SBD375ss-v3 Sonic Alert Alarm Clock for the Deaf


If you are hard of hearing or deaf and need an alarm clock, check out the Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SBD375ss-V3.  This is a great alarm clock for the deaf because it featured a vibrating sensor to alert  you when the alarm goes off.  With simple design, large display, and loud audible alarm, this is a great alarm clock for the hard of hearing.

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    A Simple, Great Bed Shaker Alarm Clock for the Deaf

    The Company, Sonic Alert is a leader in visual alerting systems and the show their experience with the SBD375ss-v3 Sonic Alert Alarm Clock. Without even considering the vibrating bed shaker for the deaf, this is a great full featured alarm clock. With a large LED display, 1.8” tall numbers, it’s easy to see the time from just about anywhere in the room. The high-low LED display allows you to adjust the brightness.

    It’s also loud, at and adjustable volume up to 113dB & tone selector , this is a great alarm wake up for the hard of hearing and heavy sleepers alike. Even without the bed shaker, this is an extra loud alarm clock for the deaf. The clock features dual alarm settings so two different wake-up times can be set. Set the alarm snooze time from 1-30 minutes and adjust the alarm run time from 1-59 min.

    The bed shaker is powerful enough to wake Rip Van Winkle from his 20-year slumber. Place the shaker disk under your mattress and the vibration from the super shaker will wake you up. The clock plugs into a standard wall outlet, but as a backup feature, use batteries in case of power failure.

    Bed Shaker Alarm Clock for the Deaf

    • Dual alarm setting for backup or separate alarm for partner
    • Loud, adjustable volume, up to 113 dBa
    • Adjustable tone
    • Large digital display with 1.8” numbers & 5-level dimmer control
    • 12/24 time display with PM indicator
    • Plugs into standard wall outlet
    • 9V alkaline battery (not included) backup
    • Set to vibrate, sound, or vibrate + sound
    Sonic Alert Alarm Clock with Dual Alarm Clock
    Battery Or Plug In



    Wireless Features

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