1225L Christmas Tree Ornament Turns String Lights On & Off

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Get into the festive spirit this Christmas with the 1225L Christmas Tree Ornament! Experience the magic as this innovative ornament turns your string lights on and off effortlessly. No more fumbling with switches or crawling under the tree. Simply hang this ornament and enjoy the convenience of illuminating your tree with a single touch. Don’t miss out on this holiday essential – bring the joy and ease of decorating to your home today! Shop now and make your Christmas tree shine brighter than ever before!

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    Stop crawling under your tree to turn Christmas lights on and off during the holiday!

    Hang this attractive ornament on your tree and then plug your Christmas tree light string into the other end, and you are ready to amaze!  Now, you have an easy-to-use touch control system for your Christmas lights. Touch the ornament, and your lights come on; touch it again, and the lights turn off.

    Hang this stunningly beautiful and eye-catching ornament on the highest branch of your majestic Christmas tree, and watch as it effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of your holiday decor. With its exquisite design and intricate details, it adds an extra touch of elegance and charm to your festive setting.

    But this ornament is not just a mere decoration; it is a gateway to a world of enchantment and convenience. As you carefully plug your Christmas tree light string into the other end of the ornament, a wave of excitement and anticipation wash over you. The moment has arrived to witness the magic unfold.

    Behold, for you are about to embark on a journey where simplicity meets innovation. This remarkable ornament, with its advanced touch control system, grants you the power to effortlessly illuminate and extinguish your Christmas lights with just a gentle tap. Gone are the days of fumbling with switches or untangling cords – now, a simple touch is all it takes to set your holiday scene ablaze or plunge it into darkness.

    Feel the joy well up within you as you reach out and touch the ornament, unleashing a radiant glow that dances across the room, filling it with a warm and inviting ambiance. It’s as if the entire space is transformed, transporting you to a world of wonder and merriment. The twinkling lights reflect in your eyes, reflecting the happiness and excitement that this festive season brings.

    But the beauty of this touch control system lies in its simplicity. With another gentle tap of the ornament, tranquility washes over you as the lights gracefully fade away, bidding farewell to the dazzling display. No more worries about forgetting to turn off the lights before bed or having to search for a misplaced switch in the dark. With just a touch, the lights obediently respond, responding to your every desire and creating an atmosphere that mirrors your holiday spirit.

    So, embrace this magnificent ornament, and let it become the epitome of convenience and elegance in your Christmas celebration. With a simple touch, you can illuminate your home with the radiance of the holiday season or peacefully dim the lights and bask in the serene beauty of a silent night. Let this touch control system be your guiding light as you revel in the joy and wonder that Christmas brings.

    The ornament is solid brass and is shaped like a tree. To most passersby, the ornament will look precisely like a regular ornament. Only you know you can touch the ornament to turn the lights on or off.

    How to install the product:

    Hang the ornament on the tree. Plug the end of the ornament’s cord into a standard wall outlet or power strip. Finally, plug your lights into the opposite end of the ornament plug.

    *User tip: Don’t tell your kids about the touch feature or they will be obsessed!

    Controls up to 1,200 miniature lights and a total wattage maximum of 600.

    • Easy to use — tap the ornament to turn lights on and off 
    • Powers up to 1,200 mini lights (max of 600 watts)
    • Listed by UL for the United States and Canada 
    • Not recommended for outdoor use
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    M.J.G. (Kansas City, US)

    This was such a perfect gift for older adults and especially for a wheelchairbound person that has to wait for another adult to come in and plug tree in . Now he can enjoy 24/7 if he wants

    Great review! This was perfect for an older adult or someone who needs help with plugging in the tree.

    M. (Poughquag, US)
    Quick service!

    Delivered faster than I expected….couldn’t ask for more!

    Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that our service met your expectations and that the ornament arrived quickly.

    K.V. (Lovettsville, US)

    Good looking orement, unobtrusive and it is really nice not to have to unplug the lights on the tree.

    k.w. (Mt. Pleasant, US)

    quick shipping and excellent product

    E.S. (Willimantic, US)
    Best shopping 1800doorbell

    I have repeatedly shopped and will continue the people are friendly the products outstanding and there service 2nd to none!!

    I love the item it's so easy to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off and I think the service...

    I love the item it's so easy to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off and I think the service that I experience through 1800 doorbell was impeccable and I would do business with them again