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Doorbell Extenders Increase the Listening Range of Your Current Doorbell System

Door Chime Extenders are some of our favorite products at 1800doorbell.  That's because of their versatility.  The most common use of these products are just as the name implies.  They extend the listening range of your EXISTING wired doorbell system, through the use or a wireless doorbell transmitter that will communicate with battery operated doorbells or plugin door chimes you place throughout your home or office.


Extender ModelHow Transmitter Hooks InCompatibiltyNotes
RC3200 Wires into doorbell transformer Carlon, Dimango, Thomas & Betts, WC180 One or two note wired doorbells only.  Plug-in receiver in kit.
RC3500D Wires into doorbell transformer Carlon, Dimango, Thomas & Betts, WC180 One or two note wired doorbells only.  Batter powered receiver in kit.
SL-6157 Listens for doorbell sound Heath Zenith Buit in microphone listens for sound..may adjust sensitivity of mic.  Outdoor rated battery powered receiver in kit.
SL-6507 Listens for doorbell sound Heath Zenith Buit in microphone listens for sound..may adjust sensitivity of mic.  Battery powered receiver in kit.
RC3030D Wires into doorbell transformer Carlon, Dimango, Thomas & Betts, WC180 One or two note wired doorbells only.  Battery powered, economy receiver in kit.
RPWL3045A Up to several miles Honeywell 300 Series Only Universal type transmitter that converts signals to wireless signal comnpatible with Honeywell 300 series of products.
RC3050T Wires into doorbell transformer Carlon, Dimango, Thomas & Betts, WC180 One or two note wired doorbells only.   Transmitter only.


RC3200 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3200

Do you have problems hearing your doorbell ring in your home?  The RC3200 is a best-in-class doorbell extender that installs in minutes and allows you to add wireless receivers throughout your home or office.

5 Star Rating
$40.14 $34.98
RC3500D Thomas and Betts
Model RC3500D

The RC3500D is a doorbell or door chime extender.  It allows you to extend the listening range of your existing doorbell or door chime very easily and add battery operated receivers through your home.  The portable, outdoor rated receiver is battery powered and allows you to mount it to the wall or carry it to other areas of your home.  Having a cookout on the back porch?  No problem, carry this receiver outside to hear the doorbell ring!

5 Star Rating
$40.14 $34.98
SL-6507 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6507

This outdoor rated door chime "listens" for your current doorbell sound and will send a wireless signal up to 400 ft. to a battery powered receiver.

5 Star Rating
$59.95 $49.98
SL-7357-02 Heath Zenith
Model SL-7357-02

Having trouble hearing your existing doorbell or entrance alert in your home or office? This unique product by Heath Zenith "listens" for your doorbell to ring, then sends a wireless signal up to 100 ft. to a door chime receiver.

5 Star Rating
$49.98 $39.98
RPWL3045A Honeywell
Model RPWL3045A

Get the Honeywell Premium Portable Converter Extender Push RPWL3045A1003/A for a product that does it all!  This sleek unit may be used as a wireless push button, a doorbell extender, or a converter to use with motion sensors or window/door contacts.

Not Yet Rated
$18.85 $13.98
RC3030D Thomas and Betts
Model RC3030D

Our Extend-A-Bell expands an existing wired doorbell to be heard in any part of the home.

5 Star Rating
RC3050T Security2020
Model RC3050T

The Extend-A-Chime Transmitter connects onto the low-voltage screws in the existing hardwired doorbell and sends the wireless transmission to the Extend-A-Chime receiver (sold separately.) Certain restrictions may apply, please see product details.

5 Star Rating
$20.18 $19.98

Never miss a delivery or visitor because you can't hear your door chime.

Do you have problems hearing your door chime ring?  Have you ever been out on the back porch waiting on your friends to arrive but never hear the doorbell ring? What about that cable installer who claims they rang the front doorbell but you did not hear it, because you were in the back bedroom?

A doorbell extender connects your existing wired doorbell system with a wireless door chime receiver.  

doorbell extendersWhen someone rings your doorbell, your existing wired door chime, with the help of an extender, generates a wireless signal to make a wireless receiver chime that is plugged into a standard outlet. 

