SS4610 Motion Activated Chime Intro Video

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SS4610 Motion Activated Chime Intro Video

SS4610 Motion Activated Chime Video Transcript

Carlon Motion Entry Alert Kit – RC4610


Hi this is Michael with In this video I’m going to be giving you a quick introduction and overview the RC4610 also known as the SS4610.

This is a wireless motion activated sensor that sends a wireless signal to a plug in Carlon receiver.

The transmitter in this kit is the RC4600T and it’s a passive infrared based motion detector and when it does detect motion it’s going send a wireless signal up to 150 feet to a compatible Carlon compatible receiver.

This product is powered by four AA size alkaline batteries you can see those here you basically the snap of this back compartment to change the batteries out.

On the inside your going notice these little metal loops and those are the same metal loops that you’re going see on the back of the Carlon transmitters and receivers. And these are how you set your privacy codes. 99% of the time you’re not even going need to set these codes but if you do have some privacy issues or other products interfering this is where you going do that.

You’re also going to notice there’s a little black button here and that’s how you cycle through one have a different melodies or chime sounds that the product will transmit to the receiver.

There’s also a small dip switch here and that dip switch all the way to the right is set to melody mode so it’s going to transmit and have the receiver play a melody sound. But if you switch it to the left it plays more of a kind of a standard alarm type sound.

The receiver that ships with this kid is the RC3733D. For this video I’m using an RC3253, very similar products the only real difference is the speaker size is a tad larger on the RC3253. But from a functionality perspective on what you’re going hear essentially the same thing product plugs into a standard wall outlet.

It’s also important to note that this transmitter is compatible with some other Carlon battery-operated chimes as well.

On the back in this receiver there’s a dip switch for low, medium, and high volume. Here’s the the screw you unscrew that to set the privacy codes as I showed you those little metal wired loops should you ever need to change those.

Here’s just a quick demonstration you can see in the plug I’ve got the wireless receiver plugged into the wall and you can see that motion sensor sitting on the top of the brick here. Rather than mounting and I just wanted to give a quick demonstration of how it works as I approach once I break that monitored area. Which I’ve kinda got it angled away from me now. You can adjust and pivot it around from a mounting perspective to pick up a wider area or smaller area.

But as I walked through you’ll hear the chime sound. So I mentioned there are two modes that you can set this to. One is to have the receiver play one of the eight melodies available. And one is more of an alarm mode so a I step in front of the monitored area you’ll hear more the alarm mode sound.

When you need a motion entrance alert or entry alarm type of product that’s inexpensive and you don’t need a range of more than a 100 or 150 feet the RC4610 is a great option. It’s compatible with most of the Carlon wireless products it’s expandable with push buttons and receivers. Whether they’re plug in or battery-operated.

It’s very easy to install, very reliable, and at a great price point whether you’re a residential home-owner, a manager at a store, a contractor etc. this just a great product.

Thanks and have a great day and as always please feel free to call us at 1-800-366-7235 or send us an email at

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