Top Products to Help Increase Business & Office Security

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Top Products to Help Increase Business & Office Security

The Importance of Small Business and Office Security

If you’re a small business owner, security should be a top priority for you. After all, this is your business we’re talking about — you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your


valuable inventory, files and technology. A quality security setup will also help you protect yourself and your employees during an emergency, no matter how extreme. It’s an unfortunate reality, but you can never be too careful these days.
Investing in quality business security products for your office, store or shop, whether they’re advanced or basic, can make all the difference in deterring crime. Theft, robbery and burglary are common crimes that small businesses and offices face, yet a high-quality security system can help prevent or manage situations that are even more serious. Security products can even help you monitor your own employees and ensure they stay on their best behavior. As a small business owner, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a product that works — in fact, some of the simplest small business security solutions are the most effective.
As security system experts, we’re proud to supply a wide selection of office security products to keep you and your employees safe and protect your business. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite security products, all designed to deter crime and help give you peace of mind. Buy a standalone product to help enhance security, or purchase multiple solutions to create a complete system to best protect your business.

Our Top Office and Small Business Security Products

  1. Emergency Exit Alarms – Emergency exits are just that: doors that should only be accessed in case of emergency. However, back doors and side exits can also serve as prime points of entry for burglars and intruders. A reliable alarm system, like the Alarm Lock Paddle Bar Emergency Exit Alarm, will not only discourage employees and visitors from using your emergency exits, but will also alert you should an intruder come through a restricted area. This product in particular will sound an extra-loud alarm (roughly 95 dB) when triggered, so you won’t miss it when someone uses an unauthorized exit. Make sure to install it on a door that will serve as a safe exit during an actual emergency.
  2. Door Alarm Systems – If you’re a store or shop owner, it can be tough to monitor who is coming and going from your shop, especially if you’re having a busy day or need to spend some time in your stockroom doing inventory. Our selection of door alarm systems will emit an audible chime so you will always know whenever you have a new customer who needs attention. These products are also ideal for offices that don’t have an office secretary to handle incoming visitors.
  3. Driveway Alarm Systems – For small businesses, especially those in rural areas, it may be necessary to go beyond installing a standard door alarm system. Driveway alarm systems add an extra level of security by allowing small business owners to effectively monitor incoming visitors before they even reach your door. For those in need of a long range system, the DCMA-4000 by Dakota Alerts is great for larger properties and works with a 5,000-foot range. You won’t have to worry about false alarms triggered by falling leaves or light shadows, as this infrared system will only sound an alarm if heat is detected.
  4. Keyless Door Locks and Electronic Deadbolts – Traditional office and building keys often get lost in the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Instead of issuing each of your employees a physical key, give each of them a building access code to punch in whenever they arrive to work for the day. Our assortment of keyless door lock products have a variety of easy-to-use features including ergonomic keypads, simple programming and easy retrofits for doors of all materials and lockets. Instead of having to change the locks every time an employee loses a key or leaves your company, you’ll simply have to change the pass code, saving you time and money. This small change can boost your office security to another level.
  5. Long Range Wireless Doorbells – These products have a variety of powerful features such as visual indicators when someone arrives at your door (great for loud environments) and multiple push buttons to distinguish between front and back entry. These products aren’t just just great for monitoring doors – the LRA-D1000 by Safeguard Supply offers programmable window sensors to let you know right away if someone opens a window in your office or shop. These long range doorbell systems are also great for monitoring package deliveries to your office or business.

Office and Business Security Solutions You Can Trust

Every business is different and will require varying levels of security. For smaller businesses and offices, you may only need to set up emergency exit alarms, a simple door chime system and perhaps a keyless door lock system. For a larger business with a warehouse, you may require a more comprehensive system with doorbells, multiple security cameras and visual alerts. Whatever your needs may be, make sure you’re getting the products that are right for you.
While we have a variety of security products to keep your office or building safe, there are plenty of other products out there that can be added to your inventory to strengthen your business’s safety and security:

  • High-quality safes can help you secure your valuables to prevent theft or even damage from a fire or flood. FireKing offers a vast selection of commercial grade safes to suit your business’s needs, from simple deposit slot safes to concealed floor safes for more advanced security.
  • Fire detection systems are vital for businesses of any kind. Johnson Controls carries a variety of fire alarm systems designed for large and small businesses with varying features and capabilities.
  • IT and cybersecurity are a whole different ballgame when it comes to protecting your business. It’s crucial to find a solution that efficiently works hard to back up and guard your valuable data against hackers. Symantec and CSID both offer comprehensive solutions designed specifically for small enterprises, but be sure to shop around and select a service provider that caters to your unique demands.

By investing in high-quality business and office security products, you’ll ensure your business, patrons and employees stay as safe as possible. Be sure to browse our full selection of security products to discover a solution that works for you.