What the Red Light on the LRA-DCRXS Indicates

In the picture above, you will notice there’s a red LED light just under the strobe-light lens on the LRA-DCRXS plugin receiver with the strobe light.

This red LED light serves two purposes when using the LRA-DCRXS; 1) indicates a programmed transmitter (push button for example) or sensor has a low battery that needs to be changed, and 2) as an indicator when in program mode.

When the RED LED Stays on During Normal Operation

When not programming a sensor/transmitter to the LRA-DCRXS, a red LED that stays on indicates a transmitter/sensor programmed to the receiver has a low battery and it needs to be replaced. The battery in the push button, for example, is a 3V lithium battery, model number CR2032.

LRA-DCRXS Red Light Stays On
solid red LED light stays on in LRA-DCRXS receiver

For more information on how to change the battery in the LRA-PBTX, click here.

The RED LED in Programming Mode

When programming the LRA-DCRXS receiver to an LRA-compatible transmitter/sensor, the RED LED has two indications; 1) the zone you are programming, and 2) if the two available zones are full. When the LRA-DCRXS is in programming mode, the RED LED will display.

For programming the LRA-DCRXS to a transmitter, please consult this helpful article located here.

A Blinking RED LED

There are two available zones in the LRA-DCRXS, meaning 1 transmitter/sensor may be programmed to each zone. A fast blinking led indicates programming for zone 1, and slow blinking led indicates zone 2.

For example, when the receiver is in programming mode and zone 1 is empty, the red led will blink quickly. If zone 1 is occupied and zone 2 is empty, the red led will blink slowly. That means that zone one already has a transmitter/sensor programmed to it, and zone two is empty.

A Solid RED LED (when in programming mode)

After entering programming mode, the red led is solid, this means both zones 1 and 2 are currently occupied with an LRA-compatible transmitter/sensor. In order to program a transmitter/sensor to the receiver, the memory must be cleared or erased from the receiver.

To learn how to delete the zones memory in the LRA-DCRXS, click here.