DCPA-4000 Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm


Elevate your home security with the innovative DCPA-4000 Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm, a cutting-edge solution designed for homeowners who demand reliable alerts for vehicle entry. Unlike traditional PIR-based sensors, the DCPA-4000 features a unique underground sensor, making it the perfect driveway gate alarm for rural areas or any location where animals might cause false triggers.

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DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor Kit Works at 5000 Ft. Range
DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor Kit Works at 5000 Ft. Range Receiver in Kit
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UTDCR-4000 5000 Foot Range Wireless Doorbell kit

DCPA-4000 Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm: The Ultimate Solution for Rural Home Security

Unlike PIR (passive-infrared) based driveway alarm sensors, the DCPA-4000 kit by Dakota Alert is a drive over driveway alarm, meaning it has an underground driveway alarm sensor that is buried underground and detects cars or other heavy metallic objects.  This is ideal when you live in a rural area or want a driveway gate alarm, or any area for that matter, where animals may trigger your sensor.   When a car or truck passes within 10′-12′ ft. of the buried probe, the sensor transmits a wireless signal over 5,000 ft. away to the receiver.

Key Features of the Dakota Alert DCPA-4000:

  • Underground Magnetometer Probe: The DCPT-4000 transmitter is a state-of-the-art magnetometer driveway probe, discreetly buried alongside or under your driveway. It’s ideal for dirt or gravel driveways and comes with a 50-foot direct burial wire connected to an outdoor-rated transmitter box.
  • Long-Range Wireless Transmission: When a metallic object like a car or truck passes within 10-12 feet of the probe, the sensor transmits a wireless signal up to 5,000 feet to the DCR-4000 Plug-in Chime Receiver, ensuring you’re alerted no matter where you are on your property.
  • Battery-Powered for Convenience: The transmitter is powered by 3 x CR123A lithium batteries, included with domestic orders, ensuring long-lasting, maintenance-free operation.
  • Customizable Alerts: The receiver offers volume control and a choice of 16 different melodies, allowing you to personalize how you’re notified.
  • Expandable System: Compatible with the Dakota 4000 series, this system can work with up to 16 different sensors, providing comprehensive coverage for your property.
  • Durable and Reliable: With an operating temperature range of -30F to 120F and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the DCPA-4000 is built to last.

Why Choose the DCPA-4000?

  • Specific Detection: The system is designed to detect only large metallic objects, ensuring that people and wildlife won’t trigger false alarms.
  • Versatile Placement: The probe’s design allows for flexible installation options, either parallel to or directly under your driveway.
  • Extended Range: The 5,000 ft. line-of-sight range varies by environment but ensures reliable performance in most rural settings.

This kit features two main components; 1 x DCPT-4000 Magnetometer Probe Transmitter and 1 x DCR-4000 Plug-in Chime Receiver.   The transmitter is a magnetometer driveway probe buried in the ground parallel to your driveway or even under the driveway (if the driveway is dirt or gravel).  The probe has 50′ of wire connected to a transmitter box powered by 3 x CR123a lithium batteries (included for domestic orders, not international orders).  When a large metallic object passes through the magnetic zone (10′-12′) emitted by the probe, it triggers the transmitter to send a signal to the compatible receiver. It does not trigger until a car drives over or near the buried magnetometer probe sensor.

DPCA-4000 Dakota Alert Probe Based Driveway Monitoring Kit
DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Receiver for use in DCPA 4000 Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm
DCPT-4000 Dakota Alerts Magnetometer Probe Transmitter Only

As stated above, the transmitter/sensor is buried underneath the driveway or parallel. If you want to use it for a driveway gate alarm, it must be buried under or directly parallel to the driveway gate. The driveway probe sensor ships with 50′ of wire that connects the buried driveway sensor to a small black box. This box is usually mounted on a post or a tree near the driveway. When a metallic object drives over the probe, the black box transmits a radio signal up to 5,000 ft. to the compatible receiver, the DCR-4000, and/or the PR-4000 portable vibrating driveway chime receiver.

