For example, models like TV Ears, while work well for the hearing impaired, they may be used by your entire household.  A great alternative use of these devices could be a TV room next to a child's room.  Rather than turning the television up and risk waking up the kids, TV ears could be used.

A new addition to our online store is the Bellman & Symfon Visit Care product line.  This line of products provides a complete line of hearing impaired alerts and products specifically designed, from top to bottom, with the hearing impaired in mind.  A great example of quality design for the hearing impaired is the VISIT-VP6, which is a complete kit that provides a loud door chime alarm sound and bright LED strobe when someone is at your front door.   Designers created this kit as a complete notification system allowing you to add smoke detectors, alarm clocks, door/window contacts, and more.  We invite you to take a moment to watch the introductory video about this product line or call and ask one of our customer care representatives.

1800 Doorbell has begun featuring hearing amplifiers and hearing aids specific to businesses wanting to conform to the ADA regulations. These devices will assist the deaf or hard of hearing when they are visiting your business. We have kits that will fit every business need, such as the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Amplifier Hospital Kit which will assist hard of hearing patients in hearing their nurses better. Then we have the Williams Sound Personal PA TGS Pro 738 System which is ideal for anywhere tours are given such as museums, nature parks, and more. These kits offer wireless capabilities, so the installation and use of these products are straightforward.

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