Long Range Motion Entrance Alert-1000 Ft. Range

Long Range Motion Entrance Alert-1000 Ft. Range

Improve customer service and never be caught off guard again.  This long range, 1000 ft. entrance alert sends a signal when a guest or customer comes in a monitored door.  The battery operated receiver will chime and flash an LED strobe light as notification.

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Monitor important areas for customers or visitors with this 2 PIECE ENTRANCE ALERT SET.  Best Seller at a GREAT PRICE!

The senor is a black PIR motion detector, which will pick up all motion in the detection area.  The unit comes with an EASY INSTALLATION MOUNTING BRACKET that screws into the wall or the door frame.  Snap the sensor on to the bracket and point towards the area to be monitored.  Also, includes double sided tape if prefered.

The chime receiver is powerful and will work up to 1000 ft. away from the sensor.Battery operated with (3) C size batteries.  Add on the optional plug in adapter to create a plug in chime.  The chime is loud at 90 dB and provides 18 delectable sounds to meet your preference.  Pairs with up to 4 different sensors with 4 ICON indicators.  Each senosr can have a unique chime sound, allowing you to determine which senor was triggered.  

3 operational modes include:  sound only, light only, or light and sound alerts.

Expand the system by adding on additional receivers, additional door sensors, or pair with the following compatible products in the Long Range Alert Series line:

    • Driveway Sensor – Model #LRA-DATX
    • Entrance Alert for Business – Model # LRA-MSTX
    • Door Window Sensor for Home or Business – Model # LRA-DCTX
    • Extend the Range by an additional  1000 ft. – Model # LRA-RPX
    • Vibration Receiver/Pager – Model # LRA-VPRX
    • Push Button – Model # LRA-PRTX


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