DCPA-4K Plus 5,000 Ft. Range Probe Driveway Alarm with External Output Capability

DCPA-4K Plus 5,000 Ft. Range Probe Driveway Alarm with External Output Capability


This is a probe-based (Magnometer) driveway alarm kit.  The probe based sensor is triggered when heavy metallic objects such as cars, trucks, etc., passes through the monitored zone.  The sensor then transmits a wireless signal, up to 5,000 ft. away to the receiver.  The receiver will then play a selected chime sound.  You can add transmitters and receiver to expand your system.

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I Need a Driveway Alarm Kit that Detects Cars Only.

Many driveway alarm kits feature a passive-infrared sensor that is triggered when a combination of heat and movement are detected within the monitored zone emitted from the sensor.  While this is a great feature if you want notifications for people and cars, if you live in a wooded area or an area with many animals, or do not want notification if people pass through the zone, a magnetometer based probe sensor is a great choice.

This driveway monitoring kit will detect vehicles only that pass through the monitored zone and send a wireless signal up 5,000 ft. away to the plug-in receiver.  The sensor features a magnetometer probe you bury parallel to the driveway.  This creates a detection zone of 12′-13′.  50’ft of burial cable connects to the transmitter, which allows you to hide the transmitter and mount it to a post of near-by tree.  Additional burial cable lengths are available for an additional cost–please call or email for additional information.

When car passes through this zone, the transmitter will send a wireless signal up to 5,000 ft. to the receiver.  This is a line-of-sight distance.  Environmental factors such as terrain, metal, and building materials will diminish the signal, but with a range of up to a full mile, this tends to work for most customers.

The receiver featured in this kit will play 1 of 16 melodies when triggered.  This receiver is capable of working with up to 12 different transmitter/sensors at a time and the available melodies enable you to assign a different sound to each transmitter/sensor allowing you to distinguish which transmitter triggered the receiver.

The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and will sit on a flat surface or may be mounted on the wall.  The receiver features 2 x C-Form relays enabling you to integrate it with other systems, such as security systems, guard gates, etc.  In addition, the receiver features 1 x 12V DC output allowing you to connected devices such as a mini-strobe/siren, strobe lights, sirens, fire alarm bells, etc.

Receiver Features:

  • Each receiver will work with up to 12 transmitter/sensor.
  • Add as many add-on receivers as you want.  This allows you to spread receivers through-out your location to better distribute the sound.
  • The receiver has a volume control and will play one of sixteen different melodies.
  • Receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Receiver is indoor rated only.
  • Range from transmitter to receiver is up t0 5000 ft.  Actual range will vary depending on specific environment.
  • Receiver features 2 x C-Form relays and 1 x 12V DC output.

Sensor/Transmitter Features:

  • Magnetometer probe is triggered by metallic objects.
  • Sensor will detect vehicles within 12′-13′ of buried probe.
  • 50 feet of burial cable connects probe to black transmitter box.
  • Powered by 4 x CR123A high-powered, long lasting lithium batteries.
  • Sensor/transmitter is outdoor rated.
  • Operating temperature range from -30F to 120F.

One year manufacturer’s warranty on products.

Product User Manuals

There are two user manuals to consult for this product.  The first is for the receiver and the second is for the driveway alarm probe.

Click Below to Hear the Sounds of DCPA-4K-PLUS Receiver

Ding-Dong (high)

Ding Dong (low)


Fur Elise


Coo-Coo Clock

Bird Chirping

Twinkle Twinkle

William Tell

Canon in d

Morning Mood

Toreador March

Additional information


Dakota Alert


Dakota Alert 4000 Series

Complete Kit




Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Live 12V DC Output
Volume Control

Wireless Range

5000 ft.

Sensor Type


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