Changing the Melody On the LRA-DCRXS

LRA D1000S Top View

Changing the Melody On the LRA-DCRXS

The LRA-D1000S is a wireless door chime kit by Safeguard Supply that features 1 x wireless push button (transmitter) and 1 x plugin door chime receiver.  This kit ships with the push button programmed to the receiver, with the receiver playing the basic “ding-dong” melody when triggered by the push button.

The receiver featured in this kit is the LRA-DCRXS and works with up to 2 x transmitters.  These transmitters can be push buttons, motion sensors, door contacts, or a door chime extender.  Most users choose a distinct melody for each transmitter paired with the receiver in order to distinguish which transmitter triggered the receiver.

For example, you may have a wireless push button located outside on the front door.  When a visitor pushes that button, this receiver (and others you may have added) will play the basic “ding-dong” sound.  You may have a back patio door push button with a different melody programmed.  By hearing the melody played, you are able to determine which door the visitor is at.

The video below shows you how to change the melody programmed to a push button.