ERA-DSDCR-STROBE Wireless Driveway Monitor Kit with Bright Strobe

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Upgrade your home security with the ERA-DSDCR Long Range Driveway Monitor. This innovative system ensures you never miss a visitor or delivery again. At its core is a powerful motion sensor that detects heat and movement up to 4,000 feet away, instantly triggering the indoor receiver unit. But what sets this apart is the included strobe light, providing a brilliant visual alert that’s impossible to miss, even in noisy environments.


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    Safeguard Supply SS-STROBE LED Strobe Light - Durable, Efficient, and Versatile
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    ERA-DSDCR Long Range Driveway Monitor with Strobe Light & Motion Sensor

    Conquer your driveway with the ultimate long-range monitoring solution – the ERA-DSDCR Driveway Monitor. Say goodbye to missed visitors, deliveries, and unwanted guests. This cutting-edge system revolutionizes how you secure and maintain awareness of your property, offering unparalleled range, customizable alerts, and seamless expandability.

    The ERA-DSDCR Provides Long-Range Detection: Never Miss a Beat

    At the heart of the ERA-DSDCR is the powerful ERA-DSTX outdoor sensor, leveraging advanced passive infrared technology to detect motion and heat signatures up to an impressive 4,000 feet away. This extensive range ensures you’re notified of approaching vehicles, visitors, or even wildlife, no matter how distant your driveway or property entrance may be.

    Dual Alert System: Audible Alerts and Visual Strobe Light Notifications

    When the outdoor sensor is triggered, the included ERA-DCRX indoor receiver springs into action, providing audible and visual alerts. Choose from 12 customizable melodies to create a unique sound notification, ensuring you can easily distinguish between different entry points. But the real showstopper is the integrated strobe light, which flashes brilliantly to capture your attention, even in loud or bustling environments.

    What’s in the ERA-DSDCR-STROBE Driveway Alarm Kit with Flashing Strobe

    • 1 x ERA-DCRX
    • 1 x ERA-DSTX
    • 1 x Flashing strobe light (choose color)
    • Plugin Adaptor for ERA-DCRX
    • 15 feet of dual strand 20AWG wire to connect strobe to receiver
    • Instruction manual

    Expandable System for Complete Property Coverage

    The ERA-DSDCR is part of the versatile ERA series, allowing you to build a personalized security network tailored to your needs. Connect multiple sensors and receivers to monitor entry points, driveways, and gates. With the ability to assign different melodies to each sensor, you’ll always know which area has been triggered, providing you with pinpoint awareness.

    Weatherproof and Durable Construction

    The ERA-DSTX sensor is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and is built to last. Its weatherproof construction ensures reliable performance in rain, snow, and intense sunlight, making it the perfect choice for year-round property monitoring.

    Easy Installation and Hassle-Free Setup

    Setting up the ERA-DSDCR is a breeze, requiring no complex wiring or technical expertise. Mount the outdoor sensor in the desired location and place the indoor receiver unit wherever it’s most convenient.

    Customizable Range and Sensitivity

    Tailor the ERA-DSTX sensor to your specific needs with adjustable range and sensitivity settings. Choose from low, medium, or high-range options to customize the monitored zone size, spanning 25 to 100 feet. Additionally, fine-tune the sensor’s sensitivity to minimize false alerts while ensuring reliable detection using the sensitivity setting.

    Versatile Integration and Expandability

    The ERA-DCRX receiver is a versatile hub featuring a “C” relay and four 12V DC outputs. It allows you to integrate the system with a wide range of accessories and devices. Connect the included wire strobe light for additional visual notifications, or interface with your existing security system for seamless integration.

    ERA-DSDCR-STROBE Model Product Features:

    • Long-range motion detection up to 4,000 feet
    • Included strobe light for brilliant visual alerts (choose color)
    • 12 melodies for audible notifications
    • Expandable system with multiple sensor/receiver connectivity
    • Weatherproof and durable outdoor sensor construction
    • Adjustable range and sensitivity settings
    • Easy DIY installation and setup
    • “C” relay and 12V DC outputs for accessory integration
    • Compatible with ERA series sensors and receivers

    Don’t let another visitor, delivery, or potential threat go unnoticed. Invest in the ERA-DSDCR Driveway Monitor and experience the ultimate in long-range property monitoring, customizable alerts, and expandable security solutions. This state-of-the-art system will elevate your home’s safety and reclaim your peace of mind.

