Long Range Driveway Alarm Kit with 1000 ft. range


Long Range Driveway Alarm Kit with 1000 ft. range

Best in class driveway alarm with an awesome range of 1000 feet from sensor to chime.  When a car (or person) passes through the monitored zone, the receiver inside your home plays a selected melody.  This system may be expanded by adding more sensor and/or receivers, as well as expanded range by adding a range extender, that increases the range up to 1,000 ft.

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BEST SELLER!  1000 foot range!  This hard working, 1000 ft. range driveway alarm provides a powerful system at an unbeatable price!

Be alert and aware when a visitor, guest or intruder is approaching your home or business with an advance notification.  This easy to install and easy to use product sets up in minutes and provides an audible (chime) and visual (flashing strobe) alert when triggered by movement in the detection area.

The kit comes with 2 pieces ready to monitor a driveway or entryway.  The outdoor rated sensor is a sturdy, splash proof design with an adjustable swivel bracket to easily focus on the driveway or area to be monitored.  The design includes a sun shade over the sensor to prevent false alarms.  The unit will detect ALL MOVEMENT, including vehicles, people and animals.  Adjustable sensitivity to ignore false alarms and small animals.  Install the unit with included screws at 3-4 feet off the ground for best results.  Can be mounted to a wall, post, or tree using the included screws and screwdriver.

The receiver chime included with the kit is a BATTERY OPERATED unit (requires 3 “C” batteries not included), or add on the Plug in Adapter to convert it to a plug in unit.  The chime provides 3 options:  Sound only, LED Strobe light only or sound and light notification.  Choose from 18 different sound options to suit your tastes.  Volume control and a loud 90 decibles.   LED light flashes 18 times continuously when triggered.  Pair with up to 4 sensors, allowing you to add on additional monitored areas.  (ie, a second entrance or driveway, door entrance alerts or push buttons)  Or, ADD ON ADDITIONAL CHIME UNITS to set up notification in more than one area.

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