LRA-EXTX Long Range Door Chime Extender


What is a doorbell extender? The LRA-EXTX is a small, battery powered transmitter that wires into your existing wired doorbell. When triggered by the existing doorbell, it transmits a radio signal the compatible LRA series receiver, causing it to chime or strobe.

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This is a small transmitter you wire into your existing wired door chime.  When a visitor pushes the outside wired doorbell button, this transmitter sends a signal to the compatible LRA series receiver.

The transmitter can work with 1 or 2 doors (if used in your wired doorbell.)  During the setup, when this transmitter is paired with a compatible receiver, the user will select an available melody to assign for each door.  When the front door push button is pressed, for example, the receiver may play the “ding-dong” sound, while pressing the back or side door push button, the receiver might play the four-note Westminster Chime.

Product Features:

  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Powered by an included lithium battery
  • Wires into your existing wired doorbell chime
  • Capable of assigning melody to 1-2 doorbell push buttons
  • Works with LRA receivers only



Safeguard Supply


1 Year

Wireless Range

1000 ft.


Safeguard Supply – LRA Series

Wireless Features

Expandable, Volume Control

Kit Or Accessory

Transmitter Only

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
M.T. (Sandy, US)
Amazing Customer Service

We bought some items, lost them, bought new ones, ordered the wrong ones, and found lost items. 1800Doorbell customer service couldn’t have been more responsive and helpful. They let us return the extra items we found, and replied to questions within 24 hours every time (and there were a few!) AND we love the doorbell extensions and transmitters. They’re fantastic.

Outstanding ringer

Works great with adjustable audio and visual effects.

S.C. (Santa Rosa, US)
LRA-EXTX Long Range Door Chime Extender

I ordered what was advertised as a wired doorbell extender system (battery operated wireless transmitter which is hardwired to the doorbell chime, and a wireless receiver which plugs into an AC wall outlet) from Amazon. Unfortunately, the plugin receiver was shipped without the wireless transmitter. A phone number was included with the instructions in case of difficulty, so I called and explained that the transmitter was missing. A transmitter was shipped that day, and arrived today. Following the instructions, I installed and paired the transmitter and receiver in about 20 minutes. There was one minor glitch; the instructions say to connect the red wire to the front doorbell terminal, the black wire to the rear door doorbell terminal, and the black wire to the transformer terminal. The three wires are red, white, and black. I concluded (correctly) that the white wire was for the rear doorbell terminal since there were not two black wires. I can now hear the remote receiver chime in my back bedroom when someone rings my doorbell. It works perfectly.

T.C. (Sammamish, US)
Great support and service

I placed an order and was very impressed with their response when I had a couple follow up questions.

E.J. (Mobile, US)
Retuned Reason

Unit I ordered did not show ringer not included in the advertisement I received on Google when purchase !

G. (New Orleans, US)
Works great.

Easy installation and setup. Worked great right out of the box. My hearing-impaired father was thrilled.