DCMA-4K-PLUS Dakota Alert One Mile Distance Driveway Alarm with 12V DC Outputs

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The extended range, up to 1 mile, makes this driveway monitoring kit a perfect solution for larger properties.  The sensor mounts outdoors – pointing across the area to be monitored – and the flashing, chime receiver plugs into an outlet where you want to hear the chime alert.  The receiver features a 12V dc output. Add on additional receivers to hear in multiple locations, or monitor more than 1 area by adding on another sensor.

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Introducing the Dakota Alert DCMA-4K-PLUS: Unparalleled Security for Expansive Properties

Experience peace of mind on even the largest estates with the Dakota Alert DCMA-4K-PLUS, a long-range driveway alarm system boasting a remarkable one-mile detection range. This high-powered, budget-friendly solution goes beyond traditional driveway alerts, offering reliable performance and versatility for comprehensive property protection.

Why Choose the DCMA-4K-PLUS?

  • Unmatched Range: Say goodbye to limitations! The DCMA-4K-PLUS detects vehicles up to a staggering one mile away, ideal for sprawling properties or areas with signal interference.
  • Discreet & Expandable: The compact sensor seamlessly blends into your surroundings, while the system’s expandability allows you to add more receivers, transmitters, and accessories for customized security.
  • Multiple Alert Options: Hear notifications your way! Choose from 16 chime melodies and a 12V DC output for connecting lights, gates, or other devices.

Video Demonstration of DCMA-4K-PLUS Driveway Alarm Kit

CEDIA 2019: Dakota Alert Presents DCMA-4000 Motion Detection System

How the DCMA-4K-PLUS Works

  1. Invisible Beam Detection: The sensor emits an invisible beam, creating a 50-foot detection zone across your driveway or desired area.
  2. Motion & Heat Trigger: When movement and heat enter the zone, the sensor transmits a wireless signal to the receiver.
  3. Customizable Alerts: The receiver chimes with your chosen melody or activates connected devices through the 12V DC output.

Key Features for Enhanced Security

  • Wireless & Easy to Install: No wires or complicated setups required. Mount the sensor and plug in the receiver for instant protection.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Enjoy reliable performance for up to 1.5 years with a single 9-volt battery powering the sensor.
  • Multiple Receiver Support: Connect up to 16 receivers for alerts throughout your property.
  • Durable & Weatherproof: Built to withstand harsh elements for year-round protection.

Invest in Peace of Mind with the Dakota Alert DCMA-4K-PLUS

Don’t settle for limited security solutions. Choose the Dakota Alert DCMA-4K-PLUS and experience the confidence of long-range driveway monitoring, customizable alerts, and effortless expandability. Order yours today and safeguard your expansive property with unparalleled peace of mind!

A Driveway Alarm with a One Mile Distance Driveway Alarm with 12V DC Outputs

For more significant properties, the DCMA-4K-PLUS Dakota Driveway Alarm is an excellent long-range driveway alarm that’s reliable, high-powered, and budget-friendly based on the performance range.  Like most wireless kits, it works when the transmitter/sensor detects movement and sends a wireless signal to the plug-in receiver.  The sensor/transmitter emits an invisible beam that creates a detection zone of up to 50′.  When the combination of heat and movement enters this detection zone, your chime/receiver will sound, alerting you that motion has been detected. This kit is unique in that it has a mile-distance driveway alarm with 12V DC outputs.

Reasons to Choose the DCMA-4K-PLUS:

  • A range of 5,000 feet (transmitter to receiver) works great for large properties or where environmental factors interfere with shorter-range alarm systems
  • Small transmitter blends seamlessly into the environment to avoid detection
  • Expandable product – add more receivers, transmitters, or other helpful accessories

This Dakota driveway alarm, the DCMA-4K-PLUS, ships with two components, the DCMT-4000 and the ER-4K-PLUS, which are a sensor/transmitter and a receiver/speaker, respectively.  You can expand the system with additional transmitters if you have more than one driveway or area you want to monitor.  You can also add more receivers to the system.  The Dakota driveway sensor is a small, compact device powered by a 9-volt battery.  To monitor your driveway – or any area – mount the sensor perpendicular to the area you want to watch.  The transmitter has a detection zone of roughly 50 feet, and when it detects movement, it transmits a wireless signal to the plugin receiver/speaker.  For example, if you want to monitor the driveway, simply mount the sensor next to the driveway with the beam shooting across it.  At our offices, we use the transmitter to notify us when a delivery truck approaches the loading door.

  • The sensor detection zone emitted from the sensor is approximately 50 feet. The beam comes out small and tends to fan out the further you move from the sensor.
  • The receiver works with up to 16 transmitters/sensors.
  • The sensor will transmit a wireless signal up to one mile (depending on environmental factors).  This is the distance from the transmitter to the receiver.
  • A 9-volt battery powers the wireless sensor.   Battery life, in normal conditions, is approximately 1 1/2 years.
  • The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Operates with all Dakota 4000 products.
  • The receiver has a volume control knob.
  • Plays 16 different sounds/melodies.

Click Here to Hear RE-4K PLUS Melodies and Tunes

Ding-Dong 2
Westminster Chime
Bird Chirping
Twinkle Twinkle
William Tell
Fur Elise
Coo-coo Clock
Cannon in D
Morning Mood
Toreador March


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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
h. (Buchanan, US)
seamless and all just as they said and perfect for me

they shipped right when they said, they delivered as they said, they sent exact product, and it works just like i expected

Thank you for your positive feedback on our DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Desktop Chime Receiver! We are thrilled to hear that the product was seamless and met all of your expectations. Our team takes great pride in providing accurate shipping and delivery information, as well as delivering the exact product you were looking for.


Lost power 2 days ago due to the blizzard.. haven’t been able to get to fully connect everything yet but thanks for checking in on me

D.P. (Henderson, US)

I boughjt the 1800 Doorbell and i'll put it up when I get ready.
Your as naggy as my wife, I'll get to it!

We could not love your review more!


DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor


Great consumer support, you guys are the best.

Thanks for the kind words! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the product and the customer support we provide.

J.F. (Dunnellon, US)

Haven’t Installed the product, but it arrived a few days after the order was placed and appears to be intact

T.D. (El Paso, US)
Works well!

This works well and it was easy to jnstall

t.P. (Moorestown, US)
Works as advertised

Excellent customer service. Did not oversell so I got exactly what I needed. Product was easy to set up. Now I receive an alert anytime someone enters our driveway. Would recommend this product.

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the product worked as advertised and that you were happy with the customer service. We hope you'll continue to use our products in the future.

Drive Way.

Works great.

C.P. (Denver, US)

DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor

Hi there! Thank you for your review of the DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor. We're glad to hear that it meets your needs and that you're happy with the product. Thank you for taking the time to write this!

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