I Cannot Hear My Doorbell in Parts of My Home

Most wired doorbells DO NOT have volume control. What you hear is what you get on my wired chimes. There are a couple of models that play electronic melodies and they have some volume control, but we do not feel like these products are the solution for the problem “I cannot hear my doorbell.”

A wireless doorbell system is the best solution when you cannot hear your current doorbell. With that, there are a couple of options:

  • Use a doorbell extender to convert your existing wired doorbell to a wireless door chime system and then use wireless receivers throughout your home. Most wireless doorbells do have volume control.
  • Add a wireless door chime to your home. Bypass the existing wired doorbell and simply install and use a wireless one. Most wireless products have a volume control, and you can also add as many receivers as you want, meaning you can add one in the kitchen, one on the patio, one in the bedroom, etc.
  • A very popular series of products we have are the flashing doorbells for the hard of hearing. The products have a visual indicator that alerts you to a visitor at your door. The WC180 Flashing Doorbell is our most popular product because it is very bright, loud, and cost-effective.

Doorbell Extender Information:

The way to get this type of functionality is to use what is called a doorbell extender or the Extend-A-Chime by Safeguard Supply.

These products work by using a transmitter that wires into your existing doorbell transmitter or a transmitter that “listens” for your current doorbell. When the transmitter is triggered, it sends a wireless signal to a compatible wireless receiver.

With almost all brands of wireless door chimes, you can add more receivers, whether plug-in, battery power, or both, to increase the listening range of your existing wired doorbell.

The Extend-A-Chime is just what you need. This device is available in either a battery-powered or plug-in receiver.

The LRA-EX100 is an Extend-A-Chime. The system ships with 1 x LRA-EXTX transmitter and 1 x LRA-DCRX wireless receiver/speaker. To use the Extend-A-Chime you simply need to wire the LRA-EXTX transmitter into your current doorbell push button wiring. You then place the receiver into the area of your house where you cannot hear your doorbell at. You then plug in the receiver and you are all set up!

Among being the perfect product to extend your door chime into an area of the house where you are unable to hear it, this device is also a lifesaver for anyone whose current chime is currently not working. As long as your current doorbell push button is working you will be able to salvage your current doorbell system without buying a brand new system.

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