Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers & Buttons

Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers & Buttons

Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers & Buttons

By choosing the right doorbell style, you can create a positive first impression. To spruce up the exterior of your home, choose a button with an elegant style. For indoors, choose stylish covers designed to hide the inner workings of the doorbell mechanism – for both hard-wired and wireless models.

Stylish Doorbells Combine Look and Sound for a Memorable First Impression

Today, we will focus mainly on the appearance of the chime itself. When you choose just the right decorative cover and button for your wired or wireless doorbell, you can make your chime look as good as it sounds. This will be just another detail that makes your home, office or retail store a joy to visit.

What’s Wrong with a Plain White Doorbell? Why Bother with Fancy buttons?

Many people are satisfied with a standard button or chime cover – and this works great for them. You see a lot of plain white buttons when you visit the homes of friends and local businesses. Perhaps these individuals aren’t aware of the level of style you can achieve by choosing the right touch. That’s not to say that streamlined, functional white or beige doorbell buttons and chime covers are bad.
If you’ve got a plain white button, there’s one bit of “dress up” you might be interested in your options. Consider installing a lighted button to help visitors see where to press in the evening and to attract their attention during the day. (You’ll avoid missing those folks who knock, not realizing that you have a doorbell.) Lighted buttons work with hard-wired doorbells and they provide a nice convenience feature for your guests, family, friends or customers. Weather-resistance is another feature to look for if your door has no overhang or covered porch. Weather resistant doorbells are available in wired and wireless models.

Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers Dress Up Your Home or Business

When you take advantage of all the unique designs in buttons – and covers – available today, you can get a system that perfectly fits the style of your home or building. Do you have a Craftsman style home or a Spanish abode with white stucco and a tile roof? You can find a decorative chime to match! Are you living in a brownstone? Is your home or building a classic design from the 20s or 30s? Or is your home a basic, no-frills design that you’d like to add some uniqueness to? You can accomplish all these things with a carefully chosen decorative door chime cover and button.

Top 5 Covers

Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration from the ideas presented here! Now it’s time to look at our favorite styles:

1. Craftmade Wireless Door Chime with Hand Carved Scroll – Model CH1515W-BK

Hand Carved Scroll Doorbell With Tea Stained Glass Ch1515 Bk V 1 1

Hand Carved Scroll Doorbell With Tea Stained Glass Ch1515 Bk

This lovely Craftmade decorative style doesn’t look like a doorbell at all. It could be just another piece of designer decor in your home. The hand-carved cover has a matte black scrolled finish over tea stained glass. This timeless design will compliment contemporary furnishings, as well as a more traditional home decor.
Inside the stylish cover, when you buy the unit from, is one of the finest wireless door chimes available. Manufactured by Carlon, the inner workings come from one of the leading names in doorbell engineering. With this pairing of technology and beauty you’ll also enjoy performance and ease of installation.

  • Height 10″ x Width 7″ x Depth 4″


2. Old World Artesian Wired Design Is Elegant and Rustic Model CAB-RC

Carved Scroll Cabinet Doorbell W Renaissance Crackle Cab Rc V 1 1

Carved Scroll Cabinet Doorbell W Renaissance Crackle Cab

This ornate, scrolled resin design is finished with a hand-painted and distressed crackle finish for an ancient look. This chime sounds as awesome as it looks, and is truly a functioning work of art. Hang this versatile design vertically or horizontally to coordinate with your decor. A two-note chime alerts you of a visitor at the front door and a single note for the back door or secondary door.

  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • Height 6.75″ x Width 8.50″ x Depth 2.50″
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


3. Pewter Framed Wired Doorbell Frosted White Glass Model CH1405-PT

Pewter Framed Doorbell Frosted White Glass Ch1405 Pt V 1 1

Pewter Framed Doorbell Frosted White Glass Ch1405 Pt

This sleek, sophisticated contemporary cover has a rounded pewter frame over frosted white glass. Six rivets in the center of the pewter frame add detail. This stylish chime can be hung vertically or horizontally to accommodate your design needs and space.

