MURS-PIR-DRIVEWAY-ALERTS Dakota Motion Based Long Range Driveway Alarm

MURS-PIR-DRIVEWAY-ALERTS Dakota Motion Based Long Range Driveway Alarm


If you need a super long range (up to several miles depending on environment) wireless driveway alarm system, look no further.  The MURS BS Kit is a winner, best of class driveway alarm packed with features that has the power to go the distance.

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The MURS BS Kit is a super long range wireless driveway alarm that uses analog, “Multi Use Radio Service” to transmit a signal from the senor to transceiver up to several miles.  If you live on a farm or ranch, have a large piece of property, or environmental factors such as concrete, steel,etc.  are present, this product is a great solution.

If the distance from the entrance of your driveway to the receiver is over 2,000 feet, this is just about the only product on the market that can meet these demands.  The product uses the MURS analog radio service to transmit alerts up to several miles away.  This is the same analog frequency that common hand held walkie-talkies will use.  As a matter of fact, the base station that receives the message in this kit, the M538 Base Station, is actually a transceiver meaning it can send and receiver radio communication.  As with other products in the MURS Dakota Alerts family, multiple transceivers can communicate with one another.  Just as you can expand the system by adding more transceivers, you can also add additional transmitters like motion based sensor and probe based sensors.

  • Range of up to several miles*
  • Transmitter uses 6 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Under most conditions, battery life should be one year
  • Detects any movement within detection zone
  • Base station plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Base station capable of four zones to enable you to determine which sensor (if you have more than one) has been triggered
  • Base station will play voice alert such as “alert zone 1”

*Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain

Dakota Alerts has produced another winner.  The MURS BS Kit features a PIR based, movement detection, sensor and a plug-in transceiver speaker.  This combination provides an outstanding range of up to several miles.  This is achieved through the use of “Multi Use Radio Service” which is the frequency the set uses to transmit.

The transmitter detects movement through PIR technology.  Powered by batteries, when movement is detected, it transmits a wireless signal to the base station transceiver.

Both the transceiver and transmitter feature an antenna connected to the base with a BNC connector.  If you need additional range, over the publish “several” miles, you could run coax cable, connect one end to a large antenna and the other end to the base.

Additional transceivers and/or additional transmitters may be used.  Also available is the M538-H which is a handheld transceiver.

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Dakota Alert MURS Series



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Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Volume Control

Wireless Range

Several Miles

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Base Station Receiver
Handheld Receiver


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