Rubber Hose Wireless Driveway Alarm Kit w/ 5000 Ft. Range

Rubber Hose Wireless Driveway Alarm Kit w/ 5000 Ft. Range


This is a rubber hose based driveway alarm kit by Dakota Alert.  When an automobile drives over the rubber hose it will send a wireless signal up to a mile away to the included chime receiver.  The kit is expandable enabling you to add more receivers and additional transmitters.

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Remember the days when you pulled into a gas station or through the dry-cleaners drive thru, over the rubber hose to hear the ding sound?  Although the technology of rolling over a rubber hose has been around a long time, it continues to be a very reliable form of a driveway alarm.  A heavy object rolling over the rubber hose triggering the sensor eliminates false alarms by things like animals, falling leaves, etc.

Couple that reliability with the power of a 5000 ft. wireless range and you have a beautiful marriage.    The Dakota Alert DCRH-4000 is pneumatic (rubber hose) sensor based driveway alert system that will transmit a wireless signal up to 5000 ft. (line of sight).  The kit comes with 25 feet (3/8” diameter) of rubber hose connected to a transmitter box.  The transmitter is powered by  1 x 9V (not included) battery. When triggered (car rolling over hose) the transmitter sends a wireless radio signal up to 1 mile away to the included chime receiver.

The receiver will play the selected melody (12 to choose from) when triggered.  You can purchase additional receivers (DCR-4000) to distribute the sound throughout the area where you want to  hear the sound.  The receiver features a volume selector button and may located up to 1 mile from the rubber-hose transmitter.


  • Kit includes 25 feet or 3/8” diameter rubber hose with transmitter box (DCHT-4000) and one receiver (DCR-4000).
  • Transmitter will send wireless signal up to one-mile to included receiver (environmental factors will reduce range).
  • Sensor and transmitter are outdoor rated and powered by alkaline 9V battery (not included).
  • Receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet (indoor rated only) and may be mounted on the wall or sit on desktop.
  • Receiver plays twelve different melodies and may be paired with additional transmitters (push button, door contact, driveway sensor, etc.) and works with additional DCR-4000 receivers.
  • Manufactured by Dakota Alert.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Operating temperature is -30F to 120F.

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1 Year

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5000 ft.

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