Carlon RC3200 Plug-In Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Extender

Carlon RC3200 Plug-In Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Extender

Do you have problems hearing the doorbell ring in your home?  The RC3200 is a best-in-class doorbell extender that installs in minutes and allows you to add wireless receivers throughout your home or office.  Hear your doorbell ring in the basement, upstairs or additional areas of the home.

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Here’s the answer for folks who have an existing wired doorbell or door chime that is not loud enough

Frequently we have customers call who can’t hear their doorbell or door chime in many rooms of their home.  Or, perhaps the basement was built-in, but the doorbell can’t be heard downstairs.  For various reasons, doorbell wiring was not run to the new addition of the home.  So now what do you do?  Viola!  The RC3200 Extend A Chime is here to save the day!

The Extend-A-Chime is a Dimango wireless doorbell extender.  It works by connecting your existing wired doorbell – already installed in your home – with a wireless door chime receiver that ships with this kit.  Once you have the system set up (done in a matter of minutes) you can add-on more receivers, entrance alerts, and other Carlon (Dimango) brand wireless devices.

The RC3200 ships as a set: a transmitter (RC3050T) and the receiver/speaker (RC3253).  The transmitter is a 1″X3″ sized unit that you wire into your existing door chime.  The unit is a snap to install and is a basic DIY project.  After connecting the transmitter, simply plug in the wireless door chime receiver/speaker wherever you need to hear your chime.

How does the wired doorbell extender work?  When someone pushes your doorbell pushbutton, your existing wired chime initiates a signal to the receiver/speaker.  That’s it! The set ships with everything you need to extend the listening range of your existing wired door chime set.

If you would like to add additional receivers in other areas of your home or business, the RC3253 is an add-on plug-in door chime receiver.  There is also a battery powered version of both the set and the additional add-on receivers, if you would like to add a chime that can be carried with you or taken out in the yard.

Perfect in situations where you cannot run wires to extend your existing doorbell or door chime units.

Basic Features of This Product:

  • Set ships with a transmitter and a receiver.  The transmitter is the RC3050T and the receiver is the RC3253
  • Wireless Extend a Chime Transmitter, RC3050T, works with 16 volt transformers
  • By changing the dip switch settings on the transmitter, you can determine the sound
  • Transmitter is capable of transmitting a chime for front door and sound for back door
  • From transmitter to receiver max range of up to 150 feet.  Environmental factors could limit range
  • Receiver has 2 1/4 inch speaker which produces excellent sound quality
  • Volume control
  • Privacy codes to ensure transmitter does not communicate with other units
  • Manufacturer’s one year warranty


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Customer Reviews

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Worked perfectly right out of the box.

Worked perfectly right out of the box. Simple instal and works great. Absolutely first rate.

This is my second Plug-In Door Chime Extender.

This is my second Plug-In Door Chime Extender. I purchased an identical item from the same company about a year ago. It works so well that I decided to purchase another one for a family member. It also installs easily in a few minutes! I prefer the plug-in receiver because there is no worry about changing batteries. 1-800 Door Bell is a customer friendly company. They shipped the product the same day so I received it in a couple of days and installed it immediately. I would definitely recommend this product without any reservations. 5-Star Rating!

I've had one of these for about 15 years and loved it.

I've had one of these for about 15 years and loved it. So when it recently failed to ring, I looked around at my options. Nothing beats this item for my needs. No batteries to change, little effort to install it, and it simply works!

But please pass on to the manufacturer that even on loud, the ringing is too quiet. Definitely quieter than my old unit.

THanks for your kind words, but more important, I am glad to hear you are happy with your product!

THanks for your kind words, but more important, I am glad to hear you are happy with your product! Please call or email us with any issues! :)

Excellent product.

Excellent product. We moved into a new home and the doorbell was very difficult to hear other than in the front room where the bell was located. We ordered your product and were amazed at the difference. It was very easy to install...took 15 minutes! We put the receiver in a staircase and now we can hear it throughout the entire house, even on the medium setting. We highly recommend this product and the speedy service and delivery.

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