Extend a Chime Compatibility Notice

NOTICE: The article below refers to the Carlon/Dimango RC3200 “Extend-A-Chime” products was has been discontinued.  While the transmitter has been discontinued and we no longer carry any of the transmitters on 1800doorbell.com, we do have push buttons and receivers that are compatible.

Do you have trouble hearing your current doorbell throughout your home? The Extend-A-Chime is a terrific product and in a nutshell, it will extend the listening range of your current wired doorbell by allowing you to add wireless battery-operated or plug-in door chime receivers in other areas of your home.

It works by wiring in a small wireless transmitter into your current wired doorbell transformer and then plugging in your new add-on Carlon brand wireless door chime receivers. Although the product is compatible with a wide range of wired door chime models, there are some we have found not to be compatible.

1800doorbell has verified that the following WIRED doorbell models are NOT compatible with our Carlon Brand Door Bells. These units are the “Musical Record-A-Tune” which requires a microprocessor within the circuit board which makes the “Extend-A-Units” continuously ring. Therefore, they are not compatible with RC3200 and the RC3500 Extend-A-Chime products.

Carlon Wired Door Chimes:

  • DH840E/SS840E
  • DH852E/DH853E
  • SS852E/SS853E
  • DH845E/SS845E
  • SS846E/SS856E

We also found that some of the Broan Product Line of WIRED doorbells are NOT compatible either.

Broan Wired Door Chimes:

  • RC305
  • RC306

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