Reviews and Advice on Choosing the Best LED Candles

Reviews and Advice on Choosing the Best LED Candles

Choosing the Best LED Candles

When it comes to home decorating LED candles offer a lot of benefits?  Need help choosing the best LED candles?

First of all, flameless LED candles have essentially no fire risk. With LED candles, you can put them up in your window near even gauzy window treatments, paper Halloween cutouts, or old dry Christmas decorations that have been in your family for generations without worrying that they will catch fire.

Battery candles also have a much longer lifespan than flaming candles. With the low power consumption of led candle bulbs, batteries last a long time, making flameless LED candles much less expensive to run than flaming candles. And when batteries run out, you can replace them with new batteries to get even more cost savings. Some even have rechargeable batteries included and/or plug in to run for pennies on the dollar compared to flaming candles. You don't have to worry about turning them on and off, either.

Battery operated window candles with timers are common, or you can select one with a photocell that comes on automatically when it gets dark. Many have both. This also helps to preserve the battery life. And these flickering flameless candles look beautiful. They create a very nice effect that will make your window the envy of the neighborhood or make a great impression when you want to do a formal dinner for someone special.

How to Choose the Best LED Candles

If you are trying select the best electric candles for you, it's important to consider what you need them for and what options you are looking for. Here's a guide to some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Style: With a decorative item like a flickering flameless candle, your most important consideration is whether it has the proper style. Are you looking for an LED votive candle or flameless Halloween candles? What color is right for you? Do you want a more contemporary or old-fashioned appearance? Is your decor urban or rustic? Many LED candles come in a variety of colors so you can find just the right one for your home.
  • Size: Is the electric candle the right height for where you plan to display it? Is it narrow enough to sit on the ledge of windowsill?
  • Quality of appearance: It's also important to consider the quality of the appearance. Does the LED candle look like a wax candle, or does it look too plastic? What about the simulation metal, glass, or wood of the base? Is the flickering effect realistic?
  • Output: LED candles can be very bright, but not all are. You may want your candle to emit a soft glow, or you may want it to give off a significant amount of light. It's important to figure out just how much light output you will get from an LED candle before deciding if it's right for your purpose. Note that if you live in an area with a lot of light pollution, you might need a brighter candle.
  • Purpose: When considering LED candles, it's important to keep in mind what it's intended for. If you're looking for a battery operated window candle, it's not going to be seen from as close up as a candle that's intended to sit on the table during dinner. Light output matters more than the appearance of the base.
  • Placement: Are you going to place your LED candle inside or outside? Many LED candles are intended for indoor use. If they are taken outside, it should only be for short periods and taken in during bad weather. They should not be left outside unattended. Other LED candles are intended for outdoor use and can be left outside for extended periods.
  • Power: Electric candles can get their power from many different sources. Battery candles are the most common these days because they are very flexible and convenient. Battery candles are available using many different types of batteries, such as AAA, AA, C, or a built-in rechargeable. Some electric candles can be plugged into an outlet.
  • Battery Life: Not all battery candles do as well on conserving battery power. This can dramatically impact the cost benefit of using a battery candle compared to a flaming candle.
  • Durability: Is the LED candle built to take a little bit of punishment? This can be especially important if you're looking for a flameless Halloween candle to put on the porch where trick-or-treaters may knock it over dozens of times that night.
  • Warranty: Is the electric candle protected by a manufacturer's warranty? How long is the warranty? What does it cover?
  • Reputation: Some companies have been producing LED candles for a long time and have built a reputation for quality products. Others may be trying to put out cheap products to make a quick sale and don't care if they get a bad reputation.
  • Cost: Electric candles are less expensive than wax candles, but they come in a variety of costs. In general, the cost of the LED candle will tell you the quality, but if you read reviews you can sometimes find a good bargain. Cost also depends on style, so if you're flexible on style, you can find bargains.
  • Features: Many LED candles come with a light sensor so that they only come on when it's dark. Others come with timers that allow you to set when they come on and when they turn off. Some may even have remote controls or built-in speakers that allow them to serve as music players. Features come with a cost that might not be worth it if they're not what you want.

Many of these questions can be answered by looking in detail at the product description, but in other cases the best way to figure out which is the best LED candle for you is to look at reviews from previous owners.

Top LED Holiday Window Candles

These are the most popular models to consider when choosing the best LED candles.

Single Tier Window Candle with Orange Flicker Flame Model FPC1225

Product Details: Manufactured by Thomas and Betts, this LED window candle has a yellow/orange burning bulb and is powered by two "C" batteries. These batteries are long-lasting (typically a full season), and the LED candle can be set to give off a constant light or to flicker. This candle has a narrow base that will allow it to sit on a windowsill, but for even narrower windows, there's a small clear plastic clip that can help secure the candle to the window. A light sensor allows the candle to turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn. The LED bulb doesn't generate heat, making it safe to leave unsupervised.

Product Features:

  • LED Bulb lasts for thousands of hours
  • Uses 2 "C" Batteries that typically last an entire season
  • Light Sensor turns light on at dusk and off at dawn
  • 3 Position Setting Switch choose full on, flickering, or off
  • Windowsill Mounting Clip allows light to be displayed on a very narrow sill
  • Available in 3 Colors: Brass, pewter, and aged bronze

Fpc1225 Led Holiday Candle Orange Flame &Amp; Multiple Colors Flameless – Aged Brass

LED Flameless Battery Holiday Candles, Model FPC1520

Product Details: These LED flameless candles are a perfect addition to your holiday decorations. Classic styling and modern technology combine to give a realistic, attractive, and worry-free electric candle. These battery candles have a white light that flickers when on to give a realistic looking flame. The candle uses three AA batteries that will last about a month, thanks to the light sensor that automatically turns it on when it gets dark and off when the sun comes up in the morning. These electric candles are made by Carlon, who has been manufacturing them for years and is constantly improving their design.

