SIREN Safeguard Supply External Siren for use w/ 12VDC Output Terminals

SIREN Safeguard Supply External Siren for use w/ 12VDC Output Terminals


Loud external siren.  Connect to 12VDC output terminals of driveway alarms, entrance alerts, and other products.


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Loud Siren at 110 dB is Great Add-On for Our Wireless Warehouse Doorbell Kits & Business Entrance Alerts

If you are in a noisy, loud environment and need boosted sound for your driveway alarm or entry alarm, then this is the perfect accessory for you. The Security2020 12vDC Siren extends the sound of your alarm system’s receiver by connecting to its terminal outputs. Simply plug the siren’s wires into your driveway or entrance alarm system’s terminal outputs and enjoy enhanced sound quality. Perfect for businesses located in loud areas or for personal use on large rural properties with a lot of land.

Electronic SIREN Features:

  • Operates at 6-15V DC, 15 Watts
  • Rated at <= 750 mA
  • Working temperature is 14 F to 122 F
  • Black metal case
  • SPL is 110 – 5 dB
  • Single tone
  • Dimensions are 3” x 3” x 2.7”
  • Compatible with other driveway alarm products like the ERA-UTDCR or an entrance alert like the ERA-PRDCR
  • For wired use only — please note that this is not a wireless product

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Customer Reviews

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Great system

This system was in stalled in one of fire stations, it was very easy to install and it works great on a large building like our station. I would recommend this to everyone.

Awesome Product

Overall the product is awesome and we achieved what we set out to do with it. Only gripe is I guess my fault, I thought you could trigger multiple zones on 1 receiver with 1 button but as far as I could tell each button can only trigger 1 zone luckily the strobe has a very small draw and we wired the strobe and siren to 1 zone with no issue.