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For this category, a wireless doorbell is defined from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver, where radio signal passes a signal from the triggered transmitter (wireless doorbell push button) and the wireless doorbell receiver. If you are a business owner and want something high-powered, take a look at our store door chime category. A great advantage of wireless chimes is the expandability where you can add more push buttons and receivers to expand the system throughout your home or office.

Plug in Doorbells and Battery Operated Doorbells

Wireless Door Chimes typically come in one of two flavors; plug in doorbells or battery operated doorbells. All of the wireless door chimes in this category use wireless push buttons (battery operated) and when a visitor pushes the button a wireless radio signal is sent to the chime receiver.

Battery Operated Doorbells:

A battery operated doorbell uses alkaline or lithium batteries to power it. In most cases the battery life is long lasting (2-3 years) due to the fact that doorbells aren't typically triggered very much on a daily basis. For store door bell use, most of the longer range wireless chimes use a more powerful lithium battery. Some of the battery operated door chimes, such as the LRA-D1000, are battery operated by default and have an optional plug for power. Another example of a battery operated door bell that can also use a plug is the

Plug in Doorbells:

A plug in doorbell or plugs into a standard wall outlet. Many models like the ERA-RXPG, LRA-DCRXS, and the RC3260, for example, have prongs directly on the back of the chime unit, while some uses a plugin transformer with a cord.

We carry both models with plug-in & battery operated receivers, as well as specialty chimes that are longer range doorbells, doorbells with flashing lights, and more. Wireless door chimes are used synonymously with the terms wireless doorbell

The important thing to remember when purchasing a wireless doorbell is that the wireless push buttons and receivers only work within the brand's eco-system.  For example, if you see the popular "ERA" series by Safeguard Supply, all the wireless push buttons and wireless doorbell receivers work with one another. 

The wireless range of your chime, for plugin and battery powered door bells is also an important factor to consider. The range as shown on the website is the laboratory-tested range. Real-world environmental factors will reduce the signal. For example, a concreate poured wall could cut the signal down by 40%-50%, while interior walls tend to cut the signal by 10%-20%. If you have a small home, a 150ft range will probably work. If you have a large home or business, a 1,000 ft. range wireless doorbell should suffice. A large business, warehouse, or retail store will need a plug in doorbell from the ERA series with a range of up to 4,000 ft.

  • ERA-PBDCR Commercial Door Chime Kit ERA-DCRX Commercial Door Chime Desktop Receiver

    ERA-PBDCR Commercial Door Chime Kit with Push Button & Desktop Receiver


    The ERA-PBDCR is a commercial door chime kit that features a nicely styled wireless doorbell push button and a robust desktop receiver.  With a range of up to 4,000 feet, this kit is guaranteed to work in your location or your money back.  Compatible with all ERA sensors & receivers, this kit is easily expandable.  Choose from 12 different chime songs to fit your needs.

    Model: ERA-PBDCR
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  • ERA-UTDCR Door Chime with 4000 Feet Range, Ideal Wireless Doorbell for Business & Warehouses ERA UTDCR CONTACT 4 1

    ERA-UTDCR Door Chime with 4000 Feet Range, Ideal Wireless Doorbell for Business & War...


    Our most popular Warehouse & Business Entry and Doorbell Kit.  Power through the steel, concrete, and other building materials present in commercial applications with a range of 4,000 feet. This wireless warehouse door chime receiver features 4 x 12V DC outputs allowing the use of a variety of different accessories, including strobes (siren, buzzer, etc.), sirens, bells, etc., for each zone.  Pair up to 12 transmitters (push buttons, door contacts, motion sensor, or outdoor driveway sensor).  Use as many receiver chimes as necessary to hear the alert in multiple locations.


    Model: ERA-UTDCR
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    WDK-ERA-STROBE Warehouse Doorbell with Strobe - Entrance Alert Chime for Businesses


    Our popular Warehouse Kit is back and better than ever! Now with an extended range up to 4,000 feet. The receiver chime has also been updated to feature 4 x 12V outputs allowing a different strobe (siren, buzzer, etc.) for each zone. Choose from 5 different strobe light colors. 

