Wiring Two Door Chimes to One Doorbell Transformer

Installing multiple door chime units can increase the likelihood that you’ll hear your doorbell regardless of where you are in your home. This guide provides clear instructions on how to connect two wired door chimes to a single doorbell transformer, enhancing the functionality of your existing doorbell system.

Essential Tools and Materials #

Please be prepared with the right tools and materials before you start your project. This ensures a smooth and efficient installation process.

Here is what you will need:

  • Two Wired Door Chimes
  • Doorbell Transformer
  • Doorbell Button
  • Electrical Wire (18-gauge)

Once you have collected these materials, you can start the installation process. If you feel uncomfortable turning off a circuit breaker or handling electrical wires, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified electrician.

Installation Process #

  • Disconnect Electricity: Safety remains paramount in all projects. Please ensure to shut off all electrical power associated with the wired doorbell at the circuit breaker. We recommend using a multi-meter to ensure the electricity has been turned off. Again if you are uncomfortable with this process, please get in touch with a qualified electrician.
  • The Wired Doorbell Transformer: Most people already have a wired doorbell transformer. Sometimes they are hidden. You can start by looking in the garage or even in the attic. We recommend a wired doorbell transformer with 30VA to ensure enough power to power the two wired doorbells. For a single wired door chime, a 16V-10VA transformer should suffice, but for two wired door chimes, you will need 20VA at a minimum, with 30VA recommended.
  • Wiring them up:
    • On each of the wired door chimes, connect a piece of 18-AWG wire to the “trans” terminal screw. One of those wires must run to the doorbell transformer and connect to one of the open screws on the transformer.
    • At some point, the wire from the other wired chime (not connected to the transformer) must be spliced into the other wire (the one connecting to the transformer.
    • On your wired doorbell push button, connect one 18-AWG wire to the other screw on the wired doorbell transformer.
    • Connect another wire from the wired doorbell push button and connect it to the “front” terminal screw on one of the wired door chimes.
    • At some point along that wire path (the wire connecting the push button to the wired chime), splice into it with another piece of 18-AWG wire and connect it to the “front” terminal screw on the second chime.
  • Look over your wiring before you restore power. All wire connections should be secure and neatly arranged.
  • Power Restoration and Testing: Restoring power is the final step. Once this is done, could you test the setup by pressing the doorbell button? If the installation is successful, both chimes should ring.

Successfully installing double chimes evokes a sense of satisfaction. Not only is it a functional addition to your home, but it also elevates the visitor welcoming system. If you have any problems during the installation, please don’t hesitate to ask for help by contacting an electrician.

Take a look at the diagram below for a visual guide.

Installing two wired chimes to a doorbell transformer

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