16V 10 Watt Doorbell Transformer DH905

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16 Volt AC, 10 VA (watts) transformer. For use with single chimes, bells, buzzers and other applications within specified ratings.

This easy to install, versatile 16-VAC, 10 watt doorbell transfomer works with single doorbells, buzzers, bells, and other products with requirements within these specified ratings.

Household voltage ratings are 120 Volts, but most doorbell systems operate at 16 Volts.  A transformer wires into your home electrical circuit and steps down the voltage to a specific rating for your device.

In most applications a wired doorbell pushbutton is connected to a transfomer.  A signaling device such as a buzzer, signal bell, doorbell, or even a siren or strobe light is also connected to the transformer.  When the circuit is closed, in this case the push button is pressed, the circuit is completed and the signaling device is activated by the transformer.

This transformer is UL and CSA approved for commercial and residential usage.

  • 16VAC, 10 Watt
  • UL and CSA approaved
  • Manufactured by Thomas and Betts
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
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