How Much Are Home Security Systems & How to Choose

How Much Are Home Security Systems & How to Choose

How Much Are Home Security Systems &Amp; How To ChooseHow Much Are Home Security Systems &Amp; How To Choose










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Here’s a little good news (and bad news) about home alarm systems: you can spend as little (or as much) money as you’ve got on them. What can be difficult is choosing the home security system you really need and spending just the right amount. Overall in the US, violent crime and property crime are down, but the numbers are still huge! The FBI’s most recent property crime stats for 2013 show nearly 9 million property crimes in the US.
While generalizing across the US is interesting–it doesn’t paint a picture of the true danger in your local neighborhood. And no statistic can completely determine your personal feeling about safety. No matter what, you need to feel safe at home. Here’s a handy way to get an idea of the crime stats in your area. (Just enter your zip code and view the local map–scroll down on that page to see details.)

Professional Home Security or DIY: Which is Best for My Home?

At we firmly believe that homeowners deserve to feel and be safe at home. To make sure everyone, including you and your family, enjoy home safety and security, today we’ll discuss options for home security, from basic home security systems to sophisticated, high-tech home alarm systems. We’ll talk about professional security monitoring systems and DIY home security deterrents.
Is it difficult to install security cameras? Do they have to be pricey to be effective? The answer is: no. You may be able to cover your home security needs completely with $50 or less–or you could spend thousands if you want.
Today we’ll share crucial home security information to help you stay safe without busting your budget. No matter what, we suggest that you at least go the simple and effective route for home security by choosing deterrents like signs and dummy cameras. We have found and other security experts agree–if you’re unsure, start with something simple. Go DIY for home security. You can always add more security devices later. Start your home alarm decision process here:

Consider What You Might Need: Home Security Options

Security technology gets very sophisticated and there are many home security factors you can monitor:

  • Video
  • Sound
  • Motion
  • Environmental danger (smoke alarms, radon detectors, etc.)
  • And more

You can also choose how you want to be alerted to a home break in or danger:

  • Loud audio intruder alert on property (wired or wireless security system speakers, smoke alarms, etc.)
  • Silent home alarm warning on property, alerting you only
  • Visual warning like a flashing light for the hearing impaired or in loud environments
  • Professional security monitoring where a security company contacts authorities and you
  • And more

With a modular home security system, you can add on features as needed. With practical easy-to-install additional options, your home security system can:

  • Protect yourself, family, child or senior home alone (personal portable security monitor and wall-mounted panic buttons)
  • Protect doors and home entrances with video
  • Monitor the front porch and back door with a home security intercom
  • Alert you of window breach, or a window being opened (using window sensors)
  • Window breaks with glass breakage sensors
  • Motion in individual rooms or outdoors (motion sensors and vibration sensors for security)
  • Perimeter and outside property monitoring (longer distance and advance warning alarms, infrared, video, security lighting and driveway alarms and monitors)
  • Help protect occupants from fire, poison gas or even warn of flood damage or dangers, environmental dangers (carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, radon detectors and basement flood detectors, for example)

You can choose a high-tech security system that covers all those methods of home monitoring listed above. Or you can choose to go low tech, with only warning signs and dummy cameras. (These inexpensive and clever options actually do wonders, depending upon your individual wants and needs.) Above all, you need to feel safe in your own home!

Deterrence is Crucial for Home Security: Keeping Crooks Away from Your House

When you think about how to buy a home security system, deterrence is an important element to consider After all, it’s better if a thief never even tries to break into your home. Keeping criminals off your property with home security systems is ideal to prevent damage to your property and danger to your family. You can begin providing a basic sense of security to your family with deterrents like:

  • Place simple alarm signage around the home and property.
  • Mount dummy security cameras yourself in a few minutes at a very low cost.
  • Consider entrance alerts if you just want to be advised of someone coming in, so you can glance up and see who it is.
  • Add outdoor lighting to deter home break ins and crime.
  • Add timers to home and outdoor security lighting so that it looks like someone is always home.

With just those simple home theft deterrent steps you may have all the security you need–depending upon where you live and your personal feelings about home safety. If you’d like advance warning of a car approaching, for example, there are some great solutions. Early warning security devices can alert when someone enters the driveway. From basic crime deterrence around your home, you can go further, step-by-step and build a more thorough security perimeter around your house to deter trespassing, keep away intruders and warn you of a perimeter breach.

Professionally Monitored Home Security Systems: Are They Worth the Money?

How to decide if you need a service like ADT for professional home security monitoring–ask yourself:

  • Do you want an outside company to be on guard or would you rather have direct control? (For instance, if there is a false alarm, do you want deactivate the loud alarm–or do you want the security company to send the police?)
  • Do you want to be locked into a year-long to three-year contract?
  • How affordable is the monthly fee?
  • Do you have a landline? You need a landline for most professionally monitored systems, otherwise you will need to purchase additional expensive equipment.
  • Does the service provide more than you can get from a full-featured stand-alone home security system from SkyLink at 1800Doorbell?
  • Will you save a significant amount on your homeowners insurance if you get professional monitoring? Or will less expensive options save you much more over time?
  • Before purchasing a system with professional monitoring (like ADT, for example), add up all the costs including: installation, monthly monitoring rates over lifetime, additional fees, etc. Now compare the monitoring company’s deal with an expandable in-home security system where you can add more convenience and safety features as you need them.
  • How much are home security systems? A survey on showed people paying large upfront fees for security monitoring companies ($600 for example) and monthly fees in the small sample were about $40 over a 3-year contract. All of that really adds up! (It comes to a little over $2000 for 3 years.) Compare that to your self-installed Skylink system from 1800Doorbell.

The answers to the above questions should help you weigh the cost of a monitored security system against your needs.

Full-Featured High-Tech Security Systems can be Simple to Install

Even advanced, cost-effective home security is made simple with some of the best and latest high-tech security alarm systems to help you monitor your property and improve your safety. you don’t have to contact an electrician to install most systems and equipment from 1800Doorbell. Our security systems and components are typically a DIY installation project. When considering how much you’ll spend for a home security system, you won’t have to worry about installation costs with a 1800Doorbell system.

Deciding on Your Home Security System: How to Assess Your Home Security Needs

Wondering how to choose home security systems? Factors to consider when choosing the right security system for you and your home.

  • Do you live in a high crime area?
  • Do you live in an apartment or a house? You can get affordable security for each type of residence here at Apartments should have window sensors and door security at least.
  • Do you have property that is especially attractive to thieves? Do your home or possessions stand out in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have a landline phone and a cell phone? Or do you rely on only one of type of phone? A security system can help you stay safe and help alert neighbors or authorities using a two-way radio.
  • Do you live in a rural area where law enforcement may take a while to arrive? Would you like advance warning of any visitor?
  • Do you live on a large property and want perimeter protection from intruders and trespassers?

The Bottom Line on Simple, Effective Home Security from the Experts

As US News and World Report points out, property crime reached 9 million by 2011. The US News experts advise that even spending just a little can save your home from crime, recommending “outdoor fake security cameras that look like real ones.” You can get those for about $5 or $10 each, right here at 1800Doorbell!
Start your home safety improvement today! Don’t let all the options for home security deter you, just browse the home security section at 1800Doorbell for helpful information about the most cost-effective home security products on the market. We’ve narrowed things down because we only carry the best, most reliable and easiest-to-use products on our site. Whether you want high tech or low tech, or need professional advice call 1800Doorbell. We can help you find the best product for your specific needs.
Remember, effective, high tech security doesn’t have to cost a lot. Contact online or call 1-800-Doorbell (1-800-366-7235) toll free today!