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DCMA-2500 Dakota Driveway Alarm
DCR-2500 Driveway Alarm Receiver
DCMA 2500 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm
DCMT-2500 Transmitter

A Dakota Driveway Alarm with Long Range Power Model DCMA-2500

Manufacturer: Dakota Alerts
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DCMA-2500 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm
$159.99 $149.98
Accessories & Variations:
DCR-2500 Wireless Alarm Receiver
$79.99 $69.99
DCMT-2500 Long Range Outdoor PIR Transmitter
$89.98 $79.98
DCPT-2500 Driveway Alarm Sensor Probe
$259.98 $189.98
Universal Transmitter
$59.99 $42.98
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For larger properties, the DCMA-2500 Dakota Driveway Alarm is a great long range driveway alarm that's reliable, high-powered, and budget friendly based on the performance range.  Similar to most wireless kits, it works when the transmitter/sensor detects movement and sends a wireless signal to the plug-in receiver.  The sensor/transmitter emits an invisible beam that creates a detection zone of up to 50'.  When the combination of heat and movement enters this detection zone your chime/receiver will sound, alerting you that movement has been detected.

Reasons to Choose the DCMA-2500:

  • Range of up to 2,500 feet (transmitter to receiver) works great for large properties or where environmental factors interfere with shorter-range alarm systems
  • Small transmitter blends seamlessly into the environment to avoid detection
  • Expandable product - add more receivers, transmitters, or other helpful accessories
  • Four C relays allows easy integration with other security products

This Dakota driveway alarm, the DCMA-2500, ships with two components, the DCMT-2500 and the DCR-2500 which is a sensor/transmitter and a receiver/speaker, respectively.  If you have more than one driveway, or area you would like to monitor, you can expand the system with additional transmitters.  You can also add more receivers to the system.  Dakota has created a very robust product that will integrate with other alarm systems you may have.  As a matter of fact, this system will integrate with any product that functions with a Normally Open or Normally Closed contact through use of the four "C" relays available on the receiver.  An example could be integrating the DCR-2500 receiver with an auto-dialer.  If you are away from your home but want to know when someone approaches your home, the receiver could trigger the auto-dialer, using a C-relay, to dial your mobile phone.  The receiver also features a live 12 V DC output to integrate with accessories like a strobe light, siren, external speaker, etc.  The receiver plugs into any standard 120V DC outlet and has duration adjustments of up to 10 minutes.

The Dakota driveway sensor is a small, compact device that's powered by a 9-volt battery.  To monitor your driveway or any area, simply mount the sensor perpendicular to the area you want to monitor.  The transmitter has a detection zone of roughly 50 feet and when it detects movement, it transmits a wireless signal to the plug in receiver/speaker.  As an example, if you want to monitor the driveway, simply mount the sensor next to the driveway with the beam shooting across the driveway itself.  At our offices, use the transmitter to notify us when a delivery truck approaches the loading door.

  • Sensor detection zone emitted from the sensor is approximately 50 feet. The beam comes out small and tends to fan out the further you move from the sensor.
  • The sensor will transmit a wireless signal up to 2500 feet (depending on environmental factors).  This is the distance from the transmitter to the receiver.
  • The wireless sensor is powered by 9 volt battery.   Battery life, in normal conditions should be approximately 1 1/2 years.
  • Receiver plugs into standard wall outlet. 
  • The receiver plays any one of four chime sounds per zones.  There are four zones which will allow you determine what source, or sensor, is being triggered.
  • Four C relay outputs and one powered 12VDC output on the DCR-2500 receiver allows you to integrate the product with many other devices.
  • Operates with all Dakota 2500 products
  • Receiver has a volume control knob.

This video below will provide you with a brief description on the features and functions of the DCMA-2500 Wireless Motion Entry Alert Kit. It will explain the various uses for this device. The video will also point out the additional devices that can be paired with the DCMA-2500.

The DCMT-2500 is the transmitter/sensor shipped in the DCMA-2500 kit.

  • The sensor in this kit is powered by 9 volt, alkaline battery (not included). 
  • The battery life is expected to ba approximately 12-18 months.
  • Detection range of the transmitter is approximately 50 feet.
  • Detects any type of movement that has a heat signature.  This PIR type of sensor will eliminate false alarms created by shadows, falling leaves, etc.
  • Sends a signal to the transmitter up to 2500 feet away.
  • May use multiple transmitters with a single receiver.

The DCR-25000 is the receiver shipped with the DCMA-2500.


DCR-2500 Receiver

  • Plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet.
  • Uses 12V DC transformer (included).
  • Four zone capable, each zone plays a distinct tune.
  • Works with DCMT-2500 transmitter and DCPT-2500 transmitters.
  • Features four "C" relay output terminals and one live 12VDC output.
  • Output duration of up to 10 minutes.
  • Features 5 minute delay to enable you to leave the house without setting sensor off.
Customer Reviews
Product Reviewed: Dakota Driveway Alarm
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5 Star Rating
(Killeen, TX)
I live in a military town and am deployed a lot. When I am gone, this product sends a warning to my wife when someone enters the driveway. Awesome b/c we both feel better.
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