    Example of How to Wire the Strobe to the Receiver

    Secure your property today with the ERA-DSDCR Driveway Monitor. Contact us to learn more about this innovative solution and take the first step toward complete driveway awareness.

    Hear Available ERA-DCRX Sound Options

    Ding-Dong 2
    Westminster Chime
    Bird Chirping
    Twinkle Twinkle
    William Tell
    Fur Elise
    Coo-coo Clock
    Cannon in D
    Morning Mood
    Toreador March
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    M. (Marietta, US)
    A year and still NO ISSUES

    Ordered a driveway sensor and receiver over a year ago/
    Outside in every temp from -4F to 99F. No issues
    Law enforcement , just ordered a second motion detector to use with current one!

    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review! We're thrilled to hear that our ERA-DSTX Driveway Sensor has been working flawlessly for over a year in all weather conditions. It's great to know that our products can provide reliable security for your law enforcement family. We appreciate your continued support and hope you find the second motion detector just as useful. Thank you for choosing our ERA series alarm kits.

    L.D. (Denver, US)
    Era-dsdcr 4000

    I received my order very quickly. I had spoke with your customer service and explained my application. Your representative helped me to choose a door bell gate alarm. I’m very pleased with the door bell I have. Our daughter’s car would not set off the alarm at first. I spoke with a representative they gave me some mounting options and my problem was solved I’m very pleased with your product. Thanks. Les Driskill

    Hi Les, thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear that our customer service representative was able to assist you in selecting the perfect door bell gate alarm for your application. We always strive to provide helpful and prompt service to our customers. We are glad that the issue with your daughter's car setting off the alarm was resolved with our suggestions. Thank you for choosing our product and for taking the time to share your experience with us. Have a great day!

    T.K. (Chillicothe, US)
    Great Products

    Have used these systems for different customers. Very happy with the alert systems

    G.g.g. (Lewisburg, US)
    Driveway alarm

    This alarm works awesome. I bought a simple kit with one motion sensor,one receiver and a strobe. All work fine inside the house about 250 feet from the sensor. I bought a second receiver for the barn office. Works fine about 500 feet from the sensor. The barn receiver is a plug in type with a strobe and is inside a metal barn closed in. The third receiver is a rechargeable that I clip on my belt when out on the tractor. It works anywhere on the property which is 50 acres and little over 1/4 mile from the sensor.. the volume is very loud so it was adjusted down to suit our needs.
    Instructions were clear and set up was simple and straightforward. We used the factory set tone. 12 tones are available for up to 12 different sensors.they are all annoying so the factory door bell tone is best.plan to add another sensor on the farm road. This alarm replaced a cheaper one that failed.super happy with this one. Shipping was quick and communication was good with. e-mailed tracking number. Everything worked good . That is rare these days.

    Thank you for your detailed and positive review! We are thrilled to hear that our ERA-DSDCR-STROBE Wireless Driveway Monitor Kit has met all of your needs and exceeded your expectations. We take pride in providing quality products and we are happy to know that you are satisfied with your purchase. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future. Thank you for choosing our product!

    K.S. (Charlotte, US)
    Great experience!

    Nothing but kudos for this product!

    Thank you for your review! We're glad you enjoyed your experience with our ERA-DSDCR 4,000 ft. Range Best Performing Driveway Alarm.

    R. (Seattle, US)

    Prompt shipping arrived early and product works exceedingly well. Would highly recommend and I’m going to expand the system. Wanted to be sure it worked first.

    Thank you for your positive review of our ERA-DSRXPG driveway alarm monitoring kit! We're glad to hear that it works well and that you're considering expanding the system.

    J. (Boring, US)
    Great Product

    I have 3 sets of these motion detectors, including base station, positioned all over my property. Very few false alarms. Always warns me when someone climbs my fence, a car is coming up my driveway or anything moving where I want to know something is moving.

    We're so glad you're enjoying the ERA-DSTX driveway sensor! We highly recommend these sensors for anyone looking to keep an eye on activity on their property. Thanks for the great feedback!

    P.G. (Dallas, US)

    Great to put in our driveway at our business to know when someone pulls in for sure.

    P.G. (Dallas, US)

    Great to put in our driveway at our business to know when someone pulls in for sure.

    G.C.J. (Nashville, US)
    Hiding driveway

    It’s exactly what I needed. I’ve got my motion sensor over the hill on my neighbors mailbox. It gives me a safer pull out on my driveway. I wish my light was a little bit brighter. But I give it five stars