Choosing the Right Wired Doorbell Transformer

Wired doorbells in your home are low-voltage devices. A wired doorbell transformer transforms the power from 120V to 16V so it may be used by your wired doorbell. Virtually all wired doorbells will use 16-volts, and most transformers are 16V. The wattage or VoltAmps is the difference between most wired doorbell transformers and you want to make sure your wired chime has enough wattage to serve the system. Having an undersized transformer will cause it to burn out.

DH90516V10VAIdeal for up to one doorbell, chime, buzzer, or bell.
DH9108V-16V-24V10VA and 20VATri-voltage transformer, ideal for up to two chimes.
T161016V10VAIdeal for one chime w/ bell wire run less than 50 feet.
T163016V30VAIdeal for multi-chimes

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