LRA Series Compatibility Notice

The LRA series of products were upgraded in 2021.  To accept the necessary software changes, the control board needed to be changed as well.

Although we do our best to ensure upgraded versions of the products are compatible with older versions, sometimes it is unavoidable.  This is the case with the newest upgrade to the LRA series of products.

This is only relevant if you are purchasing new LRA products as a replacement or add-on to a system you purchased from before 3/01/2021.  First-time purchases on or before 3/010/2021 should not be affected.

Purchasing An Add-On or Replacement Product for Your Existing LRA Series. #

LRA-DCRX Electronics Rating Label
LRA-DCRX-L Electronics Rating Label

If you already have LRA products purchased before 3/01/2021, we need to check compatibility to ensure we ship you a compatible product. On the back of your existing products, locate the white tag.  Notice the “Model No.”  See the images below as an example.

  • If the model number DOES NOT end in “-L” (similar to the first image on the left) then please contact us by email or phone to ensure we ship you the compatible product.
  • If the model number on the back of your product DOES end in “-L”(Similar to the image on the right) then proceed with your order without contacting us.

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