WDK-2500-STROBE Warehouse Doorbell Kit with Strobe Light

Do You Need A Flashing Doorbell for Your Shop or Warehouse? Model WDK-2500-STROBE

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Warehouse Doorbell Kit with Strobe Light
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Based on customer needs, 1800doorbell has created a doorbell kit designed for warehouses, shops, or other loud environments where a visual indicator when a visitor arrives is necessary.

Most Doorbells Are Not Loud Enough:

Many businesses are faced with the dilimena of needing a doorbell or chime that alerts them when they have a vistor, but their shop is simply too loud to hear most doorbell systems.  You can't go to your local box store hardware store and find something to fit your needs.

The next challenge is installation:

Many business owners don't want to run bellwire from the door (where visitors come) to a doorbell or chime.  Maybe you don't want to hire someone to come out and do it, or you cannot alter the building in any way.

Most Wireless Doorbells Don't Have the Range Your Need:

When you cannot run wires across your warehouse or office, you need a wireless system; however, most wireless systems will not have the range you need to power through the concrete, metal or other environmental factors most commercial applications have.

The Complete Solution:  Long Range, Wireless, with a Flashing Strobe Light

The WDK-2500-STROBE is a long range wireless doorbell kit with a flashing strobe light specifically designed for business environments.  The kit features an industrial grade wireless push button that you mount on the door (can add more push buttons as needed).  When a visitor pushes the button, it transmits a wireless signal, up to 2,500 ft. away, to the plug-in receiver featured in this kit. Attached to the receiver is a bright strobe light that will flash, alerting you to the visitor at the door.  This kit installs in minutes, is easy to mainatain, and is reliable.

Included in Kit:

  • 1 UTDCR-2500 (includes heavy duty wireless push button with mounting hardware and battery, heavy duty plug-in receiver and AC adapter)
  • 1 x amber flashing strobe light
  • 65' of low-voltage bell wire 

Doorbell Transmitter (push button):  The doorbell included in this kit is durable and outdoor rated.  Mount it to the wall using the supplied mounting screws or by using double-sided tape.  The unit is shipped with a battery with an expected battery life of up to 2 years (depending on usage).

Doorbell Receiver: The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet.  It features a volume control knob and will play one of four selected chime sounds when triggered.  The receiver has four zones with LED lights that flash when a sensor in that respective zone is triggered.  The receiver also features 4 x c-relays that allows you to integrate with other devices.  

Strobe Light:

The strobe light is connected to the doorbell receiver through a 12V DC output. Through a jumper setting, you can adjust the output for 1, 10, or 60 seconds, or even 10 minutes which will make the strobe flash for that respective time.

Additional push buttons, receivers, and other sensors may be added to expand the functionality of this kit.




Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Warehouse Doorbell Kit with Strobe Light
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4 Star Rating
(New Orleans)
Works very well where other wireless doorbells have failed. Some of the tones are little annoying but nice to be able to choose different tones for different transmitters so you know which bell is being rung if you have more than one. Overall very happy with this product so far.
5 Star Rating
Accurate product descriptions, fast shipping, oce arrived I had it installed in our shop in 20 minutes. I give it five stars because you get exactly what you expect.
5 Star Rating
This was exactly what our office needed. The range is wonderful, the volume is powerful, and the strobe is hard to ignore. Only four ring options is kinda limited (the fourth being the stuff of nightmares), but they are distinct and the whole system is versatile enough to easily meet our needs.

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