RC3260 Wireless Indoor Door Alert Sensor Kit w/ 150 ft Range


The RC3260 (aka RC8360) is an indoor-rated window/door alarm, and entrance alert for closed doors and windows. Get instant notification by chime sound when a window or door is opened.  Great to monitor screen door to pool, basement, or another concern area.

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When you need an instant and immediate alert if a door or window is opened, the RC3260 by Carlon is a great choice.
Common Uses:

  • Instant alert when door or gate to pool is opened
  • Hear a chime sound when the closet door is opened
  • Monitor when any door or window is opened

How it Works:
When a monitored door is opened, the wireless door/window contact sends an immediate signal to the plug-in receiver featured in this kit, and a selected chime sound is played.  This kit may be expanded by adding more transmitters (sensors) as well as more receivers.  The components in this kit are also compatible with the Carlon series or wireless door chime products that allow easy integration with other home alert and chime products.  You can add push buttons, motion sensors, doorbell extenders, and more.

What's in the Kit?
The sensor is indoor rated only and is powered by a 9 Volt battery.  The sensor is comprised of two pieces one of which is magnetized.  When these contacts are separated, the sensor is triggered and signals a plug-in chime receiver.  The great thing about this product is that it uses the same receiver as the RC3253 so that you can easily expand the system by adding additional sensors and or additional receivers.

How the Products are Powered:
The door window sensors are battery operated – no wiring required. The range between the transmitter and receiver is 150 feet.   This range may be decreased by qualities such as metal doors, concrete, and stucco.
Works best by a door or window that typically stays closed. It does not detect motion or other movement and is only triggered when the magnetic contacts are separated.
If you plan on placing your door sensor outside, we recommend ordering the RC2260, which is outdoor rated.
Common uses of this product are over a door or window where restricted access is desired.  Some of our customers are retail stores who want to know when customers enter dressing rooms, for example.  When the shopper opens the dressing room door a gentle chime sound notifies the retail store clerk.  If you have children these are great, low-cost devices to add a layer of security to your supervision.  If a child opens an exterior door you will hear a loud, gentle sounding chime.

  • There are two sound modes for this product:
    • "Alarm" mode - plays alarm sound for 4 minutes, or until "chime" is selected on the transmitter
    • "Chime" mode - plays one of 13 tunes/melodies when the transmitter is activated
  • In chime mode, there is the option to have different transmitters play other sounds to differentiate other doors and or windows (13 different sounds)
  • Under the transmitter cover is a push button to change the sound played by the receiver
  • Wireless receiver with adjustable volume runs on 110 volts and plugs into a standard wall outlet within a 150-foot range
  • Completely wireless, installs in minutes
  • Alkaline battery powered - 6 volts (PX28A/RC2095)
  • No false alarms - Alarm or chime is not activated until the door or window opens
  • Maximum 150' range from transmitter to receiver is up to 150ft.
  • 32 codes decrease interference
  • Compatible with other Carlon wireless chimes and entry alert products.  Expand the listening area by adding receivers, add other sensors and transmitters to the system.
  • Manufactured by Carlon
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

 Play the Available Sounds on the RC3253 Plugin Receiver:

Star Spangled Banner
Auld Lang Syne
Happy Birthday
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Ding Dong
Hail Hail the Gang's All Here
Beethoven's 5th
Westminster Chimes
Jingle Bells
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Joy to the World
Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7.25 × 2.5 in




Wireless Features

Expandable, Multi-Zone, Volume Control


1 Year

Wireless Range

150 ft.


Carlon /Dimango / Thomas & Betts

Kit Or Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Toney's Market
fast shipping and works fine

fast shipping and works fine

Nitesh Solanki

Thanks for helping right product.

New Customer
This door chime sounds just like a door bell.

This door chime sounds just like a door bell. It is a refreshing change from the alarm sound that went off with our past door chime. A

After trying a door alarm from a local big box hardware store, what a refreshing product this is.

After trying a door alarm from a local big box hardware store, what a refreshing product this is. I am using it to alert me in my office, which does not have sight to the entry door. The ability to have this chime notify me, without being a disturbance to others in the building and down the hallway (the other chime was a very loud high-pitched digital sound that even brought about complaints from coworkers), is a delight. I could have it set to the quietest setting (of low, med, hi), but my neighboring officemate likes the ability to hear it as well. Also, the fact that there are so many "chimes" -- really, some are recognizable songs, gives someone a chance to change it as often as they'd like. The one complaint I have is that I am needing to use tape to keep it in place, as I needed the spacer for the magnetic piece, and I was unable to screw it securely into the metal door frame. That being said, the weight of the magnet is too much for the sticky foam piece included. A piece of clear packing tape is holding nicely, is hardly visible and doesn't bring attention to it. I attached it close to the hinge side of the door, so most people don't notice it. I absolutely recommend this product to people who need a variable volume entrance notification system, and the customer service was knowledgeable and friendly.

I bought the Door Alert Doorbell because my brother lives with me and he has Alzheimer's.

I bought the Door Alert Doorbell because my brother lives with me and he has Alzheimer's. Now when he gets up at night and opens his bedroom door, the receiver is in my bedroom and it alerts me so I can get up and take care of him. I have it set on chimes and set it on low and it always wakes me. This unit was so easy to install and only took about 3 minutes with the two sided sticky strip that came with it. There are a number of settings to choose from for the sound you want it to play and high, medium and low to choose how loud you want the sound. This is an excellent device and I highly recommend it. I have had it 3 weeks and it is exactly what I needed.

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