How to Delete the Zone Memory for a LRA-DCRX & LRA-DCRXS Receiver

Each zone on an LRA receiver can only accommodate 1 transmitter.  Oftentimes, programming problems can be corrected by first deleting the memory from the receiver and re-programming.  This helpful document outlines how to put the LRA-DCRX and the LRA-DCRXS in programming mode.

Deleting Memory: LRA-DCRX #

  1. Open the cover of the receiver
  2. Hold down the “zone selector” button (the left button) for approximately 3 seconds until a zone ID starts to flash (see “ID” in the drawing above).  Stop pressing the button.   This means the unit is in programming mode.
  3. Simultaneously, hold down the zone selector button (on the left) and the melody button (on the right) for approximately 3-5 seconds until you hear a short tone sound.   The short tone sound means the memory has been deleted and is not ready for programming.
LRA D1000 Drawing that shows the volume control knob, melody selector button, and mode selector button.

Deleting Memory: LRA-DCRXS #

  1. Hold down the “Learn” button for approximately 3 seconds until you notice a red LED in the top lens.
  2. Push the “Melody” & “Learn” buttons simultaneously. for approximately 3 seconds.
  3. You should hear a short tone sound, followed by a rapidly blinking red LED.  This signals the unit’s memory has been deleted and is not ready for programming.
Deleting Memory: LRA-DCRXS

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