1225LS Snowflake Shaped Ornament Turns Christmas Lights On/Off


Get into the holiday spirit with our 1225LS Snowflake Shaped Ornament! This unique ornament not only adds a touch of elegance to your Christmas tree, but it also has a special feature that will amaze your guests. With a simple touch, this ornament can turn your Christmas lights on and off, creating a magical ambiance in your home. Don’t miss out on this innovative decoration that will make your holiday season truly unforgettable. Shop now and light up your Christmas with the 1225LS Snowflake Shaped Ornament!

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    Stop crawling under your Christmas tree before you go to bed.  Turn them off with just the touch of an ornament!  Between sticky sap and prickly needles from the tree, the process of controlling the Christmas tree lights shouldn’t be so hard.  Need a solution–we’ve got one!

    Introducing our revolutionary solution to the hassle of controlling your Christmas tree lights: the top crawling under your Christmas tree before you go to bed. This innovative device will save you from the sticky sap and prickly needles that typically accompany the process.

    Gone are the days of struggling to find the right switch or untangling a mess of cords. With just a simple touch of an ornament, you can effortlessly turn off your Christmas tree lights. No more fumbling in the dark or contorting yourself into uncomfortable positions to reach the outlets. Our top crawling device takes care of it all, making your holiday season a little bit merrier.

    Imagine the convenience of being able to control your tree’s illumination without any hassle. Whether you’re cuddled up on the couch or getting ready for bed, you can now easily create the perfect ambiance with a single touch. No more walking across the room or searching for that elusive switch. Our device brings the control right to your fingertips.

    Furthermore, we understand the importance of preserving the beauty of your Christmas tree. That’s why our top crawling device is designed with care. It glides effortlessly underneath the branches, avoiding any potential damage to the tree or ornaments. We’ve taken into account every aspect, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your festive decorations.

    Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional Christmas tree light control. Embrace the simplicity and ease of our top crawling device. Make your holiday season stress-free and magical. Don’t let tangled cords or hard-to-reach switches dampen your Christmas spirit. With our solution, controlling your Christmas tree lights has never been easier.

    This Christmas, let our top crawling device be your ultimate companion. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the enchanting glow of your beautifully lit tree, all at the touch of an ornament. Experience a new level of convenience and delight in the festive atmosphere. Trust us, you won’t want to go back to the old ways once you’ve tried our groundbreaking solution.

    Meet the 1225LS.  This is one of those products you will just fall in love with.  Imagine a nice-looking ornament for your Christmas tree or other Yuletide decorative display, and when you touch it, the lights automatically turn on or off.

    Two different models to suit your decorating taste – one is in the shape of a Christmas tree and the other, a snowflake.

    Simply plug the receiver (see white box in photo) into a standard wall outlet or a power strip.  Next, plug the end of your string of lights into the side of the white receiver.  The ornament has a green wire that connects it to the white box.   To hide the wire, simply run it through the branches, down to the bottom of the tree where it blends in.

    From our experience make sure you mount this high enough so kids cannot touch it!

    • Touch the ornament to turn Christmas tree lights on and off
    • Controls up to 1200 miniature Christmas tree lights (600 watts max.)
    • Listed by UL for US and Canadian applications for indoor use only
    • Manufactured by Carlon
    • One year manufacturer’s warranty


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    B.K. (Wasilla, US)
    Great experience

    My daughters on/off broke so I bought this after Christmas, therefore it’s still in the package but I have one and know how great they are. The website was easy to navigate, easy to order. They sent tracking e-mails with fast shipping.

    Thank you for your positive review! We're so glad to hear that you had a great experience with our snowflake shaped ornament. We hope it will provide a convenient solution for your broken on/off switch. Happy holidays!

    F.B. (Virginia Beach, US)


    K.E.M. (York Village, US)
    Snowflake Turn on and off

    I have used this for years. I really liked it and thought it was time to purchase a replacement. Promptly received but I did think it was a little pricey.

    D.D. (Auburn, US)
    On off snowflake

    I love this product. Making turning my Christmas tree lights on or off very easy and it's pretty so it looks like a ornament.

    The silver snowflake ornament looks very pretty.

    The silver snowflake ornament looks very pretty. A touch doesn't always turn the lights on and off at first touch, but it works and I'm happy with it! It's a little expensive, with shipping charges, but it's worth it, to not have to get on the floor to turn my lights off and on!

    I purchased this on December 5th and love it.

    I purchased this on December 5th and love it. It is easy to install and use, and best of all no more bending up and down to plug in our Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

    We have had this item for about 6 years now and we LOVE it.

    We have had this item for about 6 years now and we LOVE it.rnIt is one of our favorite things to show people who visit at Christmastime.

    Love It, Love It Love It!

    Love It, Love It Love It!!

    Product works very well.

    Product works very well.

    This has got to be the best invention ever!

    This has got to be the best invention ever!!!!! I have been using this for at least 5 years now and it is still working great! I have 3 and they get a ton of use at Christmas time. Even with the kids re-finding out how fun it is. This is a MUST for Christmas trees/garlands and whatever else you can think of!!!