Programming & Tips for the LRA-C1000 (LRA-DCTX)

The LRA-C1000 is a long-range entry alert product designed for businesses, shops, warehouses, and larger homes.
The kit has two components, a transmitter/sensor (LRA-DCTX) and a receiver (LRA-PBTX).  When the sensor is triggered, it transmits a radio signal up to 1,000 ft. to the LRA-PBTX receiver.
PLEASE NOTE:  whenever a manufacturer provides you with a range, in this case, 1,000 ft., it is derived by an algorithm.  Sometimes you get a little more range, but in most cases, you get less range because of interference from environmental factors.
What this means to you is that if you need exactly 1,000 ft., or very close to it, you might have to look at another product like the era-under (ERA-UTDCR Doorbell Kit with a Range of 4,000 ft.)  There is also a range extender that works with our long-range doorbell/alert products, the LRA-RPX.
This product, the LRA-C1000 has an additional challenge in that it is mounted on the door and the door frame.  In commercial environments that usually means a metal door and or a metal door frame.  This will cut down on the projected range of this product.
If you know you have the product programmed correctly, but it isn’t working, try moving the receiver closer to the transmitter.  If it starts working, it is a range issue.  If it is a range issue, there are three things we can do:

  1. Try placing the double-sided tape, a cardboard shim, or something that will provide some separation between the transmitter and the metal or concrete on the door frame.
  2. Get the LRA-RPX to extend the range up to an additional 1,000 ft.
  3. Upgrade to the ERA-UTDCR long-range doorbell entry alert kit.
LRA-C1000 Long Range Entrance Alert

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