Doorbell Accessories

Along with our large selection of wired doorbells and chimes, we carry a full supply of accessories.  Doorbell wire, doorbell push button batteries, and power transformers are available in this category for immediate shipment to replace a broken or missing part, or used in a new installation.

Doorbell Transformers:

With eight different low voltage transformers to choose from, it might seem a little overwhelming trying to decide which one you need for your install or repair. Take a look at the table below for a brief overview of the different products.  If you are not sure which one to choose, please consult with the electrician installing your product or give us a call and we would be happy to help you.

Wireless Door Chime Batteries:

Not as easy to find as many batteries, we have the most common ones here. If you are unsure what battery you need, please give us a call.

Doorbell Wire:

Commonly known as Bellwire, we have bundles of 18AWG 2-lead wire that’s perfect for adding an accessory like a strobe, FIREBELL, or buzzer to a device with a 12V DC output.

Replacement Parts and Doorbell Accessories

To support our large offering of doorbells and door chimes, we carry a full assortment of doorbell accessories, such as Bell-wire, doorbell transformers, Doorbell Batteries, etc.  We offer a wide variety of Doorbell Push Buttons, both wired and wireless, compatible with the Dimango Carlon Wireless Door Chimes, and Broan Doorbells.

Most wireless doorbell buttons are shipped with a battery installed.  In normal environments and under normal working conditions the battery life in these buttons should last approximately 2 years.  Cold weather, excessive use, and other factors could shorten battery life.  Since these push buttons come from the factory with their doorbell batteries installed and in stores that don't sell very many push buttons, sitting on the shelf for years will mean your usage of these batteries are cut down.  Visit our doorbell battery page to find a replacement battery.

Doorbell Transformers

Wired door chimes need power to operate.  The door chime transformer converts high voltage power supplied through your home and transforms it to a lower voltage that your doorbell can handle.

Wired doorbell transformers are an integral part to most wired systems, and are also widely used in a variety of other low-voltage systems. Virtually all the wired systems we have use low-voltage (12V-24V), however the voltage in your home is much higher. A transformers job is to step the voltage down to a lower voltage that door chimes, buzzers, firebells, and other systems use.

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Chime Batteries

Doorbell Replacement batteries are the lifeline of battery powered doorbell systems. The very efficiency of a doorbell depends on the battery. The improved technology has made it possible to create extremely compact batteries that have a long lifespan. Doorbells with added features like a glow switch require additional batteries from time to time. Hence, the quality of the batteries being used is crucial. From 6V batteries to 3V batteries to the more elaborate 12V ones, we have them all.

Here's where you'll find batteries specific to wireless doorbell buttons. Not as easy to find as many batteries, we have them here. If you are unsure what battery you need, please give us a call.

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