LRA-EX1000 Long Range Doorbell Extender kit Business Grade Door Chime

LRA-EX1000 Long Range Doorbell Extender kit Business Grade Door Chime


When you cannot hear your existing wired door chime in areas of your home, look to the LRA-EXTX for help.  This product wires into your existing doorbell system and transmits a wireless signal to the wireless LRA-DCRX receiver, which you can locate throughout your home.  This means you can now hear your doorbell in areas of your home where you could not before.  A powerful 1000 foot range outperforms all other extenders on the market today.

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Trouble hearing the existing wired door chime in areas throughout your home?

This is a common problem with wired doorbells, in that they are typically not very loud.  We have a solution!

The LRA-EX1000 is a wired door chime extender KIT that transmits a wireless signal to chime receivers you can locate throughout your home.  When your existing push button outside is pressed, your door chime will ring as normal, and this product will simultaneously trigger receiver to play a chime, flash an LED strobe light, or chime/strobe together.  Add multiple receivers throughout your home, and extend your doorbell chime to the basement, garage, or bedroom.

Here’s an example.  You have an existing wired door chime hanging in your foyer.  You can hear it well in the family room, but upstairs in your bedroom, or down in the basement, it just isn’t loud enough to hear.  With this product, you can place a receiver in your bedroom and one in the basement.  Not only does your existing wired chime play it’s chime sound when a visitor pushes the outside button, but the chime receivers in your basement and bedroom will now also play the melody you select.

Do I need to Hire an Electrician to Install the Product?

The wiring of the extender transmitter into your existing wired doorbell is fairly straightforward.   Most wired doorbells have an outer chime cabinet and when this cover is removed you will notice the mechanical “guts” of your existing wired doorbell.  You will then notice what’s called the “terminal strip” with three screws (a typical wired doorbell setup).  One of the screws is labeled “Front” (for front doorbell button), another screw labeled “Trans” (for transformer) and “Back” (for back doorbell button).  Each wire on the extender will wire into one of the screws.  Next, the extender product needs to be mounted next to the wired doorbell cabinet.  If you are handy and have done these sorts of things before you may not find it challenging.  Conversely, you may find it challenging to install and would need to consult a handy man or electrician.

We recommend you read the LRA-EX1000 instruction manual prior to purchasing the productView the manual by clicking here.

Here’s how it works!

The kit consists of two different products, the LRA-EXTX wireless door chime extender and the LRA-DCRX wireless door chime receiver.  The LRA-EXTX is a small, battery operated transmitter that wires into your existing door chime (follow included instructions).  When your door chime is triggered (by pushing front doorbell button) this device will generate a wireless signal and send it to the LRA-DCRX receiver.

Kit Components:

  • 1 x LRA-EXTX Extender
  • 1 x LRA-DCRX Receiver
  • Mounting hardware for LRA-EXTX Extender

LRA-EXTX Product Features:

  • Works only with traditional wired door chimes
  • Works with 9-18V AC wired chimes
  • Transmitter wires into existing wired chime
  • Transmitter is powered by a long life lithium CR123A battery (included) that will last up to 2 years (easy battery to find and replace)
  • Product will only work with a compatible LRA receiver, the LRA-DCRX and the LRA-VPRX
  • Works for front door and back door wired doorbell products
  • Connects on the wall next to – or on top of –  your existing wired doorbell
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • See product user manual below for mounting and programming information
  • Low battery indicator signals receiver when battery is low and needs to be replaced
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

LRA-DCRX Product Features:

  • Powered by 3 x C-sized alkaline batteries (plugin wall transformer, LRA-PLUG is available for purchase)
  • 18 different tunes/melodies to choose from
  • Available strobe light can turn on or off
Additional information

Safeguard Supply – LRA Series

Wireless Range

1000 ft.




Safeguard Supply

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Does the job!

Installation was pretty easy. Everything worked well. I would give it 5 stars, except the ring chime selection was poor. Most choices were gimmicky sounds like police cars or firetrucks. Only one sounded close to a normal door bell ring.

Works as advertised.

Good email support.

Door Bell extender

Wow! Now when on patio and quest come and ring front door bell we know to answer the door before never knew anyone was at door.

Works great

Instructions could stand an upgrade but the customer service person quickly solved the installation issue and the unit now works perfectly

A Door Bell Extender that Really Works!

We too often missed deliveries as our door chime is at the front of the house and we are usually in the back or upstairs. A louder door chime did not do it. Bought a plug in extender on Amazon. Limited range and too soft notification tone did not solve the problem.

In desperation we Googled extenders and found this one. The range is far more than the other one, and it is really LOUD. Can be adjusted downwards which we did. A light that goes on as well as a notification sound makes this a winner. You can choose among several sounds including barking dog!. This unit is exactly what we needed.

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