How To Change The Privacy Codes on Carlon Wireless Chime Devices

Video Transcription: Changing Carlon Privacy Codes

“Hey, this is Michael with a Lord Henry Enterprises Company. And what you see in front of me is the RC3250 Wireless Door Chime Kit from Carlon. And what we’re going to discuss in this video are privacy codes. And essentially, what privacy codes do are enable you to change the wireless operating frequency of the product. If you’re getting interference from other devices, or lets say you have a series of push buttons and receivers in your home or office, and you want to isolate certain ones within themselves you would change the privacy codes.
So we have the two pieces of the RC3250 kit: the RC3301, and then here is the RC3253 which is the receiver. So first we’re going to look at the transmitter or the push button. You’ll notice there is a small hole on the bottom of this. Simply take a little screwdriver and push that in and the plate pop off. And what you will notice are a series of little circular wires on the back. There is 1,2,3,4 and 5 on this particular product line from Carlon. And on the back of the receiver, there is a little door here with a screw.
What I am going to do is unscrew this and then pop off the door. And what were going to see are some corresponding wires in the same number as these. Changing the privacy code is as easy as taking something like fingernail clippers and snipping wires on the transmitter– as long as you also snip the corresponding wires on the receiver. So as an example, if I snip wire 1 and 5 on the transmitter, I need to snip the same wire 1 and 5 on the receiver. That is going to ensure that both of these products are operating in the same exact wireless frequency.
If you have a series of products in your home or office and you want make sure they’re only communicating with themselves, then you would just match these privacy codes with one another. By default, these wires are not snipped and obviously once you snip the wires, you can’t go back. If you accidentally snip a wire on the push button, you will need to snip that same wire or combination of wires on the receiver as well. This is going to prevent neighboring push buttons from interfering with your system and any other devices that could happen to be operating on the same frequency.
This was a quick video, so please give us a call at 1-800-366-7235 or email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to give you some help on this product or any other product line. Most of them operate on the same premise its just how you get to these little wires or dip switches is a little different depending on the product line. Thanks and have a great day!”]]>

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May Lee, Customer Support Manager

May Lee, Customer Support Manager