WC180 Flashing Chime Video Product Review

WC180 Flashing Chime Video Product Review

www.1800doorbell.com offers a complete selection of wireless door chimes. For the hearing impaired or for noisy work environments, the WC180 Wireless Door Chime with a flashing strobe light is the perfect solution.

No wiring is required with this unit. Just plug in the receiver to a convenient wall outlet. Mount the push button and you are ready to go. The WC180 has a bright flashing strobe light. There are three sound options available: ding, ding-dong and a four-note Westminster chime. You can use different chime sounds for front, back and side doors.

There are 32 privacy code settings so that you can use more than one door chime set in the same building.

The WC180 has a range of up to 125 feet depending on the construction of your home or business. Before mounting, hold the push button where you want to install it and test the operation. Please note if you are mounting the push button to a metallic or concrete surface, use a one-eighth inch to one-quarter inch wood spacer between the frame and the button. There are add-on wireless buttons available for additional doors. That’s part number WC180-PB.

Strobe Light Wireless Doorbell Product Video Demonstration