LRA-DSTX Long Range Driveway Sensor with 1,000 ft. Transmission Range to Receiver



The DSTX is a PIR based driveway alarm sensor that will transmit a wireless signal up to 1,000 ft. to the compatible LRA-DCRX receiver. Outdoor rated, this is an affordable sensor great for long distances.

The LRA-DSTX is a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor based transmitter designed to work with the LRA-DCRX Chime Receiver and the LRA-VPRX Portable Chime Receiver by Safeguard Supply.   This is a outdoor rated sensor that will transmit a wireless signal up to 1,000 ft. to the receiver.  When the combination of heat and movement are detected within the detection zone, the transmitter sends an instant alert to the receiver.

Like all Safeguard Supply products in the LRA series, this transmitter may be mixed and matched with other transmitters and receivers to fit your business or home monitoring needs.

LRA Driveway Alarm Transmitter/Sensor Features:

  • Suitable for outdoor applications.  The outer housing is durable and features removable shade over sensor window to help eliminate false alarms from direct sunlight.
  • Operation temperature of 14 degrees F to 104 degrees F. (-10C to 40C).
  • Mounting and installation plate and screws allow for easy installation.  The transmitter mounts on a swivel joint so you can position the sensor/transmitter to optimize the detection zone for your specific requirements.
  • The interior circuit board is coated to create a moisture-free environment.  This ensures the outdoor sensor will last for years.
  • Transmits a wireless signal at 915MHz up to 1,000 ft. (direct line of sight) away to a compatible receiver (LRA-DCRX and LRA-PRX).
  • Sensor will detect motion up to 36 ft. away with sensitivity adjustment setting to help prevent false alarms by small animals.
  • The sensor’s lens/window features a narrow aperture snap on to reduce the detection distance and narrow the detection angle.  This helps the sensor create more of a narrow beam designed to detect automobiles.
  • Red LED flashes when sensor is activated letting you know it is working correctly.
  • The transmitter will send a low-battery signal to the receiver alerting you when it is time to change the batteries.
  • Random pairing codes prevent interference from neighboring devices.
  • Powered by 4 x AA-size batteries.
  • Complies with FCC, CE, RED, and RoHS standards
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Dimensions- 4”(H) x 3.8”(W) x 3.4”(D)



Customer Reviews

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Great customer service and a great product.

Long Range Driveway Sensor

Had a little rocky start with the sensor but changed the switch settings and now it's working.
Wish it had a longer rest period between alarms for what I'm using it for.... but it's working so that's the Gold lining

Nice Gate Sensor

We purchased a sensor and it was reaching where we needed it to for a good while then just stopped reaching. We changed the batteries out and tried moving it and it would work close range but still not where we had it before. I called the company and they were so kind and helpful. They offered to send us another sensor at not charge in the hopes that it would work. Unfortunately it still does not reach where we need it and that's because we placed it close enough to where it wouldn't go over the distance claimed on the item. The gate sensor is very good however just does not reach quite as far as we need it to. We will still be using this one just not where we were before. We are now using it in the front of our facility and have purchased another one for the back with a further reaching distance of 2500ft instead of the 1500ft. I am grateful to the company for all their help and will still be using their product.