    The kit comes with one plugin chime receiver, 1 transmitter (which can be used as a push button or door contact), bell wire, and a strobe light.  Add on additional receivers to hear in multiple locations, or additional transmitters for more than one door.  Excellent range and a fantastic product for large or hard-to-hear areas.

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  • ERA UTX 3 ERA-UTX 4000 ft. Wireless Business Doorbell Button & Magnetic Door Chime Contact Transmitter

    ERA-UTX 4000 ft. Doorbell Sensor Push Button or Magnetic Contact


    This universal transmitter is compatible with the Safeguard Supply "ERA" line of products.  It may be used as a door/window contact or a wireless push button.  When triggered, it will transmit a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. to an ERA receiver - the ERA-DCRX or the ERA-RXPG.  The transmitter is powered by a 3-volt lithium-ion battery which comes included with purchase.  To purchase the complete kit, please see the ERA-UTDCR Warehouse & Business Wireless Doorbell Kit Designed for Business Use and the WDK-ERA-STROBE Warehouse Wireless Doorbell Kit / Entry Alert & Strobe Light For Large, Loud Areas.

  • RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug in Wireless Doorbell Kit 1 wireless plug in door chimes with night light rc3256 v 1 1 1

    RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit - RC3253 Replacement


    RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell & Nightlight Kit from Carlon features an RC3256 plugin receiver (with a small nightlight feature) and an RC4121 wireless push button.  This product is compatible and virtually the same as the Carlon or Dimango RC3253.  The only difference is the RC3256 has a small light, that serves as a night light on the bottom of the unit.  The RC3253 is no longer in production so this is a great replacement.

  • LRA D1000A View 3 1 LRA-D1000A-View-Wireless Battery Operated Chime

    LRA-D1000 Loud Wireless Door Chime Kit with Flashing Strobe


    BEST SELLER!  Great for large homes and businesses that need to transmit over long distances, the LRA-D1000 has the power you need to penetrate walls that typical products cannot. A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to "flash," "chime," or "flash and chime."  A great choice for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments. This is a great product for homes of all sizes and mid-sized businesses.  For large commercial spaces or if you need a business door chime system with external accessories such as Fire Alarm Bells, Loud Sirens, or Strobe Lights, visit the ERA-UTDCR Business Doorbell.

    Model: LRA-D1000
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  • LRA-D1000S-Kit-with-Flashing Strobe LRA D1000S Top View 1

    LRA-D1000S Loud Doorbell Plugin Kit with Bright Strobe Light


    Super Bright plug-in doorbell with flashing strobe light is Loud & is perfect for hearing impaired or noisy environments.  Easy to use kit includes a push button and a chime with a bright flashing strobe on top.   The chime plugs into any available outlet where the chime/strobe needs to be located.  Add on additional chimes around the home or additional push buttons for a back or side door.  Compatible with all products in the LRA series of products.  Quick and easy setup and a 90-decibel chime make this product a must-have.  Select "Chime Only", "Strobe Only", or "Chime & Strobe".

    Model: LRA-D1000S
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  • LH-4000 Commercial Doorbell Kit with 5000 ft Range by Dakota Alert dcr4000 2 1

    Warehouse Wireless Door Buzzer Chime with 5,000 Ft. Range


    You won't find a wireless warehouse doorbell that is more reliable and easy to use than the UTDCR-4000 (LH-4000).  Great for warehouses and businesses who need an extended range of products. Amazing 4000-5000 foot range from the transmitter (push button or door window contact) to the chime receiver. With the ability to expand this kit, you'll have a wireless doorbell with multiple receivers.  Never miss a customer or delivery again.

  • WC180 Full Kit Flashing Strobe wc180 packaging back web v 1 1

    WC180 Flashing Strobe Wireless Chime Kit for Hard of Hearing


    Our most popular strobe light doorbell.  Ideal for hearing impaired or noisy environments.  The doorbell flasher for deaf kit includes a push button and a chime, coupled with a bright flashing strobe.  The doorbell flasher chime plugs into any available outlet where the chime/strobe needs to be located.  Add on additional chimes around the home or additional push buttons for multiple doors.  Quick and easy set up has the system running in a matter of minutes.

