Troubleshooting a Wired Doorbell

Chimes consist of a wired push-button, a wired chime (sound device), and a transformer (which changes the voltage from 120 volts to 16 volts).

Recommendation 1: We recommend at least 18 gauge wiring in the existing home for the new chime to work (this is a requirement from Craftmade Chimes). (The smaller the number gauge of wire, the bigger the wire.)

Recommendation 2: Consider the length from the doorbell to the actual chime unit and the transformer.

Recommendation 3: Wired transformer sizes

  • 16V 10VA (watt) for One 2-note Chime with all wires less than 50’
  • 16V 15VA (watt) for One 2-note Chime with any wire longer than 50’ or two 2-note Chimes with all wires less than 50’
  • 16V 30VA (watt) One 2-note Chime with all wires longer than 50′ two 2-note chimes with any wire longer than 50’ / Three 2-note chimes One 8-note chime

Wired Door Chime Troubleshooting Guide #

  • Check to make sure that the circuit is complete to the chime and that there is power from the breaker.
  • Make sure the light on the button or buttons is/are lit.
  • Make sure there is at least 18 gauge wire being used everywhere (from the buttons to the chime and from the transformer to the chime. The wiring can be larger than 18 gauge, but not smaller.
  • Make sure that the transformer is 16volt. All Teiber (Craftmader) chimes must be 16 volts.
  • Make sure that the correct wattage is used for the particular chime that is used. Transformers come in 3 different wattages. (see above).

You can always use the larger wattage transformers as they will not hurt anything. Never use less wattage. The larger the wattage is better if you’re not sure.

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