MURS-BS-KIT Dakota Alert Long Range Driveway Alarm

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Look no further if you need a super long-range (up to several miles depending on the environment) wireless driveway alarm system.  The MURS BS Kit is a winner, a best-of-class driveway alarm packed with features that have the power to go the distance.  

NOTE: *Due to government regulations, we cannot ship MURS series products outside the United States.


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The MURS-BS Kit is a long-range driveway alarm that uses analog “Multi-Use Radio Service” to transmit a signal from the long-range driveway sensor to the transceiver up to several miles.  If you live on a farm or ranch, have a large piece of property, or environmental factors such as concrete, steel, etc. are present, this product is a great solution for a long-distance driveway alarm. This MURS driveway alarm kit is available with a desktop receiver (shown below) or a hand-held portable receiver.

Why Use the Dakota Alert MURS-BS Long Range Driveway Alarm Over Other?

If the distance from the entrance of your driveway to the receiver is over 4,000 feet, this is just about the only product on the market that can meet these demands.  The product uses the MURS analog radio service to transmit alerts several miles away.  This is the analog frequency that common handheld walkie-talkies will use. 

The base station that receives the message in this kit, the M538 Base Station, is a transceiver meaning it can send and receive radio communication.  As with other products in the MURS Dakota Alerts family, multiple transceivers can communicate.  Just as you can expand the system by adding more transceivers, you can also add additional transmitters like motion- and probe-based sensors.

  • Range of up to several miles*
  • The transmitter uses 6 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Under most conditions, battery life should be one year
  • Detects any movement within the detection zone
  • The base station plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Base station capable of four zones to enable you to determine which sensor (if you have more than one) has been triggered
  • The transceiver (receiver) will play voice alerts such as “alert zone 1.”
  • There is no limit to the number of transmitters and receivers you can use with this system.
  • The handheld version of the transceiver is supplied with six rechargeable batteries with a charger. You should get up to 10 days per charge.
  • The FCC also allows you to use MURS without a license. Although other radio services require a license, MURS is license-free.

*Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain

Dakota Alerts has produced another winner.  The MURS BS Kit features a PIR-based movement detection sensor and a plug-in transceiver speaker.  This combination provides an outstanding range of up to several miles.  This is achieved through “Multi-Use Radio Service,” the frequency the set uses to transmit.

The transmitter detects movement through PIR technology.  Powered by batteries, it transmits a wireless signal to the base station transceiver when movement is detected.

The transceiver and transmitter feature an antenna connected to the base with a BNC connector.  If you need additional range over the published “several” miles, you could run a coax cable and connect one end to a large antenna and the other to the base.

Additional transceivers and/or transmitters may be used. The M538-H, a handheld transceiver, is also available.

What’s in the Kit

There are two available choices. Use the dropdown to select the Base Station Receiver or the Handheld Receiver.

MURS-BS: This is the kit used when selecting the base station receiver. The kit contains

  • 1 x M538-BS, base station receiver
  • 1 x MAT – Passive-infrared driveway sensor

MURS-HT: This is the kit used when selecting the base station receiver. The kit contains

  • 1 x M538-HT, handheld receiver
  • 1 x MAT – Passive-infrared driveway sensor

I Only Want to Detect Cars with a Drive Way Alert

As outlined above, this kit features a motion sensor for a long-range driveway sensor. Any object moving through the detection zone will trigger the MURS driveway alarm receiver. This may be precisely what you are looking for; however, if you only want your driveway alert kit to detect metallic objects (cars & trucks) then you may want to consider the following two products:

  • MAPS-BS-KIT: this is very similar to this product except for the sensor. The MAPS kit features a magnetometer sensor that detects motion only. With a range of up to 3 miles, this may or may not better suit your needs.
  • DCPA-4K-PLUS: this is the newest addition to the Dakota driveway alert product line. This kit also features a magnet probe sensor but has the newest Dakota Alert receiver. With a range of up to 5,000 ft., it does not have the range of the MAPS-BS-KIT but has several factors you may want to consider. Click the “driveway alert” link above to learn more about this product.

*Due to government regulations, we are unable to ship MURS series products outside of the United States.



Wireless Features

C-Form Relays, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Volume Control

Wireless Range

Several Miles

Receiver Type

Base Station Receiver, Handheld Receiver


1 Year

Kit Or Accessory



Dakota Alert

Battery Or Plug In

Battery Operated Receiver, Plug-in Receiver

Sensor Type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
K.B. (Saint Paul, US)
Fast & Flawless Transaction

I purchased this unit to monitor my father indoors that suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. His mind wouldn’t allow him to press a button or call out for help so I needed something that would alert me to his attempts to get out of bed without assistance.
I can now be in any part of the house or outside and receive an alert if he makes a move. Prior to this I had to be close to his room to monitor him.
The unit is high quality and works great and when I no longer need it to monitor my dad I will be using it for my driveway.
The unit can be set fo indoor use.
I purchased the set with the handheld receiver for maneuverability and the future ability to add more handsets for communications on my 5 acre property. So far I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I'm glad to hear that your father is safe and sound and that the alarm system is working well. I'm happy to hear that you were able to purchase the system with the handheld receiver, which makes it easier to move around your property.

E. (Ashburn, US)
Great Product!

This product arrived fast and was easy to install. It works on our property and with our metal roof. I love it!

We're so glad you like the product! We're happy to hear that it works well on your property and with your metal roof.

T.H. (Martinsburg, US)
Love this product

This is my third MURS driveway alarm that I purchased for various areas at home. Two of them are 12 years old and still working great. I just purchased a third and works great like the other two. My area has a lot of deer that will set it off at night. The solution is to use two MURS on driveway (one at lower part and one at upper part of driveway about 75 feet apart). If one alarm goes off, it is deer in our driveway. If both alarms go off in sequence, it is always a car or person coming up driveway (it is very unlikely to be a deer as they don’t walk the entire stretch of driveway).

We love the security this driveway alert provides.

We love the security this driveway alert provides. We also bought the remote so that we can take it outside and still hear if someone is approaching! What a great idea. They both work as advertised, we are totally satisfied!

Just a note at how incredible this product is.

Just a note at how incredible this product is. I have a bnc connector and then coax running up a tree. This is an antenna for me and I have it running several miles. This was long range wireless driveway alarms and now it is "an extremely long wireless driveway alarm" lol!

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