  • SS110 Safeguard Supply Basic Wireless Plugin Chime 1 SS111 Safeguard Supply Push Button 2

    SS110 Plug-In Wireless Door Chime Kit w 1000 Ft. Range Is An Inexpensive Long Range Chime ...


    Stylish, petite, and multi-functional, this wireless kit by Safeguard Supply has everything you need!  With 52 ringtones to choose from and 4 levels of adjustable volume, you could easily plug a receiver into any room in your home.  The SS110 has a wireless signal of up to 1000 feet, an LED visual alert, a completely weatherproof push button, and is compatible with multiple receivers and/or transmitters.  Have push buttons at multiple doors and chimes in every room!

  • SS120 Safeguard Supply Touch Kit Front View 1 SS120 Safeguard Supply Wireless Plugin Kit Touch Button 1 1

    SS120 Low Cost Stylish Wireless Push Button Kit with 1000 ft Range


    The wireless "touch" doorbell kit comes with a smooth, diamond finish push button and a plug-in chime receiver.  LOUD ringtone can be adjusted up to 110dB - the loudest that we carry!   900 ft. range makes this kit ideal for home or business use.  The easy setup and 52 different chimes sounds make it a fantastic buy!

  • SS250 Safeguard Supply No Battery Wireless Door Chime Kit Front 1 SS250 Safeguard Supply No Battery Wireless Door Chime Kit Back View 1

    SS250 Kinetic No Power Need for Push Button Chime Kit


    Imagine never having to change batteries again!  This incredible wireless doorbell converts the energy of pushing the doorbell button into electricity that transmits to the receiver!  This system has a range of up to 600 feet in open air and up to 300 with doors and walls.  There are 52 chimes to choose from and a decibel rating of 110, making this our loudest wireless system.

  • RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit 1 RC3250 InUse 3

    RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit Great for Residential Use


    RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit Great for Residential Use

  • wireless plug in door chime compact design rc3730d v 1 1 2 1 rc3733d compact doorchime laundry 1 1

    RC3730D Economy Wireless Door Chime Kit for Smaller Homes


    RC3730D Economy Wireless Door Chime Kit for Smaller Homes

  • Sale! RC3510D Battery Chime Kit 1 RC3510D Battery Chime Kit in Package 1

    Carlon RC3510D Outdoor Rated Waterproof Doorbell


    Carlon RC3510D Outdoor Rated Wireless Battery Operated Chime Kit

  • RC3423 Silver Door Chime Kit 1 1 RC3423 Silver Door Chime Kit 2 1

    RC3423 Smooth Silver Wireless Door Chime Kit with 150 ft. Wireless Range


    The RC3423 is a great choice for a wireless door chime.  Not only does it look sleek and modern, but also plays 13 different chime sounds.  Hang it vertically or horizontally to fit your style.  The kit features a wireless push button and wireless door chime receiver.  Add more push buttons or receivers if you have multiple doors, or want to hear the chime in several locations throughout your home.

  • RC4120 Long Range Wireless Carlon Door Chime 1 rc4120 door chime in use 1 1

    Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime


    Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime

  • Sale! wireless battery doorbell sleek design rc3520 v 1 1 1 rc3520 wireless battery chime in use 2 1

    RC3520 Carlon Wireless Battery Operated Door Chime Kit for Homes


    RC3520 Carlon Wireless Battery Operated Door Chime Kit for Homes

  • Sale! RC3530 White Wireless Door Chime Kit by Carlon 1 RC3530 White WIreless Chime in Packaging 1

    Carlon RC3530 Wireless Battery-Powered Door Chime Kit in White


    Are you looking for a wireless door chime that is simple, wireless, and battery-powered?  If the answer is "Yes", then the Carlon RC3530 is just what you need!  Carlon makes only the best and most reliable chimes, but this one also carries a 1-year warranty should anything go wrong!  A great chime that comes with peace of mind...perfect!

  • RC3636 Wood Door Chime Kit by Carlon 1 wireless battery powered door chimes oak design rc3636 v 1 2 1

    RC3636 Carlon Wireless Battery-Powered Door Chime in Stained Oak


    With thirteen sound options, 32 changeable codes to avoid interference and a 150-foot range, this beautiful oak doorbell is hard to beat. Both button and chime take batteries, allowing for easy setup.