Product Features:

  • White LED bulb will last virtually a lifetime
  • When on, light flickers realistically
  • Built-in Photo Sensor turns light on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included) that last about 30 days
  • Cool to the Touch no fire or burn risk
  • Three Color Options: Aged bronze, pewter, and brass

Fpc1520 Economic Led Window Candle W/ White Flame Choose Base Color
What Reviewers Say: One reviewer compared this light favorably with other similar lights that are available on the market, noting that he bought and returned many others before finding these. The construction, he says, is far superior to other options on the market. Other reviewers praised the color of the light as avoiding the peril of some LED candles of looking too blue or too orange. Also popular is the way the battery weight at the bottom makes the candles hard to tip over, even when cats share the window with them. Reviewers also praise the convenience of a battery candle that doesn't need extension cords. People who did not like this candle objected most to the fact that some advertisements claim this candle has a constant "on" setting when it doesn't, just off and flicker. The flicker setting did not seem realistic to a small minority of buyers.

Formal 12" Taper Candles Model FPC1461

Product Description: This is a 12" taper LED candle. It comes in white, green, and red. It has a yellow LED that flickers realistically. The electric candles are designed to fit in most candle holders. They also have a built-in timer that will turn the candles on at the same time every day, then turn them off after six hours. The candles come in white, red, and green.

Product Features:

  • LED Light Source generates no heat
  • Yellow Colored Light
  • Realistic Flickering Light
  • Built-in Timer turns the candle on at the same time each day, then turns off after six hours
  • Uses 3 AA Batteries (Not included)
  • Operates for 300 Hours on a set of batteries--50 days if left on with the timer
  • Three Color Options: White, red, and green
  • Flexible Base helps the candle adapt to a wide variety of candle holders

Fpc1460 Formal 12 Inch Candle With 3 Color Choices &Amp; Pewter Option

Rechargeable Votive Candles with Base and Recharging Station Model FPC1432

Product Details: These LED votive candles come with rechargeable batteries and their own recharging stands, which also serve as decorative bases. The LED bulb is cool to the touch, never needs replacing, and gives off a pleasant, flickering orange glow. The LED votive candles come with two rechargeable AA batteries, which when charged can reliably last for 50-60 hours of pleasant light. The batteries are expected to last 3-5 years before they need to be replaced. The LED votive candles look attractive on their own, and when placed in a votive holder it is hard to distinguish them from actual candles. These LED votive candles stand 4 inches tall on their own, 5 inches tall on their stands.

Product Features:

  • Available in 1-, 2-, and 4-Pack
  • LED Bulb gives off bright light without heat and lasts a lifetime
  • Orange Flickering Light simulates appearance of burning votive
  • Uses 2 Rechargeable AA Batteries (Included)
  • Includes Charger that doubles as an attractive base
  • Operates 50-60 hours on a full charge

Fpc1432 Rechargeable Votive Flameless Candles W/ Charging Station
What Reviewers Say: Reviewers like these LED votive candles for their attractiveness and their realism. They also praise the ease of charging and the longevity of the charge, which one reviewer puts at 3 days. Reviewers also like the durability of these LED votive candles. One reviewer notes using them for six months with no problems, while another talks about having a set for two years that is still functioning when they bought a second set to use elsewhere.

Candelabra LED Battery Candles with White LED Flames Model FPC1530

Product Details: This candelabra features three LED candles on a narrow base appropriate for standing on most window sills. It comes with a mounting clip that helps make it secure even on narrow windows. They are made of shatter-resistant plastic, with a choice of three colors for the base: aged bronze, antique brass, or pewter. The LED bulb lasts a lifetime and gives a white light without any heat. The light can be set to either a continuous light or a flickering but flameless candlelight. The LED candles also have a light sensor that allows to them come on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Product Features:

  • LED Bulbs give white light with no heat and last a lifetime
  • 9" L x 1 3/4" D x 10" H
  • Shatter-resistant Plastic
  • Three Color Options: aged bronze, antique brass, and pewter
  • Window Mounting Clip (Included) for securing candelabra on narrow window sills
  • Realistic Flicker or continuous light option
  • Uses 3 D Batteries (not included) that last an entire season
  • Light Sensor turns LED candles on at dusk and off at dawn

Choosing The Best Led Candles
What Reviewers Say: Many reviewers are very happy with the quality of these candelabras. They like the light, the attractiveness of the base, and the convenience of the light sensor. Many report that they were so happy with their initial purchase that they bought additional units for elsewhere in their house. They like the flickering setting and receive compliments on the candles from neighbors. Most reviewers report using them for the season and that the battery life is adequate for that time (over a month), but reviewers that use them beyond the holiday report battery life of about 70 days. Among negative reviews, the most common complaint is that the lights are not bright enough. Overall, 83% of reviewers rated these as a 4- or 5-star product. If you are looking for a way to add ambiance to any decorating scheme, LED candles are a great choice. They are very safe, inexpensive to buy and run, and look very attractive. They also come in a wide variety of styles, from Christmas LED candles to flameless Halloween candles, including taper candles and LED votive candles. If you take the time to choose the best LED candles for your purpose, you are likely to be very happy with their appearance and their function.
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