  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • Height 9.5″ x Width 6.75″ x Depth 3.125″
  • 2-year warranty


4. Brushed Nickel Contemporary Wired Doorbell Model CC-BN

Brushed Nickel Contemporary Doorbell Cc Bn V 1 1

Brushed Nickel Contemporary Doorbell Cc Bn

Is it futuristic or retro? It’s open to interpretation – and that’s what makes this versatile, elegant curved design finished in brushed nickel so great. Beautiful detail is added with thin bands cut into the metal. This vertically mounted doorbell cover would be a wonderful addition to your modern decor at home or in an office.

  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • Height 10.25″ x Width 7.50″ x Depth 2.125″
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


5. Detailed Scroll-Work Cover Over Illuminated Frosted Glass Model ICH-1670

Detailed Scroll Work Cover Over Illuminated Frosted Glass Ich1670 Ob V 1 1

Detailed Scroll Work Cover Over Illuminated Frosted Glass Ich1670 Ob

New to is the “ICH” series of wired products by Craftmade. Not only do these covers carry the same detailed designs as their other products, these feature a backlight LED with an adjustable knob for brightness.

  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • Height 9.7″ x Width 7.25″ x Depth 4.38″
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Backlighted with LED


Top 5 Decorative Buttons

Here are some of the most interesting and innovative doorbell buttons you’ll find anywhere. 1800Doorbell stocks doorbell buttons in handsome and functional styles in a variety of metal and polished wood finishes including: brass, copper and brushed nickel, cherry, oak and maple as well as sturdy plastic models. Some are weather-resistant to hold up for years of use in challenging weather conditions.

1. Gecko Lizard Basks on Top of the Travertine Stone Wired Button Model DH1711L

Dh117l Flat V 1 1


If you have a southwestern theme in your home or if you love travertine stone tile – you’ll love this gecko doorbell button. A silver colored metal gecko sits on a slim piece of unfinished travertine. The lizard has his tail artfully wrapped around the LED lighted push button and looks like he is enjoying the desert sun. At night, the lizard picks up a bit of the light creating a welcoming effect.

  • 2×4″ mounts directly on the wall
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty

2. Wireless Carlon Push Button with Brass Finish Model RC4130

RC4130 Faux Brass Wireless Door Chime Button

RC4130 Faux Brass Wireless Door Chime Button

Yes, you can get style with a wireless door chime, too. Here’s a perfect example: this slim, rectangular design features a raised oval push button. This button can stand up to most weather conditions and temperatures from super hot (130 degrees) to well below freezing.

  • Also available in a satin nickel finish
  • Selectable frequencies to avoid interference from nearby sources
  • 10-year lithium battery included
  • 150 ft. range
  • 5-year warranty

3. Rustic Iron Star Doorbell Wired Push Button Model PB3036-RI

Pb3036 Rt Push Button 1

Pb3036 Rt Push Button

If you live in the West (especially Texas) or have decorated your home with a western theme, this rustic circular doorbell button is for you. It features a lone Western star (or town sheriff’s star) in the center surrounding the LED lighted push button.

  • Also available in Rust and Antique Bronze finishes
  • Diameter 3.75″
  • Depth 1″

4. American Eagle Brass Wired Doorbell Push Button Model HZ-870

American Eagle Brass Wired Doorbell Push Button Hz 870 V 1 1

American Eagle Brass Wired Doorbell Push Button Hz 870

This solid brass doorbell will announce your patriotic feelings to every visitor. The design features an American Bald Eagle atop an oval plate that surrounds a lighted white push button.

  • Manufactured by Heath-Zenith
  • 12-16V doorbell transformer required
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

5. Craftsman Print Solid Brass Wired Chime Pushbutton Model DH1691L

This unique and beautiful button will dress up the front door of a craftsman style home, or any home for that matter. It’s shape is rectangular. And the button is halo-lighted which illuminates the outer edge of the button.  This wired button features a lovely antique brass finish and is also available in an antique copper finish (DH1695L). The push is circular, which adds to the overall design.

  • Manufactured by Thomas and Betts
  • Dimensions 2 7/8″ H. x 1 1/4″ W. x 3/8″ D
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

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