The receiver in the kit is the DCR-4000 receiver.  Simply plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet and program it to the transmitter/sensor by picking one of twelve available melodies.  When triggered, the receiver will play that tune.  The receiver may be located up to 1 mile from the transmitter, line-of-site.  Environmental factors such as hilly terrain, wooded areas, and building materials will reduce the transmission range; however, with a range of up to 5,000 ft., this setup works in most scenarios.

The receiver has 12 sounds, with four-volume adjustment levels from mute to approximately 85 dB.  The transmitter and receiver are compatible with all Dakota products in the 4000 series, such as the UT-4000 and the DCMA-4000 Driveway Monitoring System.  This means you could add receivers throughout your home or office to distribute the sound, pushbuttons, and PIR-based motion sensors to your system.

The DCPA-4000 Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm is not just a product; it’s your peace of mind in rural home security. Say goodbye to false alarms and hello to reliable, specific detection. Secure your property today with Dakota Alert’s innovative solution.

DCPA-4000 Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible with Dakota 4000 series of products only (DCMT-4000, DCMA-4000, UT-4000, DCR-4000, and LH-4000).
  • The sensor detects metallic objects only–people and wildlife will not trigger the sensor.
  • The range is a 5,000 ft. line of site and will vary by environment.
  • Transmitters powered by 3 x CR123A Lithium batteries are included for USA-based shipments, not for international orders.
  • The receiver is powered by an included 12V DC plug-in transformer.
  • The detection range is 10-12 feet.
  • The probe has a 50’ft direct burial wire connected to an outdoor-rated transmitter box.
  • The receiver has volume control and will play 16 different melodies.
  • The receiver will work with up to 16 different sensors.
  • The operating temperature is -30F to 120F.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured by Dakota Alert.
Ding-Dong 2
Westminster Chime
Bird Chirping
Twinkle Twinkle
William Tell
Fur Elise
Coo-coo Clock
Cannon in D
Morning Mood
Toreador March


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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
J.F. (Dunnellon, US)

Haven’t Installed the product, but it arrived a few days after the order was placed and appears to be intact

1800Doorbell/driveway alarm

Easy to set up and nice selection of tones.

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with the 1800Doorbell/driveway alarm.

T.D. (El Paso, US)
Works well!

This works well and it was easy to jnstall

t.P. (Moorestown, US)
Works as advertised

Excellent customer service. Did not oversell so I got exactly what I needed. Product was easy to set up. Now I receive an alert anytime someone enters our driveway. Would recommend this product.

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the product worked as advertised and that you were happy with the customer service. We hope you'll continue to use our products in the future.

(.V. (Brisbane, AU)

So far it works very well , very pleased we installed it

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm is working well for you.

L.H. (Reedville, US)
Dakota 4000 driveway alarm

You guys were great. Very helpful and professional and with a great deal of knowledge for what i was looking for. Not only did you point me in the right direction but you were looking for the most bang for my buck. That my friend, you do not get anymore. The Dakota system was everything you said it would be, easy to install and great service. My hat goes off to you and your staff, a great group and i will recommend you to everyone who is in need of your services. I too, will be back for more. Thanks again. Take care and God Bless

Thank you for your kind words. We're glad to have been able to help you find the right driveway alarm system. The Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 is a great system.

A.S. (Oakland, US)
Driveway alarm

we are very please with the performace of our driveway alarm. it was very easy to put in. I was up and running in 1/2 hour and that included the digging the small trench. Thank you for the peice of mind

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the driveway alarm has been a helpful addition to your safety routine. We're glad you were able to get it set up and up and running so quickly!

Drive Way.

Works great.

C.P. (Denver, US)

DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor

Hi there! Thank you for your review of the DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor. We're glad to hear that it meets your needs and that you're happy with the product. Thank you for taking the time to write this!

R.P. (Troy, US)
So far, so good.

Works well. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that the DCRH-4000 is working well so far and that you're interested in seeing how long it lasts.

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