The Doggie Doorbell Introduction Video

PS111 Doggie Doorbell Video Review Transcript Female Speaker: Dogs are our faithful companions. They’re indispensable members of our families. Yet most dog owners are familiar with one vexing problem. Dogs scratch doors to be let in or out. Nice doors get damaged and are expensive to replace. It’s frustrating for dog owners and the experience is equally frustrating for our pets. We’ve found a solution. Introducing the Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell, a wireless doorbell designed for dogs. Darlene: Hi Kozi. Thank you. Let’s go. Want to go out? Good boy. OK. Having the little doggie doorbell works great because now she can tell me and I can hear it from any room in my house, even upstairs. Female Speaker: Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell is easy to install and no tools are required. The built-in treat holder makes the ringing process quick and fun. Male Speaker: Good girl. Darlene: Let’s talk about minutes maybe and it’s so intuitive for them. Female Speaker: Dogs no longer have to scratch, jump, or squeeze to get in. It’s a new way for our pets to communicate with us. Darlene: You’re so awesome. Female Speaker: And it’s a great bonding time. Darlene: I love the doggie doorbell. I don’t think we can do without it now that we have it.]]>

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May Lee, Customer Support Manager

May Lee, Customer Support Manager