Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm Kits: Comprehensive, Long-Range Security Solutions for Every Property

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Discover unparalleled security with Dakota Alert’s Driveway Alarm Kits. Whether you own a sprawling ranch or a secluded home, these kits – the MAPS-BS-KIT with a desktop receiver, and MAPS-HT-KIT with a handheld receiver – offer unmatched protection. Experience the peace of mind that comes with advanced vehicle detection technology and extensive wireless range, ensuring you’re alerted to every vehicle arrival. Choose the kit that fits your lifestyle: stationary monitoring with the BS-KIT or on-the-go alertness with the HT-KIT. Don’t let your property’s size compromise your security.

NOTE: *Due to government regulations, we cannot ship MURS series products outside the United States.

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Accessories & Add-Ons
M538-BS base station two Way radio
M538-BS Dakota Alert MURS Base Station Receiver
MAT Dakota Alert Driveway Motion Sensor With Several Mile Range

Embracing the challenge of providing top-tier security solutions for homeowners with extensive properties, Dakota Alert presents its versatile range of driveway alarm kits. These kits, including the MAPS-BS-KIT with a desktop receiver, and the MAPS-HT-KIT featuring a handheld receiver, are engineered to keep you informed and in control, regardless of your property’s size or layout.

We needed a driveway alarm for people who need a super range product.  Something that could alert them whether they are in their home or office or working hard on their ranch.  Dakota delivers!  The MAPS-BS-KIT Driveway Alarm Detects Cars from Miles Away!

This extended-range wireless driveway alarm is perfect for situations where the driveway is very long from the house (or office) or where environmental factors interfere with other driveway alarm models.  The radio service used to transmit the wireless signals on this unit makes it ideal for terrain, woods, hills, etc., which tends to limit other models.

Stucco, metal, and concrete are all elements this system deals with better than some of the other units.  If a handheld walkie-talkie can communicate from your driveway to the inside area where you would place the receiver, this unit would also work.

The “MAPS” system will detect large metallic objects and won’t trigger movement from animals or people.  The MURS driveway alarm products will pick up any movement, but the MAPS system only detects automobiles. These KITs are long-range wireless driveway alarms by Dakota Alerts. This driveway alarm system uses a Multi-Use Radio Service to transmit a wireless signal to the receiver/speaker.

The MAPS wireless driveway alarm system uses a probe buried in the ground.  From the probe, a wire connects to a wireless transmitter, sending the wireless signal to the transmitter. The transceiver in the MURS BS Kit is the M538-BS.  You plug the transceiver into a standard wall outlet.  There is also a handheld receiver, the M538 HT, available.  The kit with the handheld transceiver is the MAPS-HT-KIT.

Dakota Alert Driveway Probe Transmitter Installed Example

The image below is an example of the outdoor probe installed. The probe is buried in the driveway, with the transmitter posted on the backside of a pole.

MURS MAPS Driveway Monitor Probe Alarm Installed Outside

In-Depth Features of the Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm Kits:

  1. Unmatched Wireless Range for Diverse Landscapes:
    • Each kit is designed to overcome the common limitations of property size and environmental barriers.
    • The powerful wireless range is ideal for properties with long driveways, ensuring that distance does not compromise security.
    • The kits excel in various terrains, including wooded areas, hilly landscapes, and properties with construction materials that typically obstruct signals.
  2. Sophisticated Vehicle Detection Technology:
    • The heart of each kit is the magnetometer probe, a state-of-the-art sensor that detects vehicles with precision.
    • This technology is specifically calibrated to identify the presence of large metallic objects, such as cars and trucks, thereby reducing false alarms caused by non-vehicular movement.
    • The focus on selective detection is a testament to Dakota Alert’s commitment to providing solutions that are both effective and user-friendly.
  3. MURS Technology for Crystal-Clear Communication:
    • The integration of Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) in these kits ensures a communication range that rivals professional-grade walkie-talkies.
    • This advanced technology provides a stable and clear transmission of alerts, ensuring that you are promptly informed of any vehicular activity.