Many people feel like they are stuck with the wired doorbell currently installed in their home. Often it isn't economically feasible to run new wires to install a new wired doorbell, or you may have a beautiful system that you just don't want to part with. Perhaps your current chime just isn't loud enough.   Whatever your problem is, the wireless extender is the solution!

Benefits of doorbell extenders:

  • Provides you the benefit of a wireless doorbell system without having to replace your wired door chime.
  • Requires no additional doorbell wiring in your home.
  • Allows you to purchase an add-on door chime receiver, flashing door chimes, and more products to meet your specific needs.
  • Installs in minutes; no need to hire a licensed electrician.
  • Turns a doorbell you cannot hear into one you can hear in a matter of minutes.

If you have a wired doorbell system in your home and find there are certain areas in your home where you cannot hear it, the Lamson RC3200 and the RC3500D by Lamson Home Products (Dimango) is the solution to your problem!

The RC3200 "Extend-A-Chime" is a unique system that works when a small wireless device hooked into your existing doorbell sends a wireless signal to a Carlon/Lamson Sessions/Dimango wireless doorbell receiver.  This is an easy to install product that is truly a do-it-yourself job.

When you purchase the doorbell extender product, it will come with two components; a transmitter RC3050T, and a door chime receiver, usually the RC3253.  You would take the RC3050T and wire it into your existing doorbell transformer.  When someone presses your existing doorbell push button, this transmitter will then send a wireless signal to the wireless doorbell receiver.  

Never hear the doorbell sound upstairs or in the basement?

Purchase an extend-a-chime set and an additional receiver and you can now hear the doorbell ring in the basement AND in the upstairs bedroom.  How many times have you been on your back porch cooking on the grill or at the pool and worry you will miss your guests at the front door?  Carlon also manufactures an outdoor doorbell extender with a water-resistant, battery powered receiver.  Someone comes to the front door, ring the doorbell button, and you hear a chime outside.

Need a Flashing Door Chime for Your Home?

As both the doorbell ages and we age, the chime or dinging of a doorbell gets harder and harder to hear.  We get calls frequently from the elderly who are becoming more and more hard of hearing who need help finding a solution.  If you have an existing wired doorbell system installed in your home, but have trouble hearing it, a doorbell extender system, along with one of our strobe light flashing doorbells is a good combo.

For this solution, we would recommend the RC3050T doorbell extender transmitter and the WC180 flashing doorbell for the hard of hearing.  The RC3050T is a small box that installs into your existing doorbell transformer and when a visitor pushed the push button, it transformer triggers the RC3050T to send a wireless signal.    You plug the WC180 receiver into a standard wall outlet and it will flash when it receives the wireless signal from the doorbell extender transmitter.

You can add as many of these wireless plugin receivers as you need, as long as they are within the range of the doorbell extender transmission range.

Installing this doorbell extender is easy and should not require an electrician, although we do advise you follow the included instructions carefully. 

Doorbell Extender: Our Doorbell extender is a powerful add-on that lets you extend your wired or wireless doorbell installation to just about any part of your home.  Ideal for larger homes where the sound of the doorbell does not reach every nook and corner, now you can extend the reach of your doorbell to even the upper levels of your home with our doorbell extender.

Extend a Chime:  The extend-a-chime, a doorbell extender that adds to a wired doorbell, in such a manner that it can be heard in any part of the house is an accessory that enhances your doorbell installation. The extend-a-chime is perfect for bigger houses, or Multi-storied homes. It is also useful for people who spend a lot of their time in the basement, attic or garage.

For the Carlon Dimango Extend A Chime, please refer to the models carried below:

RC3200/RC8350, RC3253/RC8253, RC3500D,RC3030D,RC3733D-RC8233R

We often have customers who have an older wired doorbell that they are having trouble hearing, or is not chiming properly.  A great solution is the RC3200 Extend-A-Chime.  The RC3200 comes with two pieces.  The first is a small matchbook sized transmitter you wire into your existing doorbell transformer.   The second component is the chime receiver, which plugs into any outlet where you need to hear your doorbell ring.  With this easy to install system, you have extended the range of your existing doorbell.  The transmitter has settings, enabling you to change the chime the receiver plays.