BL200 Cabinet/Closet LED Battery Light Video

BL200 In Cabinet Light by Xodus Video Introduction Video Transcript Hi I’m Aaron Goldy and today I’m going to show you how to use the Xodus in-cabinet light. The first thing to do is install the in cabinet light’s four c-batteries. To do this we remove the two battery housing doors and plug in the batteries. This is specifically designed to be as easy as possible with no screws no tools required. The batteries are in, the battery housing doors back in-place and we should be able to push button on top to see the light turned on and off; this let’s us know it’s working and we’re ready to install the cabinet light. There are two mounting mechanisms include with the in cabinet light the first is this adhesive pad which allows you to install the light without drilling any holes in the cabinet. To use the pad attach it to the magnetic mounting plate line it up inside your cabinet and press it into place. The second way to install the light is with the included screws. These are especially useful if you are installing on underside of something. When using the screws the adhesive pad can be helpful if you want to hold it in place while you work. With the screws in place I will simply attach the rest at the light. Now the installation complete we can adjust the angle of the light source and place it directly where we want it to go. The in-cabinet light can operate in either automatic or manual mode which you can select you can switch on the back to the mounting plate. In manual mode pressing the button on the front panel will turn the light on and it can remain remain on for up to 100 hours on fresh batteries. This makes it useful not only as a work light but it’s an emergency power outage light as well. When you are done using it, press the button again to turn it off. In automatic mode the in-cabinet light turns itself on when this sensor senses a rise in light levels from an open door, as long as outside light levels are even slightly higher than light inside it will turn on. As you can see the light turns on almost instantaneously and will stay on 20 seconds before shutting itself off. Of course if you need more than 20 seconds of light you can always hit the manual on/off button because when in automatic mode, a manual button press will turn the light on for an additional minute to conserve battery power. There are very few limitations on where the in-cabinet light can be used. In automatic mode the light can be installed in an enclosed space like a cabinet or closet pantry and when the door is open a light will turn on automatically. Put the light in manual mode you can install it virtually anywhere you need light somewhere in your home, garage, shop or even your RV don’t have an outlet the Xodus in-cabinet light can do the job.]]>

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May Lee, Customer Support Manager

May Lee, Customer Support Manager