Wired Doorbell Transformers, Doorbell Wire, & Batteries

Wired doorbell transformers are electrical devices that step-down the high-voltage electricity in your home to a lower voltage compatible for wired door chimes and wired doorbell push buttons.

The small table below shows the different wired transformers we carry at 1800doorbell.com.  Although we do not offer the largest selection, we have the necessary bases covered when installing or replacing your wired chime.

We are often asked questions about using a wired doorbell in conjunction with a Ring.com or Hello Nest video doorbell.  We suggest you visit their support pages, but we do offer this tidbit.  Video doorbells tend to use more amperage than a standard wired door chime.   Coupling the video doorbell with your wired chime requires even more amperage and most doorbell transformers don't have enough power.  We would recommend the DH910 for these purposes.

DH90516V10VAIdeal for up to one doorbell, chime, buzzer, or bell.
DH9108V-16V-24V10VA and 20VATri-voltage transformer, ideal for up to two chimes.
T161016V10VAIdeal for one chime w/ bell wire run less than 50 feet.
T163016V30VAIdeal for multi-chimes
DH91524V40VUse for 24V wired doorbells only (do not use with 16V doorbells)