DCPA-4000 Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm


The DCPA-4000 is the perfect wireless driveway alarm kit when you only want alerts for vehicles entering your property.  The sensor will trigger when a car passes through the 10-12 foot detection zone and then send a wireless signal up to 5000 feet away to a plug-in chime receiver.  It will not detect people or animal movement.

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Unlike PIR (passive-infrared) based driveway alarm sensors, the DCPA-4000 kit by Dakota Alert is a drive over driveway alarm, meaning it has an underground driveway alarm sensor that is buried underground and detects cars or other heavy metallic objects.  This is ideal when you live in a rural area or want a driveway gate alarm, or any area for that matter, where animals may trigger your sensor.   When a car or truck passes within 10′-12′ ft. of the buried probe, the sensor transmits a wireless signal over 5,000 ft. away to the receiver.

This kit features two main components; 1 x DCPT-4000 Magnetometer Probe Transmitter and 1 x DCR-4000 Plug-in Chime Receiver.   The transmitter is a magnetometer driveway probe buried in the ground parallel to your driveway or even under the driveway (if the driveway is dirt or gravel).  The probe has 50′ of wire connected to a transmitter box powered by 3 x CR123a lithium batteries (included for domestic orders, not international orders).  When a large metallic object passes through the magnetic zone (10′-12′) emitted by the probe, it triggers the transmitter to send a signal to the compatible receiver. It does not trigger until a car drives over or near the buried magnetometer probe sensor.

DCA-4000 Dakota Alert drive over driveway alarm
DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Receiver
DCPT-4000 Dakota Alerts Magnometer Probe Transmitter Only

As stated above, the transmitter/sensor is buried underneath the driveway or parallel. If you want to use it for a driveway gate alarm, it must be buried under or directly parallel to the driveway gate. The driveway probe sensor ships with 50′ of wire that connects the buried driveway sensor to a small black box. This box is usually mounted on a post or a tree near the driveway. When a metallic object drives over the probe, the black box transmits a radio signal up to 5,000 ft. to the compatible receiver, the DCR-4000, and/or the PR-4000 portable vibrating driveway chime receiver.

The receiver in the kit is the DCR-4000 receiver.  Simply plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet and program it to the transmitter/sensor by picking one of twelve available melodies.  When triggered, the receiver will play that tune.  The receiver may be located up to 1 mile from the transmitter, line-of-site.  Environmental factors such as hilly terrain, wooded areas, and building materials will reduce the transmission range; however, with a range of up to 5,000 ft., this setup works in most scenarios.

The receiver has 12 sounds, with four-volume adjustment levels from mute to approximately 85 dB.  The transmitter and receiver are compatible with all Dakota products in the 4000 series, such as the UT-4000 and the DCMA-4000 Driveway Monitoring System.  This means you could add receivers throughout your home or office to distribute the sound, pushbuttons, and PIR-based motion sensors to your system.


  • Compatible with Dakota 4000 series of products only (DCMT-4000, DCMA-4000, UT-4000, DCR-4000, and LH-4000).
  • The sensor detects metallic objects only–people and wildlife will not trigger the sensor.
  • The range is a 5,000 ft. line of site and will vary by environment.
  • Transmitters powered by 3 x CR123A Lithium batteries is included for USA-based shipments, not for international orders.
  • The receiver is powered by included 12V DC plug-in transformer.
  • The detection range is 10-12 feet.
  • Probe has a 50’ft direct burial wire connected to an outdoor-rated transmitter box.
  • The receiver has volume control and will play 12 different melodies.
  • The operating temperature is -30F to 120F.
  • One-Year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured by Dakota Alert.
Ding-Dong High
Ding-Dong Low
Fur Elise
Coo-Coo Clock
Bird Chirping
Twinkle Twinkle
William Tell
Cannon in D
Toreador March
Beep High

Beep Low

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Dakota Alert



Wireless Range

5000 ft.

Wireless Features

Expandable, Volume Control


1 Year


Dakota Alert 4000 Series

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
D.B. (Ada, US)

Easy to put in it works great

L.W. (Atlanta, US)

This is my 2nd driveway alarm. The Dakota is better than my 1st. Easy to set up, easy to install. Great choices of sounds.

What a great concept!

My husband found this item online, and since we have a long rural driveway (1000') with a farm gate, and our house can't be seen from the road due to all the trees, a "remote doorbell" seemed like such a great idea -- and it is! He installed it a couple of days ago, and so far it has rung twice: first when Fedex came and second, UPS! It was fun going through all the tunes, and since the Canon in D was one of the songs played at our long-ago wedding, that was of course our choice. It works well, has an incredible range, and is just perfect for our needs. Reasonably priced too!

A.G. (Cross Plains, US)
Works great

Haven’t completely installed as the ground is still frozen but it’s working great sitting beside my driveway. Good volume and choices on the alert. No false alarms. When installed the distance will be about 800 ft from the house/ receiver. Was easy to set up. Definitely worth the $.

L.L. (Richmond, US)

We had an old version of your hose driveway alert and were very satisfied. It even survived 6 coyote pups using it to play catch the hose in mid air and tugging it as hard as they could. We decided to upgrade and ordered the new sensor version. We installed it over the weekend and it worked perfectly. My husband and I highly recommend your product.

C.N. (Little Rock, US)

This product is excellent, well build and extremely easy to setup. I rate it extremely high. Mine is working at a long distance around a curve.

J.L. (Bates City, US)

works great through 750' of trees.

D.M. (Corinth, US)
As advertised

Prompt shipping and the product functions as advertised.

C.W. (Belton, US)

5000 Ft. Range Driveway Alarm Detects Cars Only!

S.I.B. (Monticello, US)
Driveway alert success

Finding the correct driveway alert was not easy. But once I did, I’ve already installed my second one. Quality product that does exactly what it is meant to do.
And ordering it directly was absolutely flawless.
Thank you.

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