LRA-EX1000-L Kit to Help Hear Your Doorbell Throughout Your Home


When you cannot hear your existing wired door chime in areas of your home, look to the LRA-EXTX for help.  This product wires into your existing doorbell system and transmits a wireless signal to the wireless LRA-DCRX receiver, which you can locate throughout your home.  This means you can now hear your doorbell in areas of your home where you could not before.  A powerful 1000-foot range outperforms all other extenders on the market today.

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Download user manualGTIN: 635963263928

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Trouble hearing the existing wired door chime in areas throughout your home?

This is a common problem with wired doorbells, in that they are typically not loud enough to hear in every part of the house.  We have a solution!
The LRA-EX1000 is a wired door chime extender KIT that transmits a wireless signal to chime receivers you can locate throughout your home.  When your existing push button outside is pressed, your door chime will ring as usual, and this product will simultaneously trigger the receiver to play a chime, flash an LED strobe light, or chime/strobe together.  Add multiple receivers throughout your home, and extend your doorbell chime to the basement, garage, or bedroom.

Here’s an example.  You have an existing wired door chime hanging in your foyer.  You can hear it well in the family room, but it isn’t loud enough to hear upstairs in your bedroom or down in the basement.  With this product, you can place a receiver in your bedroom and one in the basement.  Not only does your existing wired chime play its chime sound when a visitor pushes the outside button, but the chime receivers in your basement and bedroom will now also play the melody you select.

Do I need to Hire an Electrician to Install the Product?

No.  The connection of the extender transmitter to your existing wired doorbell is easy and straightforward.   Most wired doorbells have an outer chime cabinet, and when this cover is removed, you will notice the mechanical “guts” of your existing wired doorbell.  You will then notice the “terminal strip” with three screws (a typical wired doorbell setup).  One of the screws is labeled “Front” (for the front doorbell button), another screw is labeled “Trans” (for the transformer), and the last is labeled “Back” (for the back doorbell button).  Each wire on the extender will wire into one of the screws.  The extender transmitter will then lay inside or on top of your doorbell.

We recommend you read the LRA-EX1000 instruction manual before purchasing the productView the manual by clicking here.

Here’s how it works!

The kit consists of two different products, the LRA-EXTX-L wireless door chime extender and the LRA-DCRX wireless door chime receiver.  The LRA-EXTX-L is a small, battery-operated transmitter that wires into your existing door chime (follow included instructions).  When your door chime is triggered (by pushing the front doorbell button), this device will generate a wireless signal and send it to the LRA-DCRX-L receiver.

Kit Components:

  • 1 x LRA-EXTX-L Extender
  • 1 x LRA-DCRX-L Receiver
  • Mounting hardware for LRA-EXTX-L Extender

LRA-EXTX -LProduct Features:

  • Works only with traditional wired door chimes
  • Works with 9-18V AC wired chimes
  • Transmitter wires into existing wired chime
  • The transmitter is powered by a long-life lithium CR123A battery (included) that will last up to 2 years (easy battery to find and replace)
  • The product will only work with a compatible LRA receiver, the LRA-DCRX-L, and the LRA-DCRXS-L
  • Works for the front door and back door wired doorbell products
  • Connects on the wall next to – or on top of –  your existing wired doorbell
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • See the product user manual below for mounting and programming information
  • The low battery indicator signals the receiver when the battery is low and needs to be replaced
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

LRA-DCRX-L Product Features:

  • Powered by 3 x C-sized alkaline batteries (plugin wall transformer, LRA-PLUG is available for purchase)
  • 18 different tunes/melodies to choose from
  • An available strobe light can turn on or off

To view the full product details other than this receiver, please click here: LRA-DCRX Receiver

Hear the ERA-DCRX Receiver Sounds

Ding Dong
Wind Chimes
Ding Dong (short)
Birds Chirping
Ding Dong (played twice)
Westminster Chime
Indiana Jones Theme
Jingle Bells
Ambulance Siren
Police Siren
Dog Barking
Car Horn
Organ Chords
Telephone Ringing
All the Lonely People
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Oh My Darling
Streets of Cairo
Greeting Sounds
Coming Around the Mountain
Frere Jacques
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Wireless Range

1000 ft.




Safeguard Supply


1 Year


Safeguard Supply – LRA Series

Kit Or Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
A.O. (Lion's Head, CA)
Doorbell Review

I can hear the doorbell. the 1800 receiver creates a tune that meets my hearing needs. The assistance for product selection was great. The tunes with the flashing light are more effective at night. This unit is worth the investment.

M.J. (Naples, US)
1800 Doorbell

Love the option of changing doorbell tunes.

J. (Beaverton, US)
Doorbell range extender

This product works well to provide adequate range, sound volume, and noticeability to the rung-doorbell alert function of a currently-marketed electromechanical doorbell chime unit that by itself produces inadequate sound volume to be heard in many areas of my house.

s.B. (Vacaville, US)

Completely satisfied with the product. Does the job better than I expected. Easy to install. Cannot say enough good things about the doorbell.

R.D. (Morton Grove, US)


D.G. (Avon Park, US)
Doorbell extender

Mine stopped working after a year or two. Called the company and they sent me a new one immediately with no charge. Can't beat that. Only complaint is it's impossible to get back into the little transmitter box once you close the cover.

A.S. (Vallejo, US)
Love this company--love all the products I've purchased

I recently purchased a doorbell extender for a client of mine. I'd nearly forgotten about the extender when I happened to be doing tax paper clean up and ran across an invoice from a job i did quite awhile ago. With COVID, many of my clients have moved indoors and aren't always able to hear their existing doorbells. These items are perfect, easy to install and work fantastically. The prices are fair and shipping is oh-so-speedy! I'l be ordering plenty more and you should, too!

J.V. (Holland, US)
Excellent service and product

Item came in on time and worked perfect with easy instructions.

J.D.M. (Englewood, US)
Pool Deckl

The product works very well. When out on my pool deck I know when someone pushes my doorbell.

D.A.P. (Hot Springs Village, US)
Excellent Customer Service

I had to contact 1800Doorbell three times for clarification about connecting the doorbell extender. Once I received a return call due to volume of calls--not much of a wait-the second time I had a connection with C.S. right away, and the third was a call back from an after-hours request and was called early the following day. And each time the CSR was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. I received a solid technical explanation, parts or exchanges as appropriate, and a quick response to all issues. The Extender Kit is easy to install, looks and works good, The only problem is I liked the first one I got so much I wanted and ordered a second receiver, and got the latest -1 model, which worked great paired to its -1 transmitter. But the -1 cannot be paired with a non -1 model, and I also discovered the transmitters cannot be connected in parallel. Interference, I guess. Connected in parallel, one or the other (-1 or older version) will "win out" the transmission to their respective receiver. But in contact with 1800Doorbell, they resolved it with an exchange, no problem. I couldn't be happier with either them or the product.

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