Doorbell Extender Kit with Flashing Strobe Plug-in Receiver


Doorbell Extender Kit with Flashing Strobe Plug-in Receiver


Can’t hear the doorbell in certain parts of the house?  Missing visits or deliveries when you’re in the basement or back bedroom?  A doorbell extender allows you to add wireless chimes throughout your home that chime when your regular doorbell rings.  Connect a tiny transmitter to your hard wired doorbell, choose a chime from 18 selectable songs and plug in as many chime receivers as you need.  Quick and simple set up has this genius product up and running in minutes.


Our customers have asked for a product like this for a while and we have finally delivered.  They have asked for a doorbell extender kit with flashing strobe receiver….The LRA-EX1000S is a kit that allows homeowners to extend the listening range of their current wired doorbell.  Do you have trouble hearing the wired doorbell in your home? Do you have areas in your home where  you can’t hear your doorbell, such as the basement or an upstairs bedroom?

This kit features a wireless doorbell transmitter that easily wires into your existing wired doorbell, and a plugin receiver.    Simply connect the transmitter to your wired doorbell (following the included instructions), plug in the flashing strobe receiver, pair the units together, and now you have effectively increased the sound of your current wired doorbell.  Now, when a visitor pushes the wired doorbell push button outside your home, your wired doorbell will work as normal.  Simultaneously, the wireless transmitter that was wired into the doorbell (located inside your home) will send a wireless radio signal to the plug-in receiver.  Depending on the operating mode the receiver is set to, it will flash the strobe, play a melody, or both.

The kit ships with one plugin receiver, but it is easy to add receivers in other rooms.  The LRA-DCRXS is the plug-in receiver that ships with this kit and is available to purchase separately as an add-on unit to expand it to other rooms.  For example, you might plug-in a receiver into your living room, and also purchase add-ons to put a receiver in the kitchen , upstairs bedroom, basement, garage, etc.    Not only is the LRA-DCRXS available, there are a series of other transmitters (motion sensor, door contacts, push buttons, etc.) and two other receivers  like the LRA-DCRX Multi-Zone Receiver and the LRA-VPRX Portable Receiver that are all compatible with one another.

The transmitter included in this kit wires into the existing wired doorbell in your home.  It is compatible with wired chimes that play a “ding” or “ding-dong” sound and is NOT compatible with video doorbells and intercom systems.  The transmitter is easy to install using the included instructions.  The transmitter works with up to two doors.  For example, your existing wired doorbell may play “ding-dong” for the front door and “dong” for the back door.  The transmitter extender may be setup to play one melody when the front door button is pressed, and a different melody when the back doorbell push button is pressed.  If your existing wired doorbell is only wired for the front door, that’s okay as well.

These are long range products that ensure they work in most environments.  Many people have negative experiences with wireless doorbell products, and that’s because the wireless range (from transmitter to receivers) for products purchased at hardware stores, tends to be 150 ft. max.  These are line of sight numbers and any building materials such as walls, doors, etc. will reduce the transmission range.  For example, a brick wall will reduce the wireless signal by 60%-70%, and each interior wall will reduce the signal by another 30%-40%.  Doing the math, you can easily see why our LRA products, with a 1,000 ft. range, have a dramatic improvement over a wireless product with a 150 ft. range.

Kit Features:

  • Kit ships with 1 x LRA-DCRXS Plugin Chime Receiver & 1 x LRA-EXTX Doorbell Extender Transmitter.
  • There is no limit to the number of LRA series receivers (LRA-DCRXS, LRA-DCRX, LRA-VPRX) each transmitter may be paired with.  For example, the LRA-EXTX extender may be paired with 5 different plug-in receivers you have placed throughout your home.
  • The wireless range from the transmitter to the receiver is up to 1,000 ft. line-of-sight.  Environmental and building materials will reduce the wireless range.

LRA-DCRXS Features:

  • Receiver dimensions: 4-3/4” H x 2-1/2”W x 1-1/4”D (the depth does not include prongs that go into outlet).
  • Receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Three operating modes; 1) bright strobe only, 2) sound only, and 3) strobe and sound.
  • Receiver has 18 melodies to choose from.  Depending on the chosen melody, sound output is between 80 dB – 95 dB.
  • Receiver is capable of pairing with two different transmitters.  LRA-EXTX transmitter counts as one transmitter if using one door only operation or two transmitters if front and back door operation is used on the transmitter.
  • When receiver is set to strobe mode, the strobe will flash for approximately 13 seconds.  The strobes are bright LED bulbs.
  • Unit is UL listed.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply.

LRA-EXTX Features:

  • Transmitter dimensions: 2-1/4” L x 2-1/4” W x 1/2” D (wires to connect to wired doorbell are approximately 9” each).
  • Transmitter wires into existing wired doorbell (usually handing in foyer of home).
  • Only works with standard wired doorbells that play traditional ding-dong type sound.
  • Includes connections for front and back door.  One melody for front door and one melody for back door.
  • Powered by extremely long lasting lithium battery (CR123A) that should last for many, many years without changing.
  • Typically, the transmitter is mounted on wall slightly above wired doorbell cabinet.  In some cases, you may be able to hide transmitter inside doorbell cabinet.
Hear the LRA-DCRXS Melodies


Ding Dong
Door Knocking
Big Ben
Smooth Alert
Electric Flute
Simple Rhythm
Dog Barking
Zap Alert
Falling Water
Car Horn
Telephone Ringing
Office Phone Ringing
Rooster Crow
Police Siren
Fog Horn
Organ Chords
Oh Susanna
Coming Around the Mountain

Additional information


Safeguard Supply


1 Year




Safeguard Supply – LRA Series

Complete Kit


Wireless Features

Flashing Strobe
Visual Indicator

Wireless Range

1000 ft.

Best Use

Large Homes – Medium Sized Business
Residential Home Use

Sensor Type

Push Button

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Product, Easy Install

Super simple install and set-up probably 5-10minutes start to finish. Worked first time...highly recommend.
Transmitter on main floor and receiver in basement- works flawlessly

Doorbell Extender Kit with Flashing Strobe Plug-in Receiver (LRA-EX1000S)

I'm a little disappoint since the transmitter in the LRA-EX1000S package was not able to be paired with the receiver; but, once I called the 1800Doorbell support line, they responded promptly and diagnosed an issue with the transmitter unit and are sending me a new unit without needing to return the defective unit (hence why on 4 star rating). Looking forward to receiving the replacement unit and hope it will work.


Just what I needed for the media room. I could not hear either doorbell (front door nor back door). I can now hear and know which doorbell is ringing.

Doorbell extender

We are very happy with our doorbell extender kit it was very easy to install compared to others we looked at works great.

Doorbell Extender w/Strobe

Purchased for my mom who is practically deaf, works great placed in her kitchen & with the strobe she can see & hear that the doorbell is being rung. Thanks for a great product that does not require an internet connection or subscription.

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