Detailed Overview of Each Kit:

  1. MAPS-KIT (The Foundational Model):
    • This base model includes all the essential components of Dakota Alert’s innovative driveway alarm system.
    • It serves as a robust starting point for homeowners new to driveway alarm systems, offering a balance of performance and simplicity.
  2. MAPS-BS-KIT (With Desktop Receiver):
    • The MAPS-BS-KIT is tailored for users who prefer a stationary monitoring setup.
    • It includes the M538-BS desktop receiver, which can be conveniently placed in a home or office for continuous monitoring.
    • This kit is ideal for users who need a reliable alert system while they are in a fixed location within their property.
  3. MAPS-HT-KIT (Featuring Handheld Receiver):
    • For those who require mobility, the MAPS-HT-KIT offers the perfect solution with its handheld receiver, the M538-HT.
    • This variant is designed for active property owners who need to move around their property while staying informed.
    • The handheld receiver is a game-changer for users who manage large estates, farms, or ranches, providing flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Installation and Usability Insights:

  • The installation process for all kits is straightforward, and designed with the user in mind. It involves connecting the probe to a wireless transmitter, a task that can be easily accomplished without professional help.
  • The choice between the BS and HT kits allows users to tailor their security system to their lifestyle, ensuring that the system they choose integrates seamlessly into their daily routine.

Why Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm Kits Are the Optimal Choice:

  • Versatility in Application: The range of kits caters to various user preferences, from stationary monitoring to on-the-go alertness.
  • Precision in Alerts: The advanced detection technology ensures that every alert you receive is relevant and important.
  • Adaptability to Any Environment: These systems are designed to perform exceptionally in a wide array of environmental conditions, making them suitable for almost any property.

The Dakota Alert driveway alarm kits, available at, represent a new standard in property monitoring solutions. With their unparalleled versatility, precision, and reliability, these kits are more than just security products; they are a commitment to peace of mind and a testament to the ingenuity of Dakota Alert in the realm of home security.

MAPS-BS-KIT Driveway Alarm Detects Cars from Miles Away Kit Features

  • The sensor picks up metallic objects only
  • The transmitter sends a wireless signal up to several miles away
  • Transmitter is powered by 4 x CR123 batteries (included)
  • Five channels, 13 subchannels for privacy codes…to communicate with handheld two-way radios

*Due to government regulations, we are unable to ship MURS series products outside of the United States.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
J.F. (Dunnellon, US)

Haven’t Installed the product, but it arrived a few days after the order was placed and appears to be intact

1800Doorbell/driveway alarm

Easy to set up and nice selection of tones.

Thank you for your review! We're glad you're happy with the 1800Doorbell/driveway alarm.

T.D. (El Paso, US)
Works well!

This works well and it was easy to jnstall

t.P. (Moorestown, US)
Works as advertised

Excellent customer service. Did not oversell so I got exactly what I needed. Product was easy to set up. Now I receive an alert anytime someone enters our driveway. Would recommend this product.

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the product worked as advertised and that you were happy with the customer service. We hope you'll continue to use our products in the future.

(.V. (Brisbane, AU)

So far it works very well , very pleased we installed it

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the Dakota Alert Drive Over Driveway Alarm is working well for you.

L.H. (Reedville, US)
Dakota 4000 driveway alarm

You guys were great. Very helpful and professional and with a great deal of knowledge for what i was looking for. Not only did you point me in the right direction but you were looking for the most bang for my buck. That my friend, you do not get anymore. The Dakota system was everything you said it would be, easy to install and great service. My hat goes off to you and your staff, a great group and i will recommend you to everyone who is in need of your services. I too, will be back for more. Thanks again. Take care and God Bless

Thank you for your kind words. We're glad to have been able to help you find the right driveway alarm system. The Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 is a great system.

A.S. (Oakland, US)
Driveway alarm

we are very please with the performace of our driveway alarm. it was very easy to put in. I was up and running in 1/2 hour and that included the digging the small trench. Thank you for the peice of mind

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the driveway alarm has been a helpful addition to your safety routine. We're glad you were able to get it set up and up and running so quickly!

Drive Way.

Works great.

C.P. (Denver, US)

DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor

Hi there! Thank you for your review of the DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor. We're glad to hear that it meets your needs and that you're happy with the product. Thank you for taking the time to write this!

R.P. (Troy, US)
So far, so good.

Works well. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that the DCRH-4000 is working well so far and that you're interested in seeing how long